By MBean - 24/10/2013 18:04 - Anguilla - The Valley

Today, I saw a wasp on the ground, apparently injured and unable to fly. It was being mobbed by ants and looked certain to die, so I stamped on the ants to save its life. At this point it sprung up, stung me, then flew off. FML
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I am curious what code makes ants less worthy of life than wasps?


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cgart96 15

It's a life but I don't think people care about it, I'm fine with mass murder of wasps. Probably wouldn't lose any sleep over that one.

But maybe OP expected it to kiss him on the forehead and give him a gold star...could happen, right?

18- tell that to those dying of malaria via a mosquito. Something tells me they'd say "**** off"

yea I don't understand the concept of killing ants to save a WASP.... I would rather save an ant any day.

OP, that was nature's way of punishing you for interfering. Be glad you got off lightly.

OP should have "put it out of it's misery." Would have ended the "suffering" and killed ants! DIE BITCHES. :P (ants scare me how they swarm things ._. )

Yeah YDI for trying to save the wasp

yeah i dont care much for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants

Anglo saxons were long gone before people were protestants. Nerd moment, just saying.

Protestants weren't in the Bible. If anything they're a history nerd.

It was luck, maybe the wasp was mad for him hurtin' nature!

exactly! why choose wasp over ants? at least ants serve a purpose!

@mazor There's a ******* BUTTON for that dude!

If you knew anything about wasps, it's better to protect them rather than kill them. If you kill a wasp, it releases a chemical that warns others in the colony that they can sense even from far away. So if you kill a wasp, you have automatically declared war on the whole colony and they also chemically "remember" you. I saved a wasp that was trapped in my house one day, and ever since that day, everv time I go outside I have wasps sitting on my shoulders and singing like in a Disney movie.

Aww OP that sucks. Pour gas on the sting and hopefully it'll feel better.

caohm 18

gas? and that helps? what a crazy childhood you've had. and yes you can pour gas like the liquid that makes your car go.

And this is why people don't understand chemists' humor. *flips table and burns textbooks*

AnOriginalName 19

We'll technically you could pour gas, #12. As long as it's denser than the medium it's being poured through!

Quirkology proves that it is possible to pour a gas by pouring oxygen deprived air over candles to put them out!

I can't believe how judgmental you people are. You didn't even let the guy finish talking. He clearly meant to say "pour gas and use a lighter"

No.. #50 he ended it by pressing validate.

perdix 29

#24, you should have just left it with the sodium joke. The swarm can't handle too many chemistry jokes.

AnOriginalName 19

Na, all the good chemistry jokes argon. God, that's overused. I feel dirty just from typing that out.

Can we just cesium with the chemistry jokes. I'm now going to huddle in a corner and cry

You know what we do to people who make bad chemistry jokes? We barium.

You only barium if you can't helium or curium. That was bad I apologize.

True love, wild and dangerous. You should've chased that wasp, and lived happily ever after..

BradTheBrony 19

You don't know... how to properly... use ellipses.

olpally 32

Should've just killed it you fool. Lol

True. Mainly because I hate wasps but, even if for some bizarre reason you liked wasps, if it had been unable to fly it would've been as good as dead anyway so it'd actually be kinder to put it out of it's misery rather than 'saving' it by prolonging the suffering.

BradTheBrony 19

Wouldn't proper syntax be "prolonging the suffering by 'saving' it," not "'saving' it by prolonging the suffering?"

simplysarcastics 26

but you never trust a wasp. the ants trying to take him out was most likely for the best. but i get you trying to help it out even though you killed an army of ants in the process lol

Part of an army. I'm sure there are more ants where those came from.

I don't like killing things. Wasps, widows and the like do get killed when in the house. Though in op's situation, I would let nature take its course. What makes it ok to kill ants, which are usually harmless, to save a wasp? Think nature threw some karma out there.

It probably flew away hoping OP would chase it and return the favor.

olpally 32
simplysarcastics 26

I llaughed to hard at "it was just a kiss". Teehee. Bastard wasp kisses to damn hard! Lol

graceinsheepwear 33

I am curious what code makes ants less worthy of life than wasps?

You have a point, now you've changed how I view OP's post..

Yeah there were dozens of ants and only one wasp.

pallycoo 13

Perhaps he felt bad for the wasp because he thought it was being ganged up on? Lol I'd never feel bad for a wasp.

perdix 29

#7, Anti-antism. Next question?

Rainhawk94 27

*its I know. I hate me too. *Throws self off cliff*

they feel guilty for being a "grammar nazi." ^

*What? GAAAAAAAAH!!!! Why can't I stop???

AurumPotestasEst 16

#94 *What ... ... ... I don't feel guilty.

So you wanted peace by killing for it? Sounds like the government.

Lol, that was accurate and funny. That deserved a like.

11, go listen to "If You Want Peace... Prepare for War". Your comment fits the song so well.

11 obviously hasn't heard of the war on terror going on.

lonewolf658 6

#11 thanks you made me laugh in school and everyone's looking at me weird

Leason learned don't save save wasp from the ants... Thanks