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  olpally  |  32

That's harsh op.. I thought parents were supposed to be supportive of their kids no matter what they look like?? "who would want to sleep with that" is a horrible and classless comment by your mother. Keep your head up op. I hope your mom apologized for that comment.

  Shafreeka  |  8

76- Honesty is one thing, and talking to anyone with no tact or sense or kindness is another. Especially, her child. I would say anything like that to mine, and most parents wouldn't either.


112-"Friday" By Rebecca Bieber is a horrible song, and quotes pertaining to it are fucked up. I agree with you, 112. All who agree to anything I've said, thumb me and 112 up, and the post with the reference of "Friday". All that disagree, sorry, but please go admit yourself into a mental hospital. Thanks.

By  deathofalifetime  |  0

Dude hahaha that sucks! But it's okay they have therapy for rejects now so you can go to a place where unwanteds comfort each other. Now how cute is that?

  A7x4REVer  |  3

I have a feeling you weren't loved as a child and are now taking your feelings of neglect out on those who don't deserve it. It's people like you that make me hate this bullshit we call "society"