By caroline - 29/10/2015 20:02 - Germany

Today, I decided it was time to have "the talk" with my daughter, after I found a thong in the washing machine. She denied it was hers and pointed out how it was too big to fit her. I ended up having a very different talk with my son. FML
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Wait, so was it your sons or a girlfriend of your sons?

Either way it's not really a big deal. Just underwear. Doesn't even mean he's gay, but really, so what if it did? he'd still he the same person you love.


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Her son sounds like a pain in the ass.

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Or OP could have an unfaithful husband...

A girl who went home without her underwear??

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Even if it was hers it doesn't necessarily mean that she had been having sex.

Why does owning a thong mean you have sex? I'm twenty years old, wear thongs all the time, and am a virgin. They just make me feel pretty, even if no one sees them.

vb68_fml 28

? what link between a thong and sex ??? Don't believe everything your mum told you ...:)

and somehow wearing a thing magically means she's sexually active? how could anyone be stupid enough to suspect that. thongs are actually comfortable, hence why people wear them. they're not for sex appeal (their is much sexier panties than thongs)

Depending on how old your son is this is a problem

Why? is wearing women's underwear so wrong?

It's weird is why. Sorry if people who still believe in core values have opinions.

Emma' it's 2015. not 1520. Men wear earrings and thongs, and women wear work boots and a hard helmet. Wake up. There is no problem with either of those. You should learn If your son is gay or your daughter gay, accept it and accept them. It's not a problem anymore. Savvy?

In every mans life you decide if you want to become Caitlyn Jenner at least once..

I hope that's a girls not your sons or we have a problem

If the guy wants to wear a thong, he can wear a thong. There are people of whatever gender he is into that would be ecstatic that he would wear them. (Also, gonna point of the double standard here- it's considered 'sexy' or 'acceptable' for a girl to wear boxers, but if a boy decides to wear panties, people say it is 'wrong.' If a man want to wear bikini underwear, thongs, or hipster underwear, he should damn well be able to do so. It is a piece of cloth, and it covers as much on a bloke as it does on a lass.) Unless he is walking around in public or around the house in nothing but the thong, it isn't a big deal. If he is walking around in just the underwear, inform him that the house has a "pants minimum" rule and enforce said rule. But since said thong was found not on said son's body, I do not think that is an issue here.

I find it extremely unattractive for women to wear men's underwear so idk where your from but that is not the belief from anyone where I'm from.

So… was he wearing them? Or using them to jerk off? Or both? Follow up please!

It's Caitlyn Jr.!!!!!!! What do you expect? Look at the role models kids have today. Look at who our society calls a hero. It's a joke

Wait, so was it your sons or a girlfriend of your sons?

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I think the answer will be a surprise to OP either way

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This post definitely needs a follow up.