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Today, I tried to get my wife to have sex with me, she told me she couldn't because she had her period. She's two months pregnant. FML
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She just didn't want the baby to be poked by your cock.

Some women keep having periods when they are pregnant, maybe she is one of them.


She just didn't want the baby to be poked by your cock.

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dirtyblond 4

Hahaha! ps. It's Hitler's birthday yo!:O

sourgirl101 28

Let's celebrate that he's dead by getting high!

sourgirl101 28

Let's celebrate that he's dead by getting high!

dirtyblond 4

Hahaha oh yeaaah!!

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wow you guys are potheads. don't ruin your life. seriously more than half the people in my school are druggies and they won't be graduating on time. it's sad.

dirtyblond 4

Hey, I don't do drugs. Who you talking about?

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lol. that is probably due to laziness and a bad education system, not teenagers smoking pot. you don't have to insult people if you want to feel like a PSA.

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31, I don't smoke weed but i know plenty potheads who graduated my H.S on time and they're also doing just fine in college. I'm actually quite positive that my OChem lab T.A smokes pot. Anyways, it sounds like sourgirl was kidding.

sourgirl101 28

I think you're missing the hidden joke, my dear #31.(: It's because it's 4/20. ***Just to know, I never get high and I rarely drink alcohol. It's nice to see you have your head in the right place.

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I have a friend at MIT and an ex-girlfriend at Stanford, both potheads. Don't buy into propaganda, positive or negative. Anyways, where we doing this? ;P I vote for a synagoge(sorry if i misspelled that, googling from my iPod isn't worth it while I've already typed this).

today's national marijuana day! everyone celebrate by blazing up at 4:20!!

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actually I get high a lot and have straight A's ;) Don't judge people kid

31, just because you know "druggies" who aren't doing well in school doesn't mean that applies to everyone. Also, there's a big difference between drug addicts and people who smoke pot and potheads. Some people smoke pot just for fun like once a month. I also have a friend who smokes pot, and he was going to a local college for math classes in 8th grade because he's that much smarter than everyone else. We should know what happens when we assume...

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Way ahead of you if you didn't start toking at 4:20pm Pacific time yesterday. I've got two more hours to go.

I've been smoking pot for a WHILE now and I certainly graduated on time. Now shut up while I light this bowl.

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ahhhh little tools who think there cool for smoking.

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if I had a baby I would want it to be poked by my cock

I don't think I'm cool because I smoke. I think you're a giant tool for giving a fuck that I do, though.

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like ^

#31 just doesnt hav a sence of humor. cut her some slac... Me& my friends joke bout that stuff.

lol weed doesn't make you not graduate ... idiocy and not caring makes you not graduate. weed does nothin to you

weed kills brain cells and causes lung problems and you can become dependant on it

there is nothing addictive about smoking weed and I'm almost positive you can't become dependent on it. but I only say this based on personal experience. And I've been smoking for awhile.

92- I don't smoke weed and I don't think it's cool but I don't think it makes you a bad person or a bad student by itself. 125- It's not physically addictive but anything can be psychologically addictive- weed, porn, facebook, McDonalds, video games, texting, puppies- you name it. It's just becoming emotionally/mentally dependent on something for comfort or happiness.

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Research has shown that weed doesn't kill brain cells. Plenty of successful have smoked and some still do. Just live your life, don't worry about other people.

Time to divorce the lying bitch!

Dave call me a stalker but I have been looking for a comment from you saying something about the date and time all day...

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1, you are such a poser.



that's mean why would you celebrate his death he was a great man

who Hitler? lol wow

haha like it would reach that far!!

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There's only one thing you can do, club the bitch and f her brains out.

Haha ikr! XD Guys are just so dumb about the "the cock can poke the baby." No, it's not really that possible. Unless your dick is thing and really long. -.- Talk about weird sex.

Eggers 2

calm your tits, 201.

You CAN get your period still even while pregnant!!

201- what the heck

Gigalicious hourse stud abortion!

235 - no you can't. whoever taught you biology is Ian idiot.

um 271 yes you CAN! my friend got it while she was pregnant throughout the whole thing! a regular 5 day period every month so shut the hell up and go back and learn biology yourself

Eggers 2

275 - assuming everything you and your friend said is true, that means the baby died; a miscarriage. sorry mate

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You actually can get what appears to be your period while you're pregnant. I think biologically it may be a little different, but you can have bleeding while pregnant that's not a miscarriage.

