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  noobgang7  |  5

Just be sure to brush your teeth the next time you guys make out. I mean, you clearly didn't notice your toothbrush tasted like shit after all this time, but she might taste it on your mouth and eventually stop cleaning up your shit with it.

  Attica  |  20

that's naive.. depends who you're married to. I bet there are plenty of spouses that would do something like this..PostSecret, for example, demonstrates this stuff at times :(

  EnvyMe33  |  26

You do know that there are some really crazy women out there, right?
I personally don’t have to share my toilet with my husband because we have three bathrooms in our house and he has his own.

  MissBunny25  |  0

17, I'm going to start by saying, shut the fuck up. if you're allowed to be here, then so is this bleeding cupcake. if you have a problem with it then go play with your dick somewhere, spit fuck. to be honest, I'd rather speak with the bleeding cupcake than you. it seems as though he has more people skills.

  MissBunny25  |  0

175, no, im not having pms. when I do, I'll let you know.
by the way, you don't even know what pmsing is, clearly. it's before your period. therefore, I would not be bleeding if I were pmsing. however, I disagree with talking about feminine things to males. no need to scare them. nice try though, 175. a cookie for effort.

  calbabe96  |  5

Its so fucking immature when guys automatically assume girls are pmsing when they're emotional... and the whole 'kitchen' thing is pissing me off. sexist bitches.

  zman0900  |  11

Time to buy a new wife!

  jlperry31  |  10

I agree. then take her dirty tampon and empty into her shampoo or face cream. or you could use your man juice as a replacement for her face cream and I bet she stops messing with your toothbrush.

By  Ioannes  |  0

That freaking sux but I'd wager u surely learned a lesson: clean toilet before leaving. Plus it's kinda common courtesy b/c who likes to use a toilet with feces all over it?

  Mindtrap  |  0

ikr I mean seriously but you have to admit her response was rather extreme. coulda at least told him to clean up after himself BEFORE she used his toothbrush