By CallaC - 15/03/2012 02:01 - Canada

Today, my dad sat me down for the sex talk. Almost before he could open his mouth, my mother popped her head into the room and said, "Be realistic, Dan. Who would want to sleep with that?" FML
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Valentina_Baby 7

Firstly though, your mother called you 'that' ?


Valentina_Baby 7

There's a fne line between trolling & just being mean :L

28- I don't think there is such a thing as a "nice troll".

What I meant by mean was hater* Sorry.

Think of it this way. She slept with you inside her for nine months. No incest intended.

Then the father turned and said "Bitch he took after you" And if you're wondering why he would sleep with her blame alcohol.

Sleep with her* Let the thumbs down begin.

Comet_Candy 23

Who knows, OP could be adopted.

Troll mom: Preaching abstinence by way of low self esteem and psychological damage.

94, it would depend on if she says things like that to him all the time, or if this was just a one time thing

spekledworf 18

I told my mom I was gunna be a stripper... she said I'd be getting paid to walk off the stage

Firstly though, your mother called you 'that' ?

My mother calls me Micah...which wouldn't be so bad if my name wasn't Joseph.

51- The good people of FML will never get your name wrong Charlie.

SecretMe00 5

Ya, OP's mom seems like a total bitch.

GovernorGeneral 8

51- yeah Jacob, your name is forever carved into our hearts/brains for some reason...

Secondly, did anyone think maybe she was joking?

thiscrazything 1

Hope she was joking, if not then she fails big time as a parent.

Oooh, that hurts. My dad will occasionally just call me "son," though. He has one....but it's not me.

On the bright side, she might have saved op from the talk

cjwalsh86 0

*Shoots Destinys stupid duck face right off*

*no one notices Abe's new iPhone 4s hopefully no one does*

That's an iPhone 3GS, bitch. Get your smartphones strait.

@174 - Get your spelling "straight". No where in this conversation was a connecting passageway between two seas mentioned.

hurtandabused 7

Bitch. I'm sure u look good. No one deserves such cruel words

I'm glad that you have more faith in op than his mom..that's just very sad

olpally 32

That's harsh op.. I thought parents were supposed to be supportive of their kids no matter what they look like?? "who would want to sleep with that" is a horrible and classless comment by your mother. Keep your head up op. I hope your mom apologized for that comment.

Shafreeka 8

76- Honesty is one thing, and talking to anyone with no tact or sense or kindness is another. Especially, her child. I would say anything like that to mine, and most parents wouldn't either.

At first I thought this had a comma and you said "Bitch, I'm sure you look good". Sounded pretty OG for a second.

Littlemiss__LOL 0

calm down. she was probably just kidding around. it's like no one has a sense of humor anymore.

105 - Just goes to show us all that a little punctuation goes a long way! :)

62-what rink is that? Anyone like the Bruins?

olpally 32

It's the chicago Blackhawks:: at the united center :)

Don't know if bad trolling or utter stupidity.

Utter stupidity, I'm good at trolling :3

DKjazz 20

Not sure if blind honesty or still trolling. Oh wait, does that meme have a once per thread limit? Oh well.

No thanks, it's not Friday. Because we all know you can't get down on a Wednesday. You... Gotta get down on Friday!

But Wednesday is the night that we usually make love. There ain't nothing good on tv..

112-"Friday" By Rebecca Bieber is a horrible song, and quotes pertaining to it are ****** up. I agree with you, 112. All who agree to anything I've said, thumb me and 112 up, and the post with the reference of "Friday". All that disagree, sorry, but please go admit yourself into a mental hospital. Thanks.

Dude hahaha that sucks! But it's okay they have therapy for rejects now so you can go to a place where unwanteds comfort each other. Now how cute is that?

Are you from that place? You do seem to know quite a lot about it.

I have a feeling you weren't loved as a child and are now taking your feelings of neglect out on those who don't deserve it. It's people like you that make me hate this bullshit we call "society"

Jackasss_fml 14

Yup you wud know.... I mean look how retarted you look!

RochelleRedvines 8

The irony of this comment made me die inside.

mpena616 7
stickytack 7

At least he can spell retarded. And don't you dare say that word like that. That's worst then swears.

You should talk about rejection dude, you even had an fml rejected. Lol.

Miouya 0

Ouch! That's was a complete bitch move But then again she might have been kidding around. :p but still a bitch move

maxwells_hammer 5

Your response to your dad, "Be realistic, Dad. Why would you want to sleep with that?!"

wlddog 14

That is a standing ovation right there.

I think "Well, I DID inherit my mother's looks!" would have worked as well.

Ahahahahahahhahahahah that actually made me laugh ;)