By upliftmofo - 28/03/2011 05:56 - Belgium

Today, I discovered my cat frequently licks my toothbrush. FML
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Look on the bright side! You have a cat.

spikey818 9

that's hot


spikey818 9

that's hot

ah well. a little cat saliva here and there will do ya good. ya feel me bro?

nothing turns me on more then puss breath.

dirtyblond 4

You means pussy breath right?! Because puss can actually be quite stinky. Unless...your into that o_O

mmm... Minty fresh.

hmmm sounds like your cat is trying to express his feelings.

1 are you sitting on a toilet by any chance?

I found out that mine did that too before lol

adropofpeace 8

Cats are people too! Oh wait...

Frequently? So, you must have seen it licking the toothbrush before You didn't put it somewhere else?

BahahahLOL 0

Baby, baby, baby, OOH!

rallets 22

^ lmfao

like baby, baby, baby NOO!

RedPillSucks 31

zactly what I was thinking!

BellyDancinCheer 0

yumm, thats delicuosssss

We all know what you're hiding under that mask #2... just get a fucking haircut?

DiamondFinish 0

Do you like the way pussy tastes? I mean, your cat must leave it's saliva on it.

KiddNYC1O 20

4- Second line fail.

Look on the bright side! You have a cat.

PSQ91 6

I don't get his/her comments either...


I see where this is going.... A lil grey goose and a cat never hurt anything before especially if your planning a three some with them two... hmm! nom nom nom.



finally some more pussy-toothbrush action! the Internet loves those!

SkyGuy32 17

Well... That was unexpected.

The worst thing for you is that the same tongue cleans is ass too. FYL lol

What I was thinking lol Mmmm shitty fresh

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

Yucky! :-P

OMG the same thing I was going to say. great comment.

Better than finding roach eggs on it. Oh and if you didn't know, the cat probably also drinks toilet water too. >:D

seraphxchild 3

close the bathroom door, dumbass

my cat doesn't, but now he knows his does and to keep the door shut. not really a fml

sevans 0

most ppl have their cat's litter box in the bathroom

That must be kitty annoying :) hehehe

Captainipples 0

haha success

Finally an original cat pun!

don't insult cats, I'm sure you've licked some pretty weird stuff too

*sigh* you are soo right.