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Today, I gave my daughter the sex talk. Barely 10 minutes later, her public Facebook status read, "My mom's a total pedo," after which she mentioned the talk. Her friend posted, "That's sexual harassment. You can sue for that." Clearly I've failed as a parent. FML
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  nelroca  |  7

Actually it makes perfect sense ahaha....#52 was just giving examples to explain "sex".

Sex Explanation & Ratings (#52 response deciphered):

WWE (Sex is like wrestling): PG
Rap (Several songs revolve around sex): PG13-17
Bananas (Used to physically demonstrate a phallus): R. I wouldn't consider this that "mature" but it does create several snickers.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Disagree. It sounds like young teens joking about and saying the kind of stuff teens say on Facebook, especially in response to help from a parent or teacher. That's just how they deal with it, save face and have some fun. I'm sure inside, whilst she probably also knew most of what you said, she learnt some stuff too and is grateful for your input. Or that's how I saw it anyway...

  sematariux  |  7

76, I'm 23 years old and I fear for this world with the younger generation coming into adult hood. This country and this world is absolutely fucked.. (Not that our world leaders in the past have done any better)
But still, we're doomed

  The_Orphan  |  3

Invariably, throughout history, every generation thinks that the next is just a bunch of degenerate assholes who will fall miserably. Hell, it's even in the Bible.


If That was my daughter, and she did that, I would close her delete her facebook, and take away her phone for the remainder of the summer. That is so unbelievably bimbo like, it's ridiculous. And the fact that she called you a pedo is grounds for punishment. so disrespectful.

  Meowingtons500  |  18

Doubtful, kids get the sex talk younger and younger every year. My guess for OP's daughters age is 9-12. It's an awkward age and lots of kids in that age group don't understand how to use facebook and post some interesting things!

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

If she has a Facebook she most likely already knew what sex was. Unless she just uses it to talk to family members, there's so much stuff you can come across sex related on Facebook.

By  ironik69  |  31

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  asherm  |  15

Unfortunately, she's too immature to have sex and will probably come home pregnant or w/ STD. I hope she just said that out of embarrassment and really did listen to her mom.

  Alihb  |  16

Unfortunately, theres people like me who will just never be mature enough for the sex talk. My final words will be 69 just for the last giggle.

  NagainaFier  |  16


No- the parents should be the one giving the talk; just because your parents were awkward doesn't mean they're all awkward. My mom was pretty cut and dry with me; 'this goes there, that comes out, nine months later there's a baby'. Obviously I got the reader's digest version (being like... 10? 11?), but still. Parents should damn well be talking with their kids about sex, and take some responsibility about the life THEY created, not getting pissy when their daughter is 16 and pregnant or their son is going to be owing child support because 'the doctor/teacher/community leaders/etc should of told little Susie about sex ed, not me!'

  Caitie_kid  |  8

She should leave those planned parenthood papers out with the list of all the STD's. Those can be pretty freaky and to many younger folks that don't realize how easy it is to contract them w/unprotected sex.

  mansen  |  15

My best friend is a nurse. She plans on showing her kids the part of her textbooks with the pictures of stds as being part of her sex talk with them. Hopefully it will that will be effective in making them pay attention.

By  MandySkittles  |  18

I think it's time you took away her internet privileges OP. It's never too late for good parenting. If she has a cellphone, take that away too. Sounds like you're not the only one though, her friend is a bit of a brat too.


That's never one hundred percent prevention. If her daughter is too immature to handle the sex talk, she's too immature for sex itself. The pill just encourages her that it's okay to have sex.

  threer  |  30

Shut the hell up.. Just because she's disrespectful and felt embarrassed about 'the talk' doesn't mean that she wants to have sex.

By  kmm316  |  9

Ugh some people my age make me so angry with their extreme stupidity and immature behavior. Now you should take all her electronics away so she can call the cops saying you beat her.

  NagainaFier  |  16

You think your joking, #10; My mother, being a cop, got a call like that. (No, the kid was NOT abused. If anything, she was abusing the mother, which is absolute insanity) Let's just say even if the kid does call, the cops will be able to tell pretty quick that there's nothing going on.

Why can't everyone just be polite and not run their mouths... I don't ask for much... Just a little maturity across the board.