ReynshineCutting 10

Grrr. I don't get why certain fmls show up on the iPhone app but not the website. I also don't get why it will say "Success your comment has been added" and then it doesn't add it. Anyway, you can have what appears to be a period while you're pregnant. I think biologically it's not the same thing, but you can have regular bleeding during pregnancy that's not a miscarriage.

276 actually the baby was fine and healthy and is now 8 months old.

Then it wasn't a true period. Yes, you can have bleeding that appears to be a period, but it's not actually a period. A period is the shedding of the endometrium of the uterus, as well as getting rid of a mature, unfertilized egg. You can't have that when you're pregnant.

kitkatmiaow 21

271... yes you can. It's not common but it does happen...

Who cares If you can get a tiny bit of bleeding when you are pregnant so everyone calm the heck down.

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Yes actually u can! Many women have periods/spotting throughout pregnancy. So actually UR the idiot

You CANNOT have a period while pregnant. You can have spotting which can LOOK like a period. Or a miscarriage.

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velociraptor Jesus, all of your arguments are invalid.

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No you can't. That's usually what tips peole off that they'r pregnant in the first place.

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yeah you can spot but not get a true period.

This. It's pretty rare but it does happen.

That's true, apparently some women bleed out a little - it's not called a period because obviously the egg isn't going anywhere, but from the outside or to someone unknowledgeable to what a period technically is, it just looks like blood!

iluffmcrandbvb 1

guys it is just blood on ur underwear, cramps and irritability. is it rlly something to fight about?

Uhm, that's one big shlong.

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cuz u'd know right.. -_-

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Classic :)

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Good job you paid attention in health class

Oh my god. Whether its the period or not, and there is still blood, maybe she thinks it's her period

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Monikabug 9

Women can and therefore some DO continue to have their period for all NINE months of pregnancy. So just because the OP told her husband that she didn't want to have sex do to her menstruating, that doesn't necessarily mean that she was lying. FYI, women will continue to complain about men lying, so long as you do it. The easy fix? STOP LYING. Duh? ._.

ImaWiseGuy 5

that never seemed to stop my ex....

Monikabug 9

That may have been a bit much information there wiseguy. Haha! But interesting. I can't imagine it feeling very good for her during that time, but hey, more power to her if she did it.

I sometimes brush my beaver when I'm on my period

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, i knew I should of specified...I was referring toward the sex/pregnancy part.... it sounds to me as if she doesnt want to have sex because of her being prego....just my interpretation tho...

KiddNYC1O 20

14- due* =P

BT14 5

14 was rite

Monikabug 9

Duh - interjection - Used to express disdain for something deemed stupid or obvious, especially a self-evident remark. Obviously. :)

14 actually did say "do to her menstruating". And it is supposed to say "due to her menstruating". So why is everyone nagging the guy who corrected 14? -.-

I think he meant due correctly. it's due*** to blah blah not do to blah blah. if you read it you will see it.

jablome 6

I hope you have taken appropriate action to flush the sand from your vagina.

Primo_Loco 0

lmao @25 nice term

Monikabug 9

Aha, didn't catch it myself. How silly of me. Yes, due. *

batgirl_babygirl 0

because at the end 14 says "duh?"

batgirl_babygirl 0

because 14 says "duh?" at the end

batgirl_babygirl 0

oh I see the error bad


OMG your so wrong

agree, 14. men are ignorant pigs.

women are no better than men in terms of lying...

spartanfan68 0

at 25thats gross people don't need to know about that

ladybugobgyn 0

monika. Women do NOT have a menstrual cycle during pregnancy. Any bleeding during pregnancy is abnormal and should be evaluated.

dassahrose 4

179: not completely true. I'm pregnant right now, and have had some bleeding. the doc said it was fine. some women do have spotting or bleeding throughout their pregnancies. however, OPs wife just probably didn't want sex. it's not very fun while pregnant. at all.

ladybugobgyn 0

A common finding does not mean normal.

samadams42 0

I could tell the comments were going to pour in over this post

I'll give it to the ladies, men are liars, but if we told you the truth all of the time we'd be dumped faster than we could say, "... but I love you anyways."

No, women do not menstruate during pregnancy. Many women have some bleeding throughout and it can be completely fine, but your period does not happen when you are pregnant.

179 some women continue to have bleeding through out there pregnancy and. I agree it's not menstruation as the 2 cannot happen at the same time, but some bleeding through pregnancy for many women is normal. it's when abdominal pain comes with it that there is something wrong.

