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Today, I sat my son down for the sex talk. By the time it was over, he'd corrected me on several factual errors and told me what felching is. Now I remember why I never wanted kids. FML
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For those who have just had lunch, are having lunch, or are about to have lunch do yourself a favor and don't look up "felching."

I don't even know what felching is. Public school these days. ):


I don't even know what felching is. Public school these days. ):

It's gross... You suck semen out of the others anus... I don't want to know how he knows this.

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Dude don't feel alone, me neither

Thanks, 11. Now I wish I could un-know that.

I didn't no either and I go to a public school

not even just public schools... private schools are just as bad or sometimes even worse...

11, he probably knows the same way you and many others do. Most likely urban-dictionary or google. Just because the son knew what it was, doesn't mean he has done or would do that. Hell, a lot of people know what a "strawberry shortcake" is but would never participate!

42- after what just happened with fletching why would you ask that

It's slightly worrying that the father was teaching him wing information. Hopefully nothing that could've led to a pregnancy. I so wish I hadn't read this thread though. Some things I could happily go my entire life without knowing.

Would someone explain what a strawberry shortcake is.....?

Maybe we should start by explaining what Google is?

That's just wrong. Must people be so gross? Ew.

I wish I hadn't looked up strawberry shortcake but my curiosity got the best of me. Dang. Just...dang...

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When someone is giving oral sex and the guy takes his penis out of the mouth and his semen goes on your face. Then they punch you to make your nose bleed so it combines with the semen to make a pinkish color.

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Do you know what felch means? Yeah? Well then tell me, would you rather get felched, or do the felching?

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Public schools in jersey are really good.

Thanks. Now *looks up on google* 'how to even'

"Insane" was the first thing that came to mind

81, since google also shows picture results I'd rather ask here than use google.

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#91 do you mean would you rather be the felchor or the felchee?

#91- That's how I learned what it meant tbh.

Now that I've seen this entire chain of comments, I need bleach.

Today, I learned what felching was and what a strawberry shortcake is. I don't think I can eat ever again. FML

Speak for yourself. I'm not sorry my vocabulary is more developed than yours OP.

Some things are better off not being known, though.

#44, what...? What does that have to do with anything here?

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shit, I needed urbandictionary,

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This is why our society is so ****** up these days. ?

It's not so much that we are "****** up" but that we are more of an open society and are readily exposed to such material.

I dunno about that, i mean we love to imagine that olden times were far more civilized than us but they didnt have the internet keeping anonymous records of their every filthy though. There have definitely been moments and times in history were people got very kinky but the information is either suppressed as "vulgar" or was never reported in the first place

The fact that 'felching' exists pretty much means people are ****** up... I mean what kind of person would even be into that shit? Wouldn't do that for a million bucks.

78, well, money is cool, and one million bucks is a lot so... I'd do it! ....haha, just kidding, I'm not crazy! Two million and it's a deal...

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As gross as I think felching(and pretty much anything involving an anus) is, I try not to judge the sexual exploits of two consenting adults. I don't care what they do as long as they disinfect before they return to the common area.

It seems he didn't really need a sex talk..

who says it was the son who needed it? ;-)

For those who have just had lunch, are having lunch, or are about to have lunch do yourself a favor and don't look up "felching."

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#7 is a most devious attempt at reverse psychology.

So you're the one who submitted the FML I just moderated about looking up felching while eating lunch.

I wish I read this before looking it up ?

Your advice came too late, but now I definitely will not eat.

Dont look up what a "Metal Dan" is either. I felt so sick after reading that, i feel sick just typing it.

You have no idea how tempted I am before I hit my lunch break....**** it!


Little did you know that you were about to get the talk, not give it.

I'm curious why the OP was giving the sex talk but wasn't correct in what she was teaching. Sounds to me, it's a good thing her son knows so she doesn't give him false information

It's the dad giving the sex talk, not mom.

It says Anonymous (man) where it says who's it by.

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whelp, public school and Google provide quite the sex talk these days ;_;