By anonymous - 14/06/2012 14:54 - China - Nanjing

Today, I found out that my wife and two teenage daughters' periods are all one week after the other. I am living in hell almost every single day. FML
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Midol and chocolate. Don't ask. Just buy it.

Petunia888 13

Time to invest in a man cave. Yes, a man cave will keep them out!


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Idiot. You should pay more attention in sex ed classes

Because they probably also will have PMS one week after the other.

Don't you have to be 13+ to join FML?

tarabelle 7

Clearly you don't know what some girls are like on their period..

Inheritance 10

14- you do realize people lie about their age to get an account lol

nofearjenshere 12

^ Like you?

^ no like me *waits fir people to look at his age then realize it's not shown*

Anyone else remember reading an FML very similar to this before?

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Where is the pun?

If, when you are on your period you pee, not bleed, then yes, this would be a pun.

Octain 13

Maybe he meant pun because they are both... Bodily fluids...? Umm... Because no blood appears in the toilet when she pees...? Nope. I tried helping this guy out XD but he just screwed up to bad. Nothing can be done to save him from his stupid mistake! :p

Is it because there's a period right after the word period and he thought that was a pun...? I am confused.

KiddNYC1O 20

You should see a doctor.

That's the point. There isn't a pun, and that's exactly how he intended it to be. (I'm kidding.)

Petunia888 13

Time to invest in a man cave. Yes, a man cave will keep them out!

Wait a sec, the FML is from China. He has two daughters in China? Impossibru!!

Rei_Ayanami 18

29 - the one child rule is not absolutely mandatory, just heavily encouraged, and rewarded. Also, they may be twins.

pfclunchbox005 1

I want you in my man cave ;p

Midol and chocolate. Don't ask. Just buy it.

Consider it a 30 year investment policy. Or life insurance. I'd pay an extra 250$ a month on that if it kept me alive and away from the insanity.

Good man. You have figured it out. Oh, and don't leave out the potato chips.

Chocolate actually makes women crabbier when they're on their period. :c

God have mercy on your patience. 1 week out of the month will be like a vacation

Well I read before that if women live together long enough their periods start to sync. So at least if that's true OP gets more than a week of peace and quiet, although it also means he has to live with three angry women for one week every month. All in all FYL OP

72-Yes, that's true. We eventually sync our menstrual cycles if we spend enough time together. Wireless routers? Iphone syncs? Pshh. Women totally invented that whole connect & sync technology. Our ovaries have been doing that since the dawn of time. Yep, we're innovators.

hthelittleone 10

Yeah, they tend to synchronize like that. I bet my dad knows how you feel, 4 girls and he's the only guy!

FMLoverAgain 7

He has to deal with cracky women almost everyday

Might have meant "crabby"

I believe he is implying that Op lives with crackwhores. For shame!

xqtmvzwr 1

That's a straight shooter right there, ?

Same comment on this fml too huh?

Become an alcoholic, that will solve your problems

hthelittleone 10

Yes, because putting your own life in jeopardy constantly for a little relief is completely reasonable. Hundreds of people aren't trying to recover from that every day.

11 - that only works for Homer Simpson

Be strong man. Whatever you do don't bottle all your emotions up week by week! It'll get to you!