SoccerRebel594 0

Number 14 sounds rather sexist if you ask me. A persons ability to be honest is not measured by gender, but simply by maturity levels and a person's habitual actions. To argue that women can be rude to men cause we "lie" is a total fallacy and rather hypocritical. Anyone else calling all men pigs or all women bitches needs to grow up and stop acting like a 12-year-old.

THANK YOU. Finally someone that isn't a total douche that thinks they're the smartest person in the world. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

Monikabug 9

Not at all #203, I was merely stating that if #2 was going to complain about women complaining about lying men, that the solution would be for the men to stop lying, therefore giving us women nothing to complain about. I was not arguing that women should or could be rude to men.

Many Women lie just as much as the men they are complaining about. So quit being a hypocrite and quit over generalizing All men because of some guy that apparently lied to you sometime in your past.

MyChemical_fml 0

This entire thread was a complete boner-kill for me.. -.- Yeah.

everyone lies get over it

Can we ALL JUST AGREE... Men and woman both lie. Bloody hell.

Heather_x0x0 6

163: not all men are like're overgeneralizing....

You could be a politician with statements like that hahaha

#179 you obviously dont know anything. i had a friend who had a baby and she had her period regularly every month and shes not the only one i know. spotting is normal too but a regualar 5 day period every months can still happen. its not impossible. go do some research then cme back and try to wreck people.

#179 by assumption, according to her name is an OB/GYN. Saying that she knows nothing, is like telling Ronaldo he wasn't a great footballer. I'm a medical student, and bleeding during pregnancy is abnormal. However that doesn't mean that something is wrong. It just means she should probably get checked by a specialist.

14 you are been a drama queen men do not lie all the time. I am a feminist not a major a minor feminist. I'm all for women's rights but I don't think you can out do a whole sex and suggest that all men lie. what are you married to every man in the world. This message was not supposed to be offensive to women so anyone please don't take it in as I'm saying men are superior to women cuz they are not and people are still really sexist about women so I don't want to be one of those people.

ladybugobgyn 0

Oh Forza. I will be happy to talk with you further about bleeding complications in pregnancy, but I'm afraid that I can't dumb it down to your intelligence. Did some of your friends also not know they were pregnant either? Bet so. And thanks for the back up Key, and good luck in school!!!

hahahah 191 so true

314 seriously she had her period. itr was a regular period that lasted 5 days once a month at the same time every month. normal flowing and everything. it wasnt a miscarriage and it wasnt spotting. the doctor even told her that it was a regualr period and that it was normal and perfectly happy and now she has a happy and healthy 8 month old. so fuck you and your superior intelligence

314 it was a completely regular 5 day period that was at the same time every month with the same flow she always had because when i questioned her about it maybe being just spotting she said no. the doctor told her it was a normal period and that the baby was fine and healthy and now hes 8 months old and the healthiest and happiest baby i have ever seen. im sure you enjoy being a total know-it-all but i think you should go back and do some research or something. i know for a fact that it can happen, has happened and will keep happening. which is why most women dont know they are pregnant until they start to show. so fuck you

ladybugobgyn 0

Forza, talk to me when you have something more than a GED under your belt.

339 best reply you have is it? might surprise you to know that i have a degree in early childhood development and we had to study this kind of stuff at uni. so im not a completely hopeless case. at least im not close minded like you. i used to believe too that women didnt get their period while pregnant until i was taught that its not a definite factor and seeing it happen first hand with my friend kind of sealed the deal with that one. sorry that youre wrong about something for once

ladybugobgyn 0

check your inbox. I sent you some reading material.

344 very eager arent you. well guess what mr i-dont-like-to-be-wrong, i have seen first hand that you can get your period. that added with all the other stories ive read about other women not knowing they were pregnant because they had the PERIOD while pregnant. you dont know everything lol just because you may have studied about this sort of thing which i have as well. i am sticking with my own opinion. the fact that you actually went and sent not ONE message with info but FOUR shows me that you really are one sad little person with absolutely no life if you have the time to go and do things like that. i didnt read them by the way. i have no time for things like that so i deleted them. sorry for all your wasted time and effort :)

flora, three words: Chill Your Tits

345: it's great how you insist on dwelling in your ignorance. i bet if you'd read the stuff sent to you by an ob/gyn (they're the professionals that work with pregnant women day in and day out), you'd understand that you're wrong in calling the bleeding a pregnant woman may experience a "period". it isn't a period. it's a bleed. one that should be checked out. and yes, this is why some people don't know they're preg. but that doesn't make it a menstrual period. i'm surprised they didn't teach you about how babies are made while you got your childhood development degree.

