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Today, I found out that there's a very loud and frisky couple living above my bedroom, and a family with a crying baby living above my living room. At this rate, I'll end up sleeping in the bathtub in my own home. FML
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give them a mouth gag from the sex shop that'll fix one of your problems

Maybe a mouth gag would be a little too strange, I'm sure a bottle or something would quiet the baby instead.


give them a mouth gag from the sex shop that'll fix one of your problems

tony1891 22

thats actually a quite disturbing thing to give anyone.

i think itd get the point across

What about ear plugs? They aren't comfortable but if OP is sensitive to noise then they definitely should help

Or OP should just get a very loud significant other ;) Or have a kid. Whichever works for her.

drunkmunkey 24

no he should record them and play it back full volume

Maybe a mouth gag would be a little too strange, I'm sure a bottle or something would quiet the baby instead.

Pretty sure the parents already have a bottle for the baby. It is their kid after all.

When I first read the bottle part I thought you wantet them to drug the baby with alcohol... I need some sleep. Even though it might actually work^^

30 don't have kids for a while please ....

adkim78 17

the gag solves one of the problems, but what about dealing with the frisky couple?

#43 haha. I guess there's only a few who understood #25's joke

incoherentrmblr 21

Just get a stereo system, crank it up, and play the Trololo song on repeat, and leave for the night. Or, you could just get some ear plugs...

Get a man tp write a paper saying that if they could please be louder, is hard for you to ********** to the their sex because you can't hear them well

Is there not someone you could talk to about switching to another available apartment?

What if OP house is really nice and he feels very comfortable in there (well before this happened) or maybe there's a history in that house and OP refuses to leave? Huh? Well anyways, noise cancelling headphones will do!

Well , sometimes moving solves the problem .... when all else fails. I should know. I ended up moving to a smaller unit to get away from the middle of the night grunt noises from my gay neighbors.

47- what is really necessary to say "gay neighbors?" did "neighbors" on its own not suffice? and OP shouldn't have to move. they could simply have a chat with them to solve the problem or try some music or something. you only move when there's no more options left.

File noise complaints about the couple. The baby you can't really do anything about. Or just move out? If thats possible.

Maybe they could have a talk with them first instead? Yeah sure, it might be awkward, but filing a complaint for that is pretty harsh and absolutely exaggerated...

ostfaiz 18

Shift your bed there

CatcherQueen 15

Invest in some ear plugs or sound proof walls. Whichever you prefer.

Not sure how much soundproof walls would help if the sound is coming through the ceiling.

Best thing to do with the frisky people is to start clamping and wooting for the big finish. For the baby ,tell them to shut their spawn of satan up.- anyone ? Maybe make a complaint to landlord / property manager if there is one ?

I'm sure they would stop if they knew that they were being heard. Or, just ask if you or they could be moved to another apartment..

I had a housemate who had the loudest sex with his girlfriend. They did not care if they were heard, at any particular time of day or night.

To each their own, I guess ^

nataliewby 25

Why not just go up and knock on their door and tell them your complaints? If they're reasonable people they'll most likely understand.

iAmPaul 49

Plot twist: There's a guy who listens to loud music almost 24/7 who lives above your bathroom. Seriously though, I think you should talk to them to see if any kind of compromise can be reached.

Why should op move? That may be too much trouble for op. Instead of that, op could just tell them her complaints, and hopefully, they'll understand and do something about it.