By Toothy - 02/04/2011 05:03 - United States

Today, I learned that when I leave skid marks in the toilet my wife uses my toothbrush to remove them. FML
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wow! your wife is just every type of wrong fyl!

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I wouldn't want to put up with your shit, either.


Yeah? that's all you are going to write?!? lol! Op, that is disgusting! FYL! what a bitch.

you would deserve it if she gave you warning.. how can you not notice the stuff on your toothbrush she could be joking though

30, I'd guess it was the first time this happen, and if she was joking, it'd be a shitty joke.

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Just be sure to brush your teeth the next time you guys make out. I mean, you clearly didn't notice your toothbrush tasted like shit after all this time, but she might taste it on your mouth and eventually stop cleaning up your shit with it.

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well maybe he shouldn't leave skids in the first place that's nasty

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12, if he or she wants to type " lol" then it's perfectly fine to do so. People always have to find something to complain about.

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150- couldn't have said it better myself!:P

I really do not think a wife would do something like that.

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#150: You're complaining about someone commenting in complaint of another's comment... Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this?

#292, Thank you I was about to say something like that. #150, what does it matter to you what I am writing in response to #1. Stop being annoying.

that's naive.. depends who you're married to. I bet there are plenty of spouses that would do something like this..PostSecret, for example, demonstrates this stuff at times :(

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292, that's was not really complaint nor hypocrisy 303, yeah stop bitching about something so little and unimportant.

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You do know that there are some really crazy women out there, right? I personally don’t have to share my toilet with my husband because we have three bathrooms in our house and he has his own.

that's hot???!!? meh I guess some people are into that kinda shit

I see what you did there :D Actually, I don't... that's just plain disgusting >_<

puppy got a boner?? no! im going o take you straight to the vet and have you fixed :D

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EnvyMe33 26

wow! your wife is just every type of wrong fyl!

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184 hahaha so true!! I bet she didn't even think about that!x)

that's fd up skid marks=shit-stained toothbrush her turn!

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Then again, she's the one kissing him.

17, I'm going to start by saying, shut the **** up. if you're allowed to be here, then so is this bleeding cupcake. if you have a problem with it then go play with your dick somewhere, spit ****. to be honest, I'd rather speak with the bleeding cupcake than you. it seems as though he has more people skills. Love, MissBunny25

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Speaking of bleeding... pms somewhere else lol

And in swoops MissBunny! Defender of the innocent! Master of the overkill! Savior of cupcakes everywhere!

175, no, im not having pms. when I do, I'll let you know. by the way, you don't even know what pmsing is, clearly. it's before your period. therefore, I would not be bleeding if I were pmsing. however, I disagree with talking about feminine things to males. no need to scare them. nice try though, 175. a cookie for effort.

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^ your my new personal hero lol

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Did you cook yourself some victory macaroni?

Whenever a girl is annoyed, guys always attribute it to her period. Seriously-grow up!

Or maybe you should just stay in the kitchen where you belong?

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agreed. there shouldn't be a computer in the kitchen :/

one word: shutthefuckupyoufuckinbitchassloogylickingbastard.

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Its so ******* immature when guys automatically assume girls are pmsing when they're emotional... and the whole 'kitchen' thing is pissing me off. sexist bitches.

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FHL, she doesn't realize that your mouth kisses hers. haha

no it really doesn't at all. if that got pulled on me I would ****** lose my mind on that bitch

woah man that is not cool time to buy a new toothbrush lol

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everytime she's on her period and leaves her pads in the trash id rub her tooth brush in it.

I'm pretty sure that'd be noticeable.

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and the brown stains and horrendous smell isn't

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I LOL'd Use her toothbrush to clean your ass next time. Mintass flavor.

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your a loser! yeah thats funny, but i bet your a douche so stfu!

yes but 6 isn't the one who can't make her picture right side up :P

I agree. then take her dirty tampon and empty into her shampoo or face cream. or you could use your man juice as a replacement for her face cream and I bet she stops messing with your toothbrush.

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omg I lol so hard I pissed myself your suggestion is pure win!

Start cleaning your skid marks.... with her toothbrush.

Are you retarded or something XD, that's not punishment, thats cruelty and the bitch deserves a slap upside the head and a forcefeed of dogshit

That freaking sux but I'd wager u surely learned a lesson: clean toilet before leaving. Plus it's kinda common courtesy b/c who likes to use a toilet with feces all over it?

ikr I mean seriously but you have to admit her response was rather extreme. coulda at least told him to clean up after himself BEFORE she used his toothbrush

maybe she tried over and over but he didn't listen.

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That is ******* disgusting. However, this is definitely going in my favorites.

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haha I agree... added to my list of favorites too!

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