By MissDQ - 30/11/2013 09:07 - Australia - Perth

Today, I got accused of trying to steal clothes because I was taking so long in the fitting rooms with only a couple of items. I got stuck in one of the shirts I was trying on. FML
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OP here. Someone else pointed it out to the attendant that I'd been in there for a while and since I'm 'a kid' I MUST have been trying to steal something. The attendant just quietly asked if they could check my bags and stuff the same way they do if you leave the store without buying but have bags in your hands. I'm not big, but I do have big boobs. Some clothes go on fine but when you go to take them off they won't go over them and you start to panic. I'm a fairly standard size and I do often go one size up, but this was one of those sheer tops with the singlet underneath and those suckers don't stretch and it's hard for anyone to get them off if they're lucky enough to work out where their arms are supposed to go and can get the thing on. Heck, my mum is tiny and there's been plenty of times I've had to help her pull something over her head because she's stuck. It's not normally a store I shop at but was out with my family which I haven't done in a long time as I lived away till recently and they had a great deal, so why not ? I'm not going to sue them, there's no point ? The store didn't accuse me, some asshole who can't mind their business did. To top it off, I went through the self serve checkouts and the alarm went off as I walked out and the attendant pulled all the bras I bought out of the bag in the doorway to make sure they didn't have any of those big plastic security tags on them. I did have a DVD for another store in my bag and we put it down to that.

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Hey OP, I know how ones breasts can make a shirt made from good fabric feel like a freaking corset, so I'm sorry for you. I'm glad to hear your opinion about this, and that you know the employee just did his work by appropriately reacting to a costumer complaint regarding you without being unneccessarily offensive´or rude. Hope your new bras will live longer than a couple o' months :D

Since when is it not okay to take your time trying on clothes? You're trying them on for a reason, people need to lighten up


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No. Very few people do. It changes between practically every damn store. Hell, it basically changes between every shirt! Sure, you can have a rough idea, but never know exactly. Also, your profile picture is terrifying, #1

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That's true. Zippers can get stuck, or sometimes a shirt's sleeves are too tight for you to pull it off over your head. It doesn't always mean you're wearing the wrong size. Sorry, OP! On the bright side, be thankful that they didn't have to step in and cut the shirt to get it off of you.

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I'm no genius but I think op needs a bigger shirt. Ok now go ahead and call me Sherlock. I like that tittle.

Yes, some stores run different sizes but the OP couldn't tell that it was way too snug and wouldn't fit before pulling their whole body through it?

Can I call you special officer doofie instead #23?

#2 WTF is so tricky about a shirt? Arms through the sleeves, head through the collar! Not that difficult to master!

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True that happen to me once with my skinny jeans I got stuck half way up, guess baby got back they say.....

Or #23 they could call you captain as in captain obvious haha

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It can be hard to judge if something will fit or not, sometimes it will go on without any problems but then there's trouble taking it off. Arms bending different ways when taking stuff off vs putting it on, boobs getting in the way, hair gets stuck on a button, etc

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I'm sure that would have made it even more embarrassing.

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Kinda like when men with beer bellies tuck in their shirts

Sounds like you were in a tight situation

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Or perhaps smaller so she wouldn't get lost

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Well if they don't have anything on you (no pun intended) then you can go tell them to suck it.

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