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  that1guy1  |  13

That's really despicable, not to mention amazingly immature. If you have a strong disagreement with someone, especially your girlfriend/boyfriend. Just talk it out and don't do childish things.

  Ugi  |  26

It doesn't just depend upon the number, however, but also the type.

One tiger is worth any number of kittens in the feline ass-biting league.

  mk58  |  31

Or buy two toothbrushes, one that looks exactly like his that you pretend to use and another that you hide away and secretly use.

  ALQ_fml  |  13

Actually, this is a good idea. Being in a relationship with someone who will disrespect you (and expose you to germs that generally aren't supposed to go in the mouth - especially on a toothbrush, which opens small sores when you brush) is a bad idea. If he can't respond to an argument with anything less than physical retaliation, then this guy has some serious growing up to do.

I second this, OP. Dump him. Or, at the very least, tell him to knock it the fuck off or you'll leave him.


No... really this is worthy of being dumped. This is a seriously major health issue. I spent 6 grand (or well my parents did) for invisaligns, 500 for bleaching, and 100 for a super awesome toothbrush. Don't mess with my teeth/mouth. Plus I don't want to be brushing my mouth with shitty piss water. Definitely dump worthy.

  ItsApril  |  0

@73 Who in the hell, other than you apparently, would want to date such an immature and disgusting person? If anyone I know ever told me they did that I would probably hit them right then and there. Yeah, yeah resorting to abuse...blah blah blah. If I was dumb enough to do that & then tell on myself I'd expect nothing less than a slap to the face. Feces particles aren't meant to re-enter your body.