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Today, I gave up my seat on the subway for an elderly man. He thanked me by grabbing my ass. FML
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Wait, you mean I've been thanking people the wrong way my whole life?


Really? Is being able to say "first" some great achievement or something?


Everybody does that when they want to be first.

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Wait for it...wait for it... Any minute now.... Of course I am talking about his stupid "first" comment being moderated or removed.

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#21,25 Fail, is what your parents said when the condom ripped.

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thats a good way to thank someone. idk why you complain

@14 You have masterfully trolled either me or whoever the poor sap(s) are that expected something of you.

elderly people have certain rights us youngins don't. haha

I agree, what is with girls who freak out when an old man compliments them or grabs their ass? It's a compliment, and he's thanking you, bitch.

Not at all, once again it's a compliment. I'm not gay, so it's fine with me.

Do you have a problem typing anything correctly?

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#38 is a Harry Potter Troll. Your not a sexybech. Your a fat dude sitting at his computer touching himself while you watch jersey shore.

I just saw ADTR live 2 days ago!!!! it was one of the best shows I've been too in my life! just saying :)

"that dnt" It's not just your spelling, it's your grammar in general. lol stupid bitch!

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I am not. I am describing your typical weekend. You ignorant troll.

I was totally on the mark when it came to troll-spotting.

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#59 Yes you were. "Troll Seeker" is what I will refer to you as.

@29 and 30 Wow... It is time for you to stop posting now.

You remind me of a girl from Stand and Deliver. This is you, "Dnt be stupit, im n indehvidual and i got a mind, u guys r just hatin' on me but i dnt care i noe who i am u all just dumb" Seriously, what the **** is wrong with you? You are going to be a fat hooker sucking dick in 10 years, and that's a compliment.

Great response! It was so well thought out and put together! (claps)

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they basically played all the songs off the new album and some old like shot in the dark and the downfall of us all & Larry made of wax.. it was pretty epic to say the least

You getting trolled man/woman, that 'she' is probably a he that couldn't hack the troll game elsewhere.

It's so nice of you to feed the troll, no one else would have done it.

i can't believe i just read this whole conversation... ******* trolls...

YDI for not seeing his inner pedo, could you not notice his staring?

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Sexybech, y, r, and u are letters, not words. What you're looking for are why, are, and you, as in "Why are you being such a lazy bitch you can't type the whole damn word?"

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damn sexybech girl just dnt feel like typing the whole ****** word so get off her damn case hell. y'all are talkin dumber and dumber everytime y'all post something

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Calm the **** down everyone. Both of you have better things to do.

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Leave sexybech alone!!!!!!! she got lost on her way to the kitchen to make me a sandwich. now thts done bitch make me a sandwich

hey, guys I've got a secret for yall... shut the **** up, disgusting bitches! Love, MissBunny25

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miss bunnys a stupid bitch who should stfu b4 she gets popped

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some old mans are a perve so nasty!!!!

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Don't be jealous, I know you wish you were on this situation.

I didn't know that asses were allowed on trains! does that mean I can bring my horse??????????????????

OP should have said April fools and pushed him off her seat.

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dude its a baby donkey not a horse

ya the fml probably continues to say she went back to his place and he toke a viagara and fuked him till he died :)

Can someone translate the above comment from Idiolect to English?

I'm moving to massachussets so I can ride my horse on a train

he grabbed an entire donkey! holy hell he's good

Wait, you mean I've been thanking people the wrong way my whole life?

maybe he was just trying to say you were pretty? LOL but yea, that sucks, and that's creepy.

I would slap him so hard! Old men like that are disgusting.

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10, violence doesn't silve anything and someday you'll get in trouble with the law. Thinking like that just proves you aren't a smart person at all.

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Typical pussy response. Don't listen to this pacifist asshole! The old man MUST be destroyed so you may regain your honor!!!

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omg! you have a nice booty(most likely) and some man touched it! coulda been worse.. wanna know how? he coulda raped u! stop complaining. geez

could be worse. atleast you weren't on fire.

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how does my comment make me a douche? its kinda true?

158, well, first of all, he was an elderly man, which makes it somewhat more perverted. second, women (despite what men think) were not put on this earth to have our asses grabbed by a random man. third, your comment just screams douche bag. heaven forbid you ever get a girlfriend.

Matt: -gropes new girlfriend- Girlfriend: What the ****? We're on our second date asshole! Did I say you could do that?? Matt: Hey, I could have raped you, so quit whining.

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lol, so apparently 96% of guys are d-bags. gotcha. ya girls dont like me. i dnt understand. im a boob guy for cryin out loud? ugh.

168 stupidity flows from you like period blood. please, please, quiet yourself before someone else does. *shoves brownie in mouth* now, run along little boy.

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and i think its hilarious how your trying your hardest to sound smart. so if anyone should stop, gut feeling it should be you. have a magnificent day babygirl:D

171 hahahahaha. hey, fucktard, try calling me babygirl again and I'll ******* cut your nuts off with a chainsaw. as for my intelligence, it seems that I have much more than you could ever dream of having. however, I will have a magnificent day, douche, and I hope you do as well.

178 does. not 179. 179 apparently is a douch. I don't know what he said because his comments are moderated

ughhhhhh! sry again. I got numbers mixed up. ( I'm dyslexic.) the blonde girl who is cool looks like Kesha. the matt guy is a douche.