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Today, my girlfriend freaked out, thinking she might be pregnant due to her period being late. I found myself reminding her that one actually has to have had sex recently to become pregnant. We've been living together, sexless, for over a year. FML
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I hope you talked to her about your needs in the relationship rather than venting on fml

Hopefully her period is just late. If she is indeed pregnant, and you two haven't had sex in a year... she has some serious explaining to do. Chin up, OP. Hopefully it is just a minor scare. PS: Put some Marvin Gaye playing and fix that sexless relationship. xD


I hope you talked to her about your needs in the relationship rather than venting on fml

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Seriously, every girl thinks that they are pregnant if they miss their period. It's a natural reaction.

When i was like 13 or 14, I thought I was pregnant because my period was very late. My logic was that I was the new Virgin Mary. I didnt realized that periods were sporadic when you started.

Sometimes girls worry if their period is late. But, if a belly starts growing, she's got a lot of explaining to do.

br00kr 22

My belly grows and I haven't once had sex and I still think I am pregnant if I miss my period. Just because a stomach grows doesn't mean she's pregnant. If she stops having periods all together, she has really weird cravings, and she gets morning sickness along with the growing belly would probably mean shes pregnant

If you hade sex, yes you can think about being pregnant. If you are a virgin and still think so you are stupid!

Not of they never had sex!

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I also don't understand why #81 is getting down voted? I guess I can understand a handful at 13/14 year olds not quite understanding how their periods work but to know that not having a period may be a sign that you're pregnant at that young age but not knowing that you first had to have sex? Seems odd-- in a cute innocent way. In bible school, I was told that the Virgin Mary didn't have sex not that she had missed her period. :P

I don't get it either.

Childten have overactive imagjnation. You cant say Im stupid for thinking that when I was 13. Thats like saying a child is stupid for thinking an apple tree is going to grow in them for eating seeds. Children dont grasp many concepts or think logically about something. Did I know sex was involve? Obviously, but did my imagination rile up? Of course; I was a child. Do I think that now? No, I'm a premed student considering OB/GYN. Dont call someone stupid because of something they thought when they were younger. Even if youre only saying i WAS stupid, thats still insulting because I was actually bright (though I admit I did have dumb moments; but who doesnt?)

149 I'm pretty sure they are referring to 41 who said she's never had sex and still thinks she is pregnant if her period is late but I can be wrong

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nope, just like the apple seed thing, cute if 10 and under, but indicative of moronic shelteredness if older. at 13, technology today enables you to be educated about sex. knowledge is power, kids. the google is your friend.

And one was this comment Because he said they haven't had sex. So she either had sex with someone else or what #81 said

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And another thing that can cause a missed period is stress. It happens quite often actually.

You guys are making it like you can't have an abstinent relationship or that it's a bad thing.

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I think you and half the people misinterpret this FML. There is no reason for her to freak out about being pregnant if no sex has been involved. I think he hinted at she was cheating, otherwise there is no other explanation for the freakout.

This isn't necessarily about needs. She may have cheated. Or she doesn't know how babby is formed.

maybe you should change that, so she actually has a legitimate reason to freak out

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Agree..time to end the dry spell.

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Maybe she is getting it on, just not with the OP

jem970 19

Dry spell? The man has been in a fucking desert for a year. Poor guy.

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Does that make it a "drought"?

I think it's a good thing she isn't pregnant.

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OP's living with a bimbo :)

A bimbo who doesn't like sex! Fuck, they aren't even married yet and no sex for a year!? Wow, she must give pretty good head! ;)

who knows? she could have had an affair...

Hopefully her period is just late. If she is indeed pregnant, and you two haven't had sex in a year... she has some serious explaining to do. Chin up, OP. Hopefully it is just a minor scare. PS: Put some Marvin Gaye playing and fix that sexless relationship. xD

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"sexless" such a sad word

I don't think op is worried that she's cheating, as much as hes just mad at the no sex part.

Well he should be worried about the possibility of cheating now!

Seriously!! How could you go a year without ANY sex?? Even the driest couple I know do it at least twice a month.

Another common reason why women have periods not every 4 weeks, could be due to being on medications, especially opiods. Both legal and illegal opiods control your mind and body to do very odd things and not function properly.

OP didn't say it was a problem, maybe they're an asexual couple.

I don't think he'd put it in fml if it wasn't a problem.

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knotcool 15

#124: Fapping...lots and lots of fapping.

There's no point in being an asexual couple. You wouldn't get anything done. That's just called being friends

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Sounds super fun! Maybe get her a sex book, that's kinda strange that she didn't realize you need to have sex first...

If she doesn't know that, then she's too young for you bro/OP.

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It's a natural reaction to think one is pregnant if they are late. I once was late and started freaking out and thought I was carrying the next Baby Jesus. Long story short, I was one day late.

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It's funny how one slut's lame excuse still makes teenage girls worry 2000 years later.

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That can't be fun, spice things up and tell her shake what her mother gave her!

Are you SURE she's not having sex?

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Call me suspicious, but if she's "freaking out" I'd think she was...

I agree.. That or she's an idiot and too young to be having sex

if she were too young, please explain to me why they would be living together for a year.

Okay, my bad not too young, but too immature.

Maybe I'm a bit pessimistic, but she doesn't have to have sex with YOU to get pregnant. Just sayin'.

ApollosMyth 22

Kinda what I was thinking. I find it hard to believe that some people would forget that they have to have sex to be pregnant..

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That flew right over his head unfortunately.

I was thinking the same thing. You're in a sexless relationship......That doesn't mean she is too. Sorry for sounding so pessimistic, but once a person's been cheated on, they tend to have some trust issues. Hopefully we're wrong for your sake, OP.

That's rough buddy

lol Your girlfriend reactions are just like mine, I over react sometimes..