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  kirarik  |  5

Well, you may not know this, but periods can be that long. Some women get them every several months, and they last for a couple more, and some just get them every three weeks and they last for one. So she maybe not be lying.

  HotRose  |  18

Very true, #101, some birth controls can have this effect, and some disorders can too. I have to be on birth control, to stop my periods from going on for months. I had a boyfriend who was gravely concerned for me, after I told him after a solid month I was still on my period.

It took my mom telling my dad, no matter what he said I was going on the pill. I got the disorder from my mother, who had the same thing growing up. It sucks, but at least there is a way to stop it.

Not to bring religion into this, but even in the bible there was a woman who constantly bled for years. (Whether you believe the bible or not, it's not the point. My point is, this isn't a new issue.)

OP, ask her to talk to her gynecologist, and see what her best options are. Assuming she is telling the truth.

  GamerG0DDESS  |  29

Sometimes it does, I'm one of those women. It sucks; I don't know when I'll get my period, when it will stop, how *gross alert* heavy, etcetera. Does this irregularity occur often? Or was it just this (random) time? Wish I could offer some advice, but I'm not sure if there really is a need for advice here.

  glabberfasted  |  16

The bleeding cause by BC is never as severe as a woman's period and does not include all of the other PMS symptoms. Usually it's just "spotting" OP's girlfriend is very clearly lying.


That isn't true. Due to BC I ended up having a period for 5 weeks, and at least 3 of them were heavier than any of my periods had ever been before. Not to mention the terrible cramping, which I had also never had before. I thought it would eventually be fine since it got much lighter, but it didn't so I got off of that brand.

  megatherium  |  4

Yeah, touching her genitals against her will to see if she's lying about what could be a legitimate medical or psychological issue is a brilliant move. Who needs communication, anyway?

  tishtashbat  |  16

And what, exactly, is so 'retarded' about the fact that his girlfriend COULD have a medical or psychological issue? It seems pretty likely she's lying about having her period for so long. If she's not lying, it's probably a medical issue. If she is lying, it could be due to an underlying psychological issue, a past traumatic sexual experience for example.

By  Maycontainnuts  |  17

I thought this said hasn't been on her period for a moment... sit her down and ask her in a non expeting non confrontational way what is really wrong. If she doesn't want to have sex she should feel able to tell you.

  hatemyluck  |  15

Maybe she's scared to have sex. Or, you could be one of those boyfriends that put too much pressure on sex, especially if you guys were dating for 3 months or less. Either way, she shouldn't have to lie to you and you should ask her about it.

  jwebster  |  8

As someone with chronic migraines, let me say, this is very fortunate. The only thing that helps my headaches is sex. My man is a one a day kind of guy...


68, while sex can help some people's headaches and migraines, sometimes it hurts too much to even consider having sex.

As another (nearly daily) migraine sufferer, I would gladly have a 2 month period instead of migraines. I wouldn't wish chronic migraines on anyone.

By  vewwe  |  20

Poor thing, make sure you buy her lots of chocolate and a bunch of tampons ! Or wait, maybe you should be the one getting that; not the tampons, but the chocolate.