361 we all know how babies are made. and seriously who asked you? my point is that a bit of spotting yes normal. and a whole lot of blood, probably a miscarriage. but bleeding every month at the same time you normally do for the same amount of time you normally do and still managing to have a very healthy baby now what do you call that? seriously i am not being stubborn here not reading stuff being sent to me. i am surprised that someone took time out of their own pathetic life to try and prove a point like that to someone they dont even know who lives in a different country. makes no sense that they have nothing better to do. now why dont you mind your own business?

363, like i said, it's a bleed, not a period. that's all we're trying to get you to understand here... but i should've known the internet is the worst place to try and educate anyone about the proper terminology of anything. because then they just run around calling your life pathetic when all you're trying to do is prevent ignorance from spreading.

valdancer99 0

So true!!! What a liar :|

girls can still have their period even while they are pregnant. shes probably not lying

That's bullshit. Some women get spotting and occasional bleeding, but bleeding is usually a sign of a (1) triplets and higher order multiples (2) threatened miscarriage (3) miscarriage in progress. A period is the shedding of uterine lining due to the woman not being pregnant. If a woman shed her lining during pregnancy, it'd instantly kill the fetus.

165. You are an idiot. I'm pretty sure you are only saying that because you can get a man. If we are all ignorant pigs, go lesbian.

Y'all this is such bull. I don't care where you got your degree, you can still be wrong and you are. Women can and some do still have their period while pregnant. I still had my period, same regular flow as always, throughout the first 7 months of my pregnancy. My obgyn is the one who told me it was my period, when I went to her concerned about it. She said it is perfectly normal and my daughter was and is fine. So yes, you can have your period while pregnant. And you can preach to me all day about your stupid degree, but just having a degree doesn't make you all-knowledgable. I PROMISE you, that it is still possible for you to be wrong. In fact, surprise! You are now! Have a nice day =)

Some women keep having periods when they are pregnant, maybe she is one of them.

my thoughts exactly, that's how my sister was till she was on her second trimester

iloveboyswittats 10

Women cannot have a period while they are pregnant. To be menstruating means the lining of the uterus is being shed. This does not happen during pregnancy. Bleeding, possibly but not a period.

Dude how old are you? I had my period until my second trimester. Unless you are a doctor in disguise you don't know what you're talking about. if you are a doctor, you are a shitty one and I foresee malpractice lawsuits in your future.

I saw on the show "I didn't know I was pregnant" that it's not actually your period, it's just a symptom of pregnancy that sometimes happens. it was nurses who said this during the show

true!! or she probaly did not want to have sex with you because she does notwant you do go one her or reverse... she does not want you to squish the baby !

Bleeding whilst being pregnant is not the same as having a period. Did you guys even know that when you bleed during the pill stop, it's not your real period, it's a fake one? Glad I learned you someting new today. OP, well, FYL if she continues (to lie) to avoid sex. Sex is nice and healthy for a relationship, it's cruel if she takes it away from you. But it's also cruel if you force her. My opinion: get her in the mood. She had sex with you before, there must be a way to let her enjoy it. If she didn't want sex for a day, it's not a FML.

babycakess10 0

taught** not learned there bud

Oh for fucks sake will people get over the whole 'learned' issue. Some people say that as a joke so be goooone grammar Nazis! / facepalm

Actually, it's spotting. It just seems like a period.

spotting still can happen, though.

6 of one, half dozen of another.

litlpetlvr 0

"fucks sake" FTW

I find it funny how you all are arguing/whatever you want to call it, about the whole sex issue and her amazing period during pregnancy. OP, it's something called spotting. Maybe she isn't in the mood, just find her at a different time and maybe try again.

ryanebk 7

grammar police!

ImInHawaiiBITCH 0

yeah, sucks for you tho

flickyourbic1223 7

65- You didn't have your period. You may have bled, but you did NOT menstruate :/ I think that every user on FML should take an IQ test before their comments are allowed to post.

106, I'm no expert here but I don't imagine sex while you're pregnant is very pleasant. Just going by what I've heard. Some people are okay with it, for others it's extremely uncomfortable. I don't really see this as an Fml. You got her pregnant, it's not going to be a fun ride.

