By Ashamed_Sister - Namibia - Windhoek
Today, I was proud when I started a confrontation with my best friend's brother because he is a sexist pig who treats women like crap. Six hours later my pride was gone: I made him an after-sex sandwich. FML
Ashamed_Sister tells us more :
He just asked me if he can have something to eat. When I finished the sandwich I realized the irony.
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  NeatNit  |  32

OP, I'm sorry, you clearly have no self-respect if you went from confronting him about sexism to feeding his sexism so quickly. YDI, so fucking much.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Guys, you can't assume OP doesn't have any self respect for sleeping with a guy who damn near portrays 50% of the human male species. Otherwise, about half of the female counterparts don't have any self control either. I will be the first to admit that getting into a heated argument kinda well, gets me a bit heated. Not because of something as vain as being proud I was able to "win" and put someone else down, and it's not because I proved someone wrong, which does feel pretty fucking satisfying. It's because when you are arguing about something you argue about something rather important, passion plays a key role. You both would be passionate, not for the same reason, but nonetheless, it does and will create a little moment between you two. That being said, sure, she could have handled that a completely different way but who are you to tell her she has no self respect. She had the self respect to instigate the fight to begin with. That shows she cares not only about herself, but her gender as well. Self righteous people who feel as if they do no wrong piss me off more a fuck ton more than someone who actually sees and understands the shame and humility brought on my their choice of actions. OP, you're no worse than anyone else on this site, you just happened to fit into the "submissive woman" role as soon as you made him a sandwich, which hey, the world needs a ton more sandwiches anyway. Be glad you decided to stand up for yourself which is a lot more than most people would even attempt.


I think it's a YDI anyway since she slept with him when she thinks he's a disgusting pig. And I can't say she has no self respect, but sleeping with someone who you have no respect for doesn't exactly scream I have self respect.

  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

Thank you for the support. Yes, the comments are quite harsh but I'm a big girl and I can handle it. Besides, I think I deserved it.
Doesn't matter, I had an FML published, which made my day.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I'm just curious as to what prompted that insult against #7. I know it's not the fact that they said "more stupid" because that is grammatically acceptable. It's more so acceptable than anyone trying to use "stupider" which has just battered its way into the language but used to be completely unacceptable.