By Anonymous - 19/01/2015 13:35 - Australia

Today, I met my boyfriend's best friend. She was a girl he's known for years, and I respected that. She was sweet, until my boyfriend went to the bathroom and she threatened to stab me if I don't leave him. He doesn't believe me, and accused me of having serious jealousy issues. FML
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Dont leave him. Abd if you're found stabbed then he'll know the truth.

PokeyPorcupine 18

You need to record that psycho, then show him the proof.


Dont leave him. Abd if you're found stabbed then he'll know the truth.

Only amateurs would leave the body to be found.

Yes, precious would know what to do with the body...

Wait till u get stabbed so that your boyfriend knows the truth, wow why not save ur life?

hugozac88 22

Lmao she's gonna walk up to him and say " I TOLD YOU"

Yes, know what to do with the body, precious does.*

Jokes really do go over some people's heads don't they

37 I heard the golf stream is quite good for that.

If you jump and attack you will land a critical hit!

Show her that you were prepared, counter her encounter with a counter attack

ToxicMoo33 18

I don't know if I would stay with him. ?

#3 If you would leave your boyfriend after one empty threat then you don't care about him enough and shouldn't have been with him in the first place.

I wouldn't. Drama is for people who like drama, not me!

i don't know. i think it sounds terrifying and might not be an empty threat.

If he doesn't trust her enough to even look into the threat and immediately claims it as serious jealousy issues? Well then he isn't worth being with.

#30, I get where you're coming from, but at the same time- who would you believe, your lifelong best friend or your brand new girlfriend? Especially since most people wouldn't want to think a close friend could do something like that, and lots of people do tend to get jealous when their SO is hanging with the opposite gender... I probably also would have assumed that the girlfriend was just being jealous that his best friend is female.

Who said it was a brand new girlfriend? I've been dating my man for a year a week from today and still haven't met his bgf. she lives 1100 miles away, but... Still. :/

PokeyPorcupine 18

You need to record that psycho, then show him the proof.

In some states its illegal to records people or take pictures.

It's illegal in all states to threaten bodily harm on somebody though

On top of all that, this didn't even take place in "the states" but in Australia.

SystemofaBlink41 27

How is this not upvoted??? By which I mean #38...

iAmPaul 49

Sounds like you need to talk to both of them together and sort this out.

However it sounds like she pretends to be sweet in front of the boyfriend and a vicious threatener when he isn't around and only OP can see. So she may not fess up to this incident if OP were to try and talk to the both of them.

Tht never worked for me when i tried it .. She just made me look even more like the bad guy then started crying saying i was harassing her and him and his mom beleived her over me ..

Okay she is a psycho, and you need to get him to believe you. That's not something to joke about...

Call her bluff. If she actually tries anything, then report her to the police and your boyfriend will know.

This. Recording her threatening you and showing the boyfriend could potentially be misconstrued as trying to destroy their friendship and be proof of your "jealousy issues" if the previous crazy FMLS about romantic partners are to be used as precedent.

UhHuhHoney 20

It's always those shy, sweet people who end up being seriously psycho.

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Trust is the foundation of any relationship. If he doesn't trust (and respect) you enough to at least consider the possibility this chick threatened you, is it really worth it?

juststephhere 23

If she tries to stab you, he'll probably find out...