57 is correct, unless you have two uteruses, it's not possible to have an actual period during pregnancy. Lots of women will spot during their pregnancy, and the spotting will definitely seem like a lighter flowed menstrual cycle, especially when you tack on all the other pregnancy symptoms on top of that. It seems a lot like PMS, but it's not. at the earliest stages of pregnancy it's called implantation bleeding, it usually lasts 3 to 5 days and is a lighter color and flow than most women's regular cycle. This is rather basic education from health class in high school, then my best friend is pregnant and her obgyn said the same thing. So puddy I'm not sure why you assume it was your period and to be honest I'm a little concerned as to why you didn't ask your doctor, I mean no good doctor would say it was a period, and bleeding regularly like that can be a sign of something life threatening to you or the fetus "/. So if you plan on having more children you need to either talk to your doctor about it or go find a new one.

slimjim8094 12

You did not have your period until second trimester. You probably had "spotting" or some other minor bleeding. I can't believe I actually have to explain this to a woman, but menustration sheds the endometrium, or uterine lining. I'm pretty damn sure you didn't shed that, because the baby is attached to it (through the placenta) And, as an EMT, any nontrivial or uncomfortable bleeding during pregnancy should be evaluated ASAP. Don't just go "oh, bleeding and cramps during pregnancy, well it's ok somebody on FML said that happened all the time", because you could lose the baby or have even worse problem is untreated But thanks for playing.

Shawtell0214 0

ur right cuz 1 of my pregnancies I had mines like a normal period 4 like 3mnths n the other 4 a cpl wks

hey 184 why is your profile pic of boxxy, huh? put a picture of yourself on there, and don't try to be someone else.

-265 uhh n1 wnts to rd freakin commnts lke ths. Please type like a regular person. and no, you didn't have your period. You had spotting.

ladybugobgyn 0

Oh thank the baby Jesus for you 254. I am seriously about to stroke reading all these comments about people who think that having a period during pregnancy is possible and normal. AND they have reproduced.

284 - Who said I was trying to be someone? Why don't you put a picture of yourself up? Jeez.

Zombieslayer1 0

You can have a period during pregnancy, you can't, you can, can't, can! Who fucking cares!?!? Just let it be and get on with your lives!!! But just for the record, you can't.

RuBbErShRiMp 0

I love how people are arguing about whether OP's girlfriend is on her period or having whatever else bleeding/spotting is normal for her condition. The important thing is that OP's girlfriend may not be lying about thinking she is on her period, and she may still have a legitimate reason to not want to be with OP right now.

At least the pregnancy attests to the fact that the two of you have had sex at some point recently, and you're not on a years-long dry spell like so many other FMLs complain about.

She's TWO MONTHS pregnant. I highly doubt this is true, but they may have not had sex for over seven months. 

comepoopwithme 0

that doesn't mean they had sex that means she has had sex at some point.

In order for him to believe that the baby was his, they would have had to have sex. It doesn't mean the baby IS his, but he'd have to be stupid to believe she magically got pregnant without them having sex. As for 83, sperm doesn't chill in the vagina for seven months before fertilizing an egg. Either you didn't explain yourself to an acceptable extent, or you've gotten mixed up at some point.

@83 Please explain how if she is TWO months pregnant, they could not have had sex for seven months. They would have had sex TWO months ago. Assuming that this was the last time they had sex, then its a two month dry spell tops.

where do you get seven months...

at least she didn't tack it on with "oh, by the way, had a miscarriage last week. weird, right?"

pregnancy sex grosses me the F out.

oh, goodness! i'm considering 12 downs an accomplishment. but seriously, all i was saying is that it could have been a lot worse. (:

xtacticalswarmx 0

love the optimism! [=

JayBear14 11

women can definetly still have periods while pregnant. Its usually more irregular but its not impossible.

ilikehamandbeans 0

ur more irregular

unless you have two uteruses, you cannot have an actual period while pregnant. you can spot, but it's not a period because you aren't shedding your uterine lining or getting rid of an egg. sorry, but you've been misinformed.

JayBear14 11

thank u for informing me, i honestly wasn't aware that it was not called a period. thanks :)

hahahah and the baby is not yours !!

Lala7261 0

lol. she shoulda come up with a better excuse. haha

I've got a headache works every time for me.

that's why you say, hey honey do you need an Advil? when she says no, say oh guess you don have a headache can we have sex now? ;)

owned by your woman