By Anonymous - 20/04/2016 14:34 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, after a fight, I caught my sister rubbing my toothbrush on the inside of our grimy toilet. This is why I have trust issues. FML
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While she's sleeping, drown her in the toilet for revenge!

Put flower in her hair dryer when she goes to prom.


While she's sleeping, drown her in the toilet for revenge!

Woah there! That escalated quickly!

"It was just a prank bro!"

I kind of thought about Horrible Bosses when I read this.....

That is horrifying and really really gross

Put flower in her hair dryer when she goes to prom.

that'll blow flowers on her?!

#4 confused his homophones. He meant flour, as in the white powder derived from grinding wheat, not flowers, the component some plants use for reproduction.

I didn't know phones had an orientation. I'm sorry but I couldn't resist, I'll just slip out the back while the comments roll in.

Well, considering the orientation is of "same"... They apparently do. (I know you're making a bad pun, but I know actually people who think that the prefix "homo-" always means "gay" instead of "same" and they don't know that "hetero-" means "different" instead of "straight" which annoys me to no end.)

I'd say that she's like the toilet...full of shit.

Sounds like it's time to slip some Nair into her shampoo.

Well, be glad you caught her. Toothbrushes are much cheaper than treating a dental infection. But hey, at least she scrubbed it! If it was already grimy, you probably haven't cared enough to.

And may I ask what was the fight about? If nothing really serious FYL.

No matter what the fight was about, I don't think it warrants contaminating the OP'S toothbrush with toilet germs. The bacteria could lead to mouth infections, and E Coli is a bacteria that comes from fecal matter, which is present in toilets, and it can cause serious illness if ingested. Most fights, particularly between family, aren't worth potentially causing serious injury to someone.

I wasn't saying it was a good thing to do for vengeance, but I wanted to know what the fight was about just so see how much his sister over reacted, I totally agree no one should ever do something so serious that it could potentially harm someone.

Ok, well that's better explained then. The original comment just made it sound like you would understand and condone the sister using the OP's toothbrush on the toilet if the fight was about something really serious.

do you ever stop talking?

Do the same to her toothbrush! Instant revenge success.

That's low of her to do & very immature. You should talk to her & try to fix the fight out OP.

That's no fun though, reading the comments from those suggesting revenge is so fun and hilarious!