By dan - Canada
Today, to my surprise my girlfriend said, "I've never felt this way before." We have been dating for six months, and I knew that I loved her, so I replied, "Me neither, I love you." There was a long awkward pause. Turns out, she was talking about her abnormally painful period cramps. FML
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By  idkweird  |  0

Ok, can you not tell the difference between lovingly saying "I've never felt this way before", and someone saying it while hissing through the pain?

Second, 6 months is NOT slow, lol. It all depends on the person. It took me at least 6 months to say it to my boyfriend, and he still doesn't say it. I actually prefer he doesn't until he's ready. There's no need to rush into "I love you"s.

Third, when you say "I love you," you shouldn't be saying it with the assumption that it's going to be returned. People don't have to have the same emotions at the same time. People develop emotions at their own pace. I'd prefer someone actually mean it instead of pretending to do so because it's what's expected of them.

  talaina  |  2

Depends on the relationship. My boyfriend and I actually made a point of waiting until 6 months because after several rounds of saying "I love you" 2 months in and then having the relationship fall flat shortly after, you start thinking more carefully about how sincere that "I love you" really is.

  lovefeast1217  |  0

It doesn't really change whether or not you feel it just because you wait to say it. I see your logic, but I believe if that is how you truly feel, then you should say it.