By captfml - 15/12/2010 22:32 - United States

Today, I was in the bathroom in a rush to get ready. Without thinking, I put hand soap on my toothbrush. I didn't notice until it was already in my mouth. FML
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"I didn't notice until it was already in my mouth." Sounds like my ex-wife.

It's ok, I'm a doctor and I can help you. Go play leapfrog with a unicorn. It's the only cure. Sorry.


70, he is just jealous. OP, better wash your mouth sooner or later.

70-I like your pic. you look very satisfied. erm yeah.

ah shit I remember like 5 years ago before I could even read English I found a tube of bengay in the medicine cabint and I brushed my teeth with it,only a few weeks later I realised what happend,I miss my childhood...

maybe she had a dirty mouth and subconusly knew it needed to be cleaned out!

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I have a highly painful and contagious strain of herpes which I caught from having intimate relations with undomesticated cats, and I require immediate assistance and/or advice on what to do to cure myself of this debilitating condition. Wee-woo.

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this is the part every1luvsboners comes in and finds that comment hot.

To cure your debilitating condition, put some soap up your dick and go deep sea diving with a blueberry muffin.

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really? i thought it was a one-eyed monkey with constipation.

It's ok, I'm a doctor and I can help you. Go play leapfrog with a unicorn. It's the only cure. Sorry.

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i want to play leapfrog with a unicorn D:

Naw, I think another cure is to Climb a Double Rainbow to Space and play Pokemon with Rudolph the Reindeer.....

22, too late!!! I have captured all Unicorns with my unicorntrapinator! xD

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i want to play Pokemon with Rudolph the Reindeer D:

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25- yo pwetty :) 27- me too D:

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Why do you have to talk like a baby? Freeze, how I missed your wit.

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Is it bad that I find this very hot?

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If this were any other place, I would say yes.


1 gram of lysine a day will help control the herpes outbreaks, but I recommend u just have someone pinch you to bring you back to reality

I wish I had this problem... I bet cats are a little nicer then ferrets...

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wont hurt you......same basic ingredient believe it or not....sodium laurel sulfate.....tastes like Crap I imagine! haha

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Just like your comment.... FAIL

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WTF is a troll? I see someone saying it when they get insulted. Don't get mad just because you want something tube shaped in your mouth.

I'm not mad nor do I want "something tube shaped" in my mouth. I just dislike it when jerks such as yourself insult others just for the sake of it. You sir, need to get a life.

Everyone. Shhh.... the blonde doesn't know what she's talking about....

don't talk to me like that, you're a ******* pear

yes I am a "*******" pear... day n' night. ;)

"I didn't notice until it was already in my mouth." Sounds like my ex-wife.

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You shouldn't admit to being so small that she didn't notice

I never said I was small. This mostly occurred when she was sleeping, that's all.

your too ugly to get any when shes awake so you sneak up on her when shes sleeping? damn no wonder why she's an "ex-wife"??

Oh, you sure told me. I don't know how I'll ever get over that. Ouch, I think you're right. Honestly, if your profile picture wasn't a dude lifting his shirt, someone might take you seriously. Scary thought of the day.

that does suck, but op you have to laugh at that one, it's a classic mistake

okay, yes, that's what she said. but also you just have a dirty, naughty, filthy, nasty mouth. it deserves soap.

YDI for living in a place with a bathroom, for not paying attention to such an important operation as personal hygiene, and for even having a mouth in which to place a toothbrush.

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this actually a common mistake... for Alzheimer's patients