By scaredofcutouts - United States - Oklahoma City
Today, my sister thought it would be funny to place a cardboard cut-out of a person at the foot of my bed. I woke up, saw the cut-out from the corner of my eye, fell out of bed, landed on my hand wrong, and broke two fingers. She got it all on video. FML
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  cottycheese  |  0

42- Maybe you should think abiut what you post first. If you look at the comment above his, you'd clearly see someone put "hurt like a mother bitch." All he was doing was questioning it. I'm pretty sure a monkey could have figured that out.

By  kyat288  |  9

I was babysitting and slept over night in one of the kids rooms and he had a life size (about 6 foot) cardboard cut out of Cena... I have a Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern one (y)

  Helldemon  |  32

Where did you get that from? She wouldn't have had to check on her until she fell out of bed and by that time she would have "got it all on video"

  SApprentice  |  33

13- I see what you mean. I just got this instant image of OP waking up, falling, screaming in agony, and the sister taking a second to make sure the video took and sitting the camera down before checking on OP. I'm sorry, I just jumped to a conclusion when I read it I guess.