By Tabby - 06/08/2011 20:39 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to tell my teenage son that no, his knowledge of the English language was not passed down to him genetically. FML
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hes gonna go far.

Mipz 2

You've proven yourself dumber than him.


that's stupid. how did this even get posted?

nevergo 10

Because it's so original and so stupid that you can't help but just to facepalm it, and while in the process of facepalming too many people accidently hit the yes button

It's similar to the idiots thinking that being Gay is determined at birth. But hey, let retards think what they want to.

dyble95 0

9 well actually you find out if you are gay when you hit puberty. So you could say that your body already knows by the time you are born. Not really a stupid theory actually. I'm not sure what makes you so sure that it is wrong. Do you have any experience in the matter?

hes gonna go far.

This reminds me of how people think that being Gay is determined at birth, but let idiots think what they want to.

wait... does this mean my knowledge isn't passed down either???

AaronTkr 0

it was 'technically' past down to him from his parents. just, not genetically.

What.. How do you get into your teenage years without realizing that's not the case? Has he never seen a baby learning to speak?

violetdabomb 0

You don't need me to tell you that he's a dumbass...

he's a prodigy, lol

Special parents are a gift from God that says, "good luck surviving till college".

ain't he a philosopher.

haha. why would he think that lol?

Well people born with Spanish parents generally speak Spanish. Same with other languages. I used to think that when I was little too.

a_nutritionist 10

if by little you also mean teenager then im sorry, youre not very bright. its one thing for a child to think something without any worldly experience or extensive knowledge, its another for a teenager to maintain those same theories.

Oops. I meant when I was little like a small kid. Maybe 4 or 5. I misread and didn't see that it was a teenager. My bad

a_nutritionist 10

i was hoping that was the case :P

awww damn... so i cant blame my dad for everything bad in my life ): well this sucks

Hahah gayboy be hilarousssz I luv ths comententsents u rok!!!! hahaharolf...Kip it up yur kilining mi...ha : )

I moderated this one!!!! :D

I also find it creepy that, that

dstivers 0

Are you serious? It isn't genetic? That explains a lot.

Oh old is he? That's a new brand of stupid