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Today, my dad walked in on me filming a Harlem Shake video. He stared for a moment, said "Son, I don't have a problem with homosexuals, but... nevermind." then shook his head and walked out. FML
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All the Harlem Shake videos should be destroyed. I dunno why you thought this would be a good idea.

That is what you get for making a Harlem Shake video.


All the Harlem Shake videos should be destroyed. I dunno why you thought this would be a good idea.

What about the Heat's video?

That's not very fair, the first few we random and funny. All the ones after that were okay just not as great. I found them funny. It gives people like me with ADHD hope in this world since I feel like doing that most of the time.

Harlem Shake went out of style within the week it was started. YDI.

The Heat one was the first time I saw the Birdman. I'm from Miami and was like "Who the hell is that?"

I think that the Harlem shake only got as much hate as it did because it got so popular. There are a lot of funny ones (but i agree that after the explosion died out, sorry, but the opportunity to do one now without looking foolish is gone.)

We need the Kentucky Wiggle

22 - it never came into style...

#12 Shut up. EVERYONE these days "has ADHD". some people really do have it, yes. but a lot of people being treated for it are morons.

Don't see why everyone hates it so much. It's only people having a laugh. Those videos did nothing to affect you personally. Yeah it is quite old now but so are all other trends from months / years ago. It's as if you're using "it's out of style" as an insulting phrase..

Have you seen how gay some of them get? It's basically guys dry humping each other for thirty seconds... A definite YDI

48- as a bi guy, I see nothing wrong with that.

50- Then there's plenty for you to get out your lotion and enjoy.

ADHD isn't a proper disease, it's just an excuse to be a moron.

Would you mind explaining what is wrong with being gay, and why you decided to use the word in a derogatory way?

Can't beat filthy frank.

#66, I have ADHD and I'm really smart, I get A's and B's in school. I'm a bit random, hyper and weird at times, yeah I get it, but that doesn't mean that I'm a moron.

That's how you do things in medieval Scotland

not the porn edition I love that one

That is what you get for making a Harlem Shake video.

People still make those....?

21- Apparently since this FML is recent.

Exactly what I was thinking #21. I thought those videos died out ages ago. O.o

I wish my father was like OP's. that's great.

What did you guys have on? What items were in your posesion to make him say that?

Has it really come to the point where we can't just laugh at a gay joke?

No. Why should gays be made fun of? I bet they make straight jokes all the time.

Your dad has had it with your shenanigans.

Op was probably planking all over the house last year... And now this! His dad sounds like a trooper.

Yeah! Plus, at least it wasn't a Harlem Shake Poop video.

32- what's a Harlem Shake P.... Nvm don't want to know

Go to I don't think very many people know about it.

I should have known better. #75...I hate you. Alot.

I'm NOT sorry. Dude, for a Harlem Shake video, you fucking deserve this!

because f*ck you #46, that's why.

46 cause those videos look so stupid. I'm no elitist, but personally, I'd be embarrased to speak to anyone I know who willingly participates in that crappy dance.

But you can't just say someone deserves to be insulted for making a video, just because other people think it looks 'stupid'. You need to explain why it's stupid, or however you describe it. Most people seem to like them, which is why they became so popular.

Well, this escalated quickly

It's not stupid. It's dead.

How long ago was this? It couldn't be today.

Exactly. The Harlem Shake has been "out" for a little while

It was never "in"

Maybe he mistook it for the YES dance?

"But I do have a problem with anachronistic homosexuals, the Harlem Shake was so four months ago!"

YDI for making a Harlem Shake video