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ah shit I remember like 5 years ago before I could even read English I found a tube of bengay in the medicine cabint and I brushed my teeth with it,only a few weeks later I realised what happend,I miss my childhood...

I have a highly painful and contagious strain of herpes which I caught from having intimate relations with undomesticated cats, and I require immediate assistance and/or advice on what to do to cure myself of this debilitating condition. Wee-woo.


I'm not mad nor do I want "something tube shaped" in my mouth. I just dislike it when jerks such as yourself insult others just for the sake of it. You sir, need to get a life.


Oh, you sure told me. I don't know how I'll ever get over that. Ouch, I think you're right. Honestly, if your profile picture wasn't a dude lifting his shirt, someone might take you seriously. Scary thought of the day.

YDI for living in a place with a bathroom, for not paying attention to such an important operation as personal hygiene, and for even having a mouth in which to place a toothbrush.

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