By upliftmofo - 28/03/2011 05:56 - Belgium

Today, I discovered my cat frequently licks my toothbrush. FML
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Look on the bright side! You have a cat.


ah well. a little cat saliva here and there will do ya good. ya feel me bro?

nothing turns me on more then puss breath.

You means pussy breath right?! Because puss can actually be quite stinky. Unless...your into that o_O

mmm... Minty fresh.

hmmm sounds like your cat is trying to express his feelings.

1 are you sitting on a toilet by any chance?

I found out that mine did that too before lol

Cats are people too! Oh wait...

Frequently? So, you must have seen it licking the toothbrush before You didn't put it somewhere else?

Baby, baby, baby, OOH!

like baby, baby, baby NOO!

zactly what I was thinking!

yumm, thats delicuosssss

We all know what you're hiding under that mask #2... just get a fucking haircut?

Do you like the way pussy tastes? I mean, your cat must leave it's saliva on it.

4- Second line fail.

Look on the bright side! You have a cat.

I don't get his/her comments either...

I see where this is going.... A lil grey goose and a cat never hurt anything before especially if your planning a three some with them two... hmm! nom nom nom.

finally some more pussy-toothbrush action! the Internet loves those!

SkyGuy32 17

Well... That was unexpected.

The worst thing for you is that the same tongue cleans is ass too. FYL lol

What I was thinking lol Mmmm shitty fresh

OMG the same thing I was going to say. great comment.

Better than finding roach eggs on it. Oh and if you didn't know, the cat probably also drinks toilet water too. >:D

close the bathroom door, dumbass

my cat doesn't, but now he knows his does and to keep the door shut. not really a fml

most ppl have their cat's litter box in the bathroom

That must be kitty annoying :) hehehe

Finally an original cat pun!

don't insult cats, I'm sure you've licked some pretty weird stuff too

*sigh* you are soo right.