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Today, I asked my 2 year old son to clean up his toys. When I bent down to give him a good job kiss afterwards, he punched me in the nose. FML
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and let me guess, he got a time out instead of the ass beating he should've gotten.

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If a kid is old enough to throw a punch, they are old enough to get a spanking. It's not abuse (because some of you bleeding heart pussies will say it is, and YOU are what's wrong with kids these days), it's dicipline. You just have to draw the line between spanking & beating, and never cross it.


you're so fake

I know right. But, I bet you he feels so proud of himself. Do you want a Gold Star?

I'm just waiting for someone to say 'This wouldn't have happened if she'd stayed in the kitchen where she's supposed to be'. :P P.S I'm a woman. I find the kitchen joke funny. =D I'm gonna go make me a sandwich..


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39 u made me lol

why hasnt he been modded yet! and kartilino i didnt understand what you just said, must be caveman dialect...

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Im_wilder are you retarded? it's obvious what he is saying...

i take that back kartilino my mistake you have the official rights to SHUN me..

Your place is the kitchen... do us men go out of place and clean and do your laundry? no... we sit on the couch and drink beer like were supposed to do... the punch to the face was a warning but next time your son won't hold back... *this is for whoever wanted a kitchen joke xD*

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The kid is 2, it can't hurt that bad. is that really such a hard concept?

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66, I think the FML here is that the kid punched her. It was very disrespectful for him to have done so.

31 for once a woman that can take a joke! thank you!

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I'm explaining to the guy who complains about caveman language, I know what the fml is about.

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This wouldn't have happened if she'd stay in the kitchen where she supposed to be!

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Well then, that is very nice to know.

My 2 year old nephew packs a hard punch, he has hit me in the nose before. It didn't hurt but it was annoying as hell.

aceartic great pic dude/dudette the movie and the music was great

Lol. You got owned.

i see a roy jones jr in the making,, he beat her with a left hook YA'LL MUST OF FORGOT (8)

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Like a BOSS

I agree. She probably wasn't being as sweet as she made it seem. She probably forced him to clean his room when he didn't want to. This isn't really an FML, it's just parenting. OP needs to just get used to it.

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138, It is parenting. Making your kids do the shit they need to, even if they don't want to. Why the hell should OP get used to getting punched in the nose for making her kid do his chores? Think things out before you put your foot in your mouth again.

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#71 win!

RiskiBusiness 1

#71 win!

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dangit 71 u beat me to it! lol

It's obviously because you weren't in the kitchen.

I see a chuck norris jr

Wow, there've been a lot of FMLs about kids messin' stuff up lately.

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lol ya

I love your picture! So cute!! =^_^=

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Yeah Master Chief is totally cute and adorable.

master chief is sexy.

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what about my picture?!?! :((

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Mine rules all.

i like your picture too #3. :)

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miss bunny is sexy

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agree with 137!


Yeah lol

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yea that's what kids do. condoms and abortions ftw

that cat is soo effin adorable!!!

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you punch him back right?

Get back in the kitchen!

Go to hell with all other kid-singers.

and let me guess, he got a time out instead of the ass beating he should've gotten.

Its a fucking 2 year-old. You'd really beat a 2 year-old for that? Probably doesn't know what the fuck was going on.

he deserved to get his ass beaten. don't argue with the facts^.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for rl tht kid needs to learn a lesson

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They should get a beating when they're five, when they're 2 they don't know what they are doing. you don't hit a 2 year old they get timeouts!

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If a kid is old enough to throw a punch, they are old enough to get a spanking. It's not abuse (because some of you bleeding heart pussies will say it is, and YOU are what's wrong with kids these days), it's dicipline. You just have to draw the line between spanking & beating, and never cross it.

you beat a kid when they do something unnecessary this us one of them doesn't matter what age

I think the kid is pretty conscious of his deeds, whether he would remember or not later on. He knows how to ball his hand into a fist and use force to punch someone with it. He needs to beat. Not abused now. Just a smack the hand.

Thats good. hit a kid to show them that hitting is wrong. Apparently your an idiot.

61, trust me, at age 2 kids know whats wrong and what's right most of the time. punch mommy in the face? they know it's wrong, they aren't that stupid. a little pop on the behind would do them some good.

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yeah hit your kid back!! it says in the bible that you should hit your kid for doing something bad!!

it says you should punish them if they dishonor/disobey their parents. I don't disagree with that. I don't think kids learn their lesson by time outs or grounding. that's just me. however, let's not all get into a religious/parental debate.

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110- YOU'RE an idiot as well.

think about it this way. he must have learned how to punch somewhere and seeing as the child's community should mostly consist of his parents it is most likely from them that he learned to be violent. also they obviously don't beat their children because otherwise the child would never have punched his mother because he would be scared of getting his ass whooped.

don't just spank him. beat him

These days, in America, using a belt on a child ends with DCFS being called. It is pretty much a guarantee if your child talks to other people or once they learn how to use the phone. This wasn't supposed to respond here. I really don't know why it did since I double checked the number I was responding to. It was supposed to be a response to the person saying there was a difference between a belt and child abuse.

All children must be beaten with sticks, it's the only way!

135- damn for a cute little puppy you sure are one harsh motherfucker

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130, Have you thought that it is very possible that the kid watches TV every now and then? Seeing people get punched in the face isn't exactly a rare event when you have violence in movies, & sex on TV.

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130. you don't have to learn how to punch in order to punch someone. if people are mad, even children, their instinct is to hit if they can't release their anger in other ways. it's natural. what's up with all you people that blame all behavioral problems that children have on their parents? most of the time, children behave on instinct, and that's not something you can teach.

@167 Loving the Family Guy reference. But yes, you have a point. He could have picked it up from television and that's why his parents should sit him down and talk to him about it or discipline him. Never too early to start.

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Yo 122. Don't be an ass, kay?

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No, not "Kay". :)

Did you quote that last part from family guy

No, 230; he found that quote in a BBC documentary. Obviously...

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That's fucking child abuse

That'll teach you to ask me to clean up mommy >:[

lol love that band :)

Omgg I love M. Shadows hes hot

did you punch him back?

Yes, because that would have been the logical thing to do XD

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it would've been.

LOL 2 yr old WIN!!! :)

beat the piss out of him or you deserve it.

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are you a parent? If not I hope you never are jackass

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um someone^^^ is a dumbass of course there is nothing wrong with "beating him" a figure of speech.

I'm not a parent but I am the oldest of 6.. I would have wore his ass out with a paddle if he hit me.. and yeah.. little kids can hit pretty damn hard!

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i modded this :)

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it wouldnt be here if i wasnt one of the people who modded it smart ass

I'm pretty sure it would have. Hundreds of people moderate every FML. So your one vote probably didn't make a huge difference.

Ummm who gives a damn? I've modded FMLs here to, but you don't see me posting "I modded this." Do you want a cookie?

Oatmeal raisin for me val *smirk*

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eww I hate those kind (just saying)

momma bunny likes chocolate chip. hell yeah, bitches!

where's my cookie?