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Today, I brought a boy over to my house to help with a history project. My mom suddenly swooped in and bombarded him with questions about his and my sex life, and how she wants to have exactly four grandchildren. FML
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I see you're new here. The number one rule of FML is that if the comment isn't funny, says something negative towards a popular FML-er, or completely misinterprets the FML, you're gonna get thumbed down. And 9 times out of 10, if you post another comment trying to save face, it's gonna get thumbed down twice as much.

Don't take it to heart, though-

The best of us get thumbed down. Except the mods, because they won't let us.

Doesn't stop me. Any comment I see from Alan, I get a sharpie and draw a thumbs down beside it, just to prove a point.

By  mclauren29  |  22

That's not really a normal reaction, is it? I thought most mothers would be against their kids having a sex life with some person she has never met. That's awkward. FYL.

  spaboolly  |  26

Apparently in this case, the wanna-be grandma's wishes are more powerful than common sense or regard for her daughter's own life decisions.

Let's hope she was just trying to scare the guy off, and she's not actually that crazy. (Trying to maintain some faith in humanity)

  echosaints  |  5

Idk, It sounds like she was trying to scare him off. If someone asked me to give them "exactly" 4 grandchildren I would be gone. Ops mother is genius!


On PC, you can quickly quick "I agree, your life sucks" multiple times quickly, giving multiple votes. The problem is that when it registers, "YDI" shifts over to the left, often getting clicked.

  gc327072  |  29

56- AC was making a joke about how lots of times national averages of children per capita will be non-integers, making for humorous conjectures like "~2.5 children? How does one have half a child?~"

Or are you being sarcastic too.....