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  kasuke06  |  5

Only criminals get guns in California. Because, taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens will totally make the streets safer... just not for them, for the criminal who no longer has any fear of reproach.

Texas and well, most of the south is full of extremely polite, nice people, because they're all well armed and know that everyone else is. Kinda xenophobic, but they're working on it.

Turns out, making people be nice to each other is as simple as arming all of them.

  Welshite  |  39

#24: I live and was raised in the South, and can assure you that people don't respect others simply because they are under the assumption that they are surrounded by weapons. We are raised to respect people for being people. I know more people who don't own a weapon and never have any intention of owning a weapon, than those that do. I'm not against guns, but I think the Southern gun-toting stereotype is misleading and frightening to others.


Guns are made to kill people, not incapacitate them. If a crazed killer is about to attack you, a gun is pretty useless unless you manage to hit them in a vital part of their anatomy. Non-fatal gunshot wounds hurt, but they don't keep people from having a go at you and retaliating. That is why guns are shitty self-defense weapons - you want a weapon that immediately incapacitates your attacker, no matter where you hit them. Might I suggest a taser? It has the added benefit of not killing the perpetrator, which is pretty useful in case the 'robber' you're so scared of is actually a family member you didn't recognize in the dark.

  ptoka  |  20

30, I live near Houston and I can tell you there are plenty of muggings, and violence. Get your facts straight before you start posting shit like that.


If you don't like then that's your opinion, as you can see 300+ people do enjoy puns. So your individual opinion amongst everyone else's doesn't actually matter in this situation. If you don't like the pun made then thumb it down and move on with your life. it's not that hard to do.

  glowbaby  |  15

#128 stop pretending to be intelligent by posting long-winded comments. People like this pun because it's funny. Oh, and how is the entire concept of puns too old? Jokes don't have expiration dates.

  TheDrifter  |  23

They're fairly different. And the police dogs are trained to respond only to their handler and people in police uniforms. I had a retired police dog, great pet, just takes a week or two with their old handler so they recognise and respond to you.

  Sathane  |  21

Nope. Properly trained protection dogs only, like my boys, only listen to their trainer. You could throw a big steak at them and they won't touch it unless I say so.

  tygerarmy  |  35

I have worked alongside military dogs on a deployment, they are not trained to only obey one person. And the commands were in English.
I was tempted to ask for a bite suit and to test my theory, but I moved to a different assignment before I got an opportunity.
Police and other militaries may be different.

  TCRII  |  29

My friends dog is protection and service trained. He will obey anyone he knows until she puts him in protection mode. Then no one can come in the house - even her husband.