By Daddy. - 17/02/2010 08:15 - Australia

Today, I found out the hard way that my girlfriend lied about being on the pill four months ago. FML
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She might have not lied, it might have just not worked. Nothing is 100%, kid. Have fun being a father!

She also lied to you about the abortion. Congratulations, you are now a father.


She also lied to you about the abortion. Congratulations, you are now a father.

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bro depression. lol

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#1 dna test. If she's a big enough bitch to lie about being on the pill, she's a big enough bitch to lie about not cheating. #2 let this be a lesson, always wear a condom! And what sort of girls are you picking that you end up with the stupid bitches who trick men into being a father? #3 FALCON PUNCH! Edit: Not sure how this ended up being a reply to #1... I didn't click reply...

wth even tho she's on the pill he could still be a daddy so stfu both their faults. if ur ganna play adult games act like an adult

I'm sorry, but YDI kid. So what if she was lying, you still should have warn a condom. Hopefully your manning up about it and not going to split, or give her shit, even if she was lying. Be a man.


maybe you're little swimmers are just that good be happy take pride... and you should take care of you're kid because even though you can change you're gf you can't change the fact that the kid has your blood.

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did anyone else notice that this was submitted by a girl? so unless she's a lesbian who decided to have a threesome with a guy and her girlfriend this is a fake

or he accidentally chose woman instead of man, or her girlfriend cheated, or theyre lesbians who have an open relationship and sleep with men still and are on the pill as to not get preggo... or many more situations.


happy fathers day in advance :P

he's gotta stop bustin inside smh

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yeah but it's mostly fherlife because seeing how you reacted your probably gonna ditch her and the baby. and she's the one who has to shove a watermelon out of her ****** so grow a pair and take responsibility. wear a condom.

anyone noticed that the OP is a woman? ... named daddy?

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This is just wrong on a lot of levels. OP, I would seriously have trouble trusting her again if she really did lie. However, if it was a case of the pill failing, or her not taking them everyday like she should have been, then this is just a not so 'luck of the draw' for you. Nothing is ever 100% and honestly, if you are not ready for accidents happening, then you shouldn't have been having sex in the first place. FYL

But .. It says she's a woman? Hello? Two womans? Pills? Baby? I don't think so.. Fake? :

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I noticed that, too. In fact, that's why i clicked on it to make a comment about it.

That's gotta be one of the worst/best fml ever your life sucks brotha! there should be some law against stupid bitches pulling this shit!

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How the **** do you manage to use You're incorrectly and then use your correctly in the same message?

a little advice my dad gave me: NEVER beleive a bitch when she says she's on the pill. always use protection.

or she her girlfriend cheated on her~

dogmat ur face is ****** up

you used protection.. right? and it worked.. right?

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how come when I want to reply to a comment it usually puts me as the last comment

And that's why you never trust those lying pricks...

if she lied about being on the pill she deserves it tbh. he should ditch her but help take care of the baby when it comes.

Luke I am your father

unless he's watching her 24/7, he can very easily not know if she's taking it or not. Especially if she's doing it right and taking it at the same time every day, like...right before bed, or at an hour of the day when he's at work. And what if they don't live together? Then he really wouldn't know.

A girl with a girlfriend off the pill? Chicks with dicks anyone?

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dude I agree! she coulda cheated on uu if she can Easily lie about the pill

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YDI for trusting a female with something like that

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sure hope I don't end up like you

WtfLoser: "womans?" Livin' up to your user name on the regular, I see. ;p

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#25 ur an idiot

abortion= murder #1. u shouldn't have sex before marriage. and to those that will say I'm against pro-choice, I'm for it. the choice to not have sex. after that, it's the babys body

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maybe he made a mistake and put its about a woman

Is there an easy way to learn this?

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Woah. If I were you I'd have a hard time trusting her after this.

She might have not lied, it might have just not worked. Nothing is 100%, kid. Have fun being a father!

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Ahh, didn't even think of that. Its 99. something % effective with perfect use, those we are only human and do forget sometimes. Even with an alarm on my phone I forget sometimes. But I said YDI and FYL because you should have been using a condom too, though there is nothing here that says you weren't in which case you are EXTREMELY unlucky. Enjoy being a father :)

Not having sex - 100%. Oh wait.

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Yeah, mother mary said the same thing. O NOEZ.

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Hmm, I guess I'm that 1 out of 100,000 bitches who doesn't lie about being on the pill... Because, you know, I don't want to get pregnant.

So true. I was on the pill and using condoms when I got knocked up. Antibiotics weakened the effectiveness of the pill and I don't know what happened with the condoms. I am using the shot now but trying to talk my husband into a vasectomy. For some reason, he doesn't like the idea.

And you believed her? YDI and have fun being a father. Sucker.

That's like taking the venom out of a cobra.

Way to go, calling yourself a bitch.

the antibiotic thing is a myth. there is only 1 antibiotic that effects the pill & it is only very rarely used, very outdated.

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then why do some antibiotics have a warning on the label saying it may reduce the effectivness of birth control?

288- mostly ALL antibiotics can compromise the effectiveness of birth control pills. Maybe you should check your research on topics such as these before you go teaching everybody about it and calling it "outdated."

bugmenotmofo 34

No, it says that it's a woman. This makes absolutely no sense.

