By Anonymous - 04/11/2010 06:41 - United States

Today, I called a guy who had requested a free marketing consultation for his funeral home through the internet a couple of days ago. When I got through, the receptionist seemed a little taken back by me wanting to talk to him. He had died and was buried yesterday. FML
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Clitorasaurus 0

Fyl. I would feel so bad.

beatleschick1940 9

you'll never forget that


gagaga aww D:

^ ahahahah (:

beatleschick1940 9

you'll never forget that


Sure she will. It wasn't like she murder him.

megaluke 0

ydi for killing him


I killed him? :0 <_< >_> Shit. I have to move out of the country again. Noooouuuuu! Jk. xD

some bastards just stole you're corpse and you sit there posting on FML? get out there and bury that body like nobody has done before!

cantfightfate 0

so.. that's not your fault, op. you never would've known that.

38s picture is a win

at least you aren't dead

harry_potter_luv 0

good business huh?

Ouch. That's kinda ironic.

TerrorDollie 0

That's so weird. So not your fault.

riseofabreakings 0

I like escape the fate more :) But bfmv is good too.

Clitorasaurus 0

Fyl. I would feel so bad.

Highly embarrassing, yeah, but not really a good reason to FYL.

Why'd my comment get moderated?

Because you forgot to lubricate yourself before bending over for the moderators. Duh.

Did you say something about this not being a real fml?

Wow, that's.... different?

wonder who buried him :))~


His family. :P <_< I see rainbows!