By aggghghgh - 14/05/2016 08:51

Today, I found out my whole family has been mistakenly using the same toothbrush for over a month. FML
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I remember seeing this scene and thinking it was so unrealistic…guess not lol

I've read like 3 FMLs that reminded me of How I Met Your Mother so far today, including this one.

I know that in my house we bought a bunch of electric tooth brushes a couple years back and they all looked the same. Then we just held them in a cup in the cabinet so we easily got confused until we labeled them. Maybe something like that happened.

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Sounds like you got each other's plaque.

Is there only one toothbrush in the house?

I'm very curious as to how that even happens.

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That happened with my housemate. I put new toothbrushes in our stockings at Christmas and we both thought the green one was ours for at least a few weeks.

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I feel like ive read this fml on random before

Wow. You indirectly kissed your whole family.

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How in God's name does that even happen?