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maybe OP's lady gaga.

dontpanic_fml 32

haha, I noticed this too. ummm...yeah

Ahaha. Sorry, we'll just assume this is by a man who is careless enough to click the wrong button. I can't change the gender. =)

You can take our dignity, our freedom, our respect, but not our gender. I'm glad...

or maybe this guy is using someone else's account.

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OP has a penis

Do you guys think Snicker is famous enough to make a sex tape yet?

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What if she already has a sex tape?

#9, you made my day.

I'm going to assume that if OP is careless enough to have unprotected sex, he is careless enough to click on female instead of male.

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what's wrong wit da speling?

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Yeah but abstinance is no fun is it :). I was on the pill for six years and it never once failed on me. Some people can take all the precautions known to man and just be unlucky. OP are you sure she was not taking the pill? A lot of things can ruin its effectivness like vomiting or taking certain medicines however i doubt you would be posting this if you just had your suspicions to go on. FYL becuase she didnt respect you enough to tell you the truth. OPs girlfriend and others like her give other women a bad name.

Haha, moderator: It is rather apropos that OP would make such a glaring error, no? ;P

that's what I said.

that's what I said.

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ya I get tired of people coming on here with made up fake stories about stuff that actually happens to people just so there'll get 10 seconds of someone's attention while they read their fake post.

Agreed with #3, makes no sense, but also, wear a condom ya twit, it really is not that hard

for a lot of men it's not hard at all when they use a condom. that's why they get their women to use birth control.

dudeitsdanny 9

You're supposed to get it hard BEFORE you put on the condom. Also, condoms make you last longer. Unless you're using bar bathroom dispenser condoms, there's no reason why it should keep him from being hard.

@dudeitsdanny I'm sure maskedman knows how to use a condom, you may be surprised by this but not all men finish in under 2 minutes. Some guys are less "sensitive" than others. When it takes a guy 15-25 minutes to finish without a condom, putting a condom on to make it "last longer" is the last thing he needs. (Unless he wants to die from exhaustion.)

dudeitsdanny 9

I know. But typically it doesn't make men lose their erection. When my ex first started using birth control, I still used a condom, because, even if like you said my erection lasted longer than my energy, it was worth having a back-up birth control method.

DogmaT_fml 4

maybe she was literally sitting 'on the pill'

TheSexynator 0

or she meant Tylennol?

I know how that goes. there needs to be laws put in place. this is entrapment. lol

ooooo you assed out dude, well at least your a father

"at least you're a father" that's the part he's mad about.

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Dump a ****. You may have a kid coming but you don't need this kind of betrayal all your life.

@ #18 Why should he stay and help raise the kid when she tricked him into this? If she told him she was on the pill and wasn't it's not his fault! If however she was, as she said, on the pill. He should stay and help. Just 'cause there always is a possibility that anticonception doesn't work. If you're mature enough to f*ck you should be mature enough to deal with the consequences. If however you're not mature enough to tell the truth about your anticonception method, you can not expect your partner too stick with you.

Yes, it is totally his fault that she lied to him. It's totally his fault that he was having sex with a crazy bitch who was only thinking about what she wanted. (/sarcasm) The fact that she lied makes everything different. It means that she was actively deceiving him and he had no way of knowing how likely the pregnancy was. It means that he can no longer trust her and a relationship without trust cannot last.

youthink_fml 0

He accepted the risks of having sex with someone that was on the pill. And he can take responsibility without staying with the untrustworthy bitch.

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He should dump her, if she did indeed lied. There is no reason to stay in a relationship where there is no trust. Yes, he should take responsibility for the kid, but he doesn't need to stay with the woman to do that.

He shouldn't have to stay with her but he needs to be around for the kid. It is not the child's fault that mom lied and dad believed her.

He doesn't have to stick with her but he does have a responsibility to the child even if it wasn't intentional. He should be a man and at least take the responsibility. If he's a kid then he shouldn't have been stupid enough to not wear a condom. Either way he needs to take care of the child and dump the chick.

Uh, she LIED about being on the pill. She tricked him into getting her pregnant. Do not stay with her. She is a sociopath. Try and get custody of the child.

Yeah sure, get custody of the child. (/sarcasm) If she's willing to lie about being on the pill, imagine what lies she'll tell by the time they get to family court. She'll simply tell the court he's a violent alcoholic drug abuser and any other BS she can think of, he'll be lucky if he even gets visitation.

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Awesome! I'd love to have my Dad to have gotten custody, even though He's pissed I've even been conceived. Sounds like a great Effin' life, dunnit?

Wow, it's not the womans responsibility. The least you can do is use a condom as well, because the pills not completly effective

It will be the woman's responsibility if she has a baby though.

lem0n_fml 0

and it'll also be OPs responsibility, Fernando. whether he wants the kid or not, it's his kid.

monnanon 13

The pill is a perfectly legitimate form of contraception and can be used on its own effectively the same as condoms can. Although the pill should only be used on its own in a long term relationship or at least once you know theres nothing to catch. i would always reccomend being on the pill tho (as long as you can take the pill) or something like injections or implants because if a condom fails then at least you're covered on the pregnancy front.

it's called a condom. if you use it you don't have to worry if she's taking the pill. besides, if she lies about the pill how do you know she's not lieing about the herpies.

You don't need the pill if you wear a condom? I don't think they've taught you sex ed yet..

Why don't you reread what I wrote and notice the question mark. geez. i know it's safest to use both