By Jack - 30/11/2013 08:31 - United States - Reynoldsburg

Today, I realized my girlfriend has been "on her period" for almost two months. FML
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At least it shows that she is not pregnant ...


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I've had birth control issues and had to deal with it for almost a month before! But I'm gonna assume OP's gf is having different issues...

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After a week and a half you should've been worried.

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on the bright side she wasn't lying two times of those months.

Even a bitchy girlfriend is right once a month?

Well, you may not know this, but periods can be that long. Some women get them every several months, and they last for a couple more, and some just get them every three weeks and they last for one. So she maybe not be lying.

That was my first thought too, I almost want to say YDI just because it took him so long to figure it out.

certain birth control can have this effect. .. she may not be lieing OP

@47 Unless she's lying about not being pregnant!

Very true, #101, some birth controls can have this effect, and some disorders can too. I have to be on birth control, to stop my periods from going on for months. I had a boyfriend who was gravely concerned for me, after I told him after a solid month I was still on my period. It took my mom telling my dad, no matter what he said I was going on the pill. I got the disorder from my mother, who had the same thing growing up. It sucks, but at least there is a way to stop it. Not to bring religion into this, but even in the bible there was a woman who constantly bled for years. (Whether you believe the bible or not, it's not the point. My point is, this isn't a new issue.) OP, ask her to talk to her gynecologist, and see what her best options are. Assuming she is telling the truth.

Obviously you can't trust something that bleeds for 60 days and doesn't die...

Sometimes it does, I'm one of those women. It sucks; I don't know when I'll get my period, when it will stop, how *gross alert* heavy, etcetera. Does this irregularity occur often? Or was it just this (random) time? Wish I could offer some advice, but I'm not sure if there really is a need for advice here.

161 he was obviously jokingly referencing the Salem trials period. Why are you so sensitive about this..... Omg.... SHES A WITCH!!!

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At least it shows that she is not pregnant ...

Well you'd have to have some sex for that to happen, which clearly isn't.

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Well,what if he had sex with her before 'her period'?im thinking that experience might have led her to go on her period....

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What do you mean "Hang in there" his girlfriend obviously isn't on her period and has just been playing him the whole time

Speaking about playing-- Curious if the OP's name is "Jack" or what he's been doing with his right hand these two months.

58, she could actually be telling the truth. Some hormonal birth control methods can cause bleeding for months at a time.

Yeah 58, you can't just assume that she was lying.

The bleeding cause by BC is never as severe as a woman's period and does not include all of the other PMS symptoms. Usually it's just "spotting" OP's girlfriend is very clearly lying.

That isn't true. Due to BC I ended up having a period for 5 weeks, and at least 3 of them were heavier than any of my periods had ever been before. Not to mention the terrible cramping, which I had also never had before. I thought it would eventually be fine since it got much lighter, but it didn't so I got off of that brand.

118, every woman doesn't react the same to BC, so no, she's not clearly lying!

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I had much worse pain on the pill so I quit, now my periods don't hurt nearly as bad as the pill made them.

You should verify it with your own hands.

That comment actually creeped me out a little.

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And if she is? Thats ******* gross...

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May be nasty but his comment isn't buried with thumbs down

This suggestion makes sense. You know, if she isn't a ho.

Yeah, touching her genitals against her will to see if she's lying about what could be a legitimate medical or psychological issue is a brilliant move. Who needs communication, anyway?

Good idea best way to find out go in yourself ;)

"Medical or psychological issue"? Are you retarded?

And what, exactly, is so 'retarded' about the fact that his girlfriend COULD have a medical or psychological issue? It seems pretty likely she's lying about having her period for so long. If she's not lying, it's probably a medical issue. If she is lying, it could be due to an underlying psychological issue, a past traumatic sexual experience for example.

Ok, I think she might just maybe be lying to get out of sex. maybe

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That and/or trying to excuse her bitchiness.

It actually may be that she has been lowing for a couple of months. It happened to a friend of mine. A couple of trips to the doctor helped her and her bf out! ;-)

#25, welcome to the world of jokes. its not that complicated.

#36, I think you've arrived in the wrong world. This one is the one with the good jokes

Again? Damn it, the TARDIS must need some adjustments.

It's so obviously a sarcastic comment! Lighten up guys!

I thought this said hasn't been on her period for a moment... sit her down and ask her in a non expeting non confrontational way what is really wrong. If she doesn't want to have sex she should feel able to tell you.

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Maybe she's scared to have sex. Or, you could be one of those boyfriends that put too much pressure on sex, especially if you guys were dating for 3 months or less. Either way, she shouldn't have to lie to you and you should ask her about it.

At least she hasn't had a "headache" for 2 months!

As someone with chronic migraines, let me say, this is very fortunate. The only thing that helps my headaches is sex. My man is a one a day kind of guy...

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actually it is scientifically proven that sex releases endorphins that help with headaches, so it wouldnt really be a bad thing

68, while sex can help some people's headaches and migraines, sometimes it hurts too much to even consider having sex. As another (nearly daily) migraine sufferer, I would gladly have a 2 month period instead of migraines. I wouldn't wish chronic migraines on anyone.

Poor thing, make sure you buy her lots of chocolate and a bunch of tampons ! Or wait, maybe you should be the one getting that; not the tampons, but the chocolate.

Or the asshole. Take your pick. Haha