By Anonymous - 13/08/2019 20:00

Today, my friend was extremely constipated when he used my toilet. I'm now having to go buy a new toothbrush, because he used mine to dig out his shit. FML
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That’s not a friend...

Wait, you don't have a poop knife?


That’s not a friend...

a real friend would say hey dont use your tooth brush I gotta get you one

cardin06 15

What??? How??? Why???

Wait, you don't have a poop knife?

HokieJ 10

I think you're thinking about the wrong hole

Major_Haywire 7

I don’t think he was digging it out of the toilet, it hadn’t reached that far

Well, anything can be a digger if you're brave enough!

What a shitty situation, and I mean it literally xD. You should have made him buy you the new toothbrush real friends do not dig shit with their tooth brush.

LostSoul 19

Dump the friend. If you don't, anything that happens next is on you.

With friends like that, who needs enemas? Thank you very much! Good night!

slowhandjp 16

Which side did he use?

Maureen Preston 2

That must of hurt like hell no ditch he’s ass

I don't think you know what a "friend" is...

spillmybeans1 5

I hope you didn't find out the hard way. I hope you found out by him telling you.