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Today, I had to take my 15-year-old son to the hospital. He'd gone out dressed as some My Little Pony character and encountered someone who'd had the same idea. They then got into a fistfight, and my son got the shit beaten out of him. I wish I'd never bred. FML
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I bet he was Honeysuckle. That one seems like a tough pony.


I bet he was Honeysuckle. That one seems like a tough pony.

Judging by the Ass beat part Im gonna have to say nay

He was just fighting a tougher pony: Rainbow Dash.

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He should have Rainbow-Dashed out of there. (first MLP pun, have mercy)

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36- I actually laughed at the pun but thumbed down for the parenthesis. if you're gonna make a pun own it! Don't try to cop out at the end. Confidence is key my friend.

I think you should feel worse for your son than for yourself... And try not to regret that he was born...

What has this generation evolved into?!

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51- Compared to the generations before us? I'd say we "evolved" pretty well

#51 it evolved to a generation 20% cooler than the one before.

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I must disagree with the cooler part.Our generation didn't go around saying yolo and swag.Men also knew how to wear a belt to keep their jeans above their asses.

Stop complaining about this generation. Back in your time, whatever that was, I'm 100% sure you had these made up words as well. We have ours. Stop hating on everything just because it doesn't for your standard

Society evolves. Things change. Don't hate it just because it wasn't the same as when you were a kid. News words are created, new clothing styles are in style, etc. Sure some things are stupid, but that doesn't mean they all are.

#51 Evolving requires some sort of improved development.

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My mom always complains about how my generation is filled with low life gangsters and nothing good comes from them. However, she grew up in a time when they made black people knock on the porch, and racist was rampant. I would rather have to deal with "swag" and annoying music then have my best friend be considered inferior and have never met her. Because if things were the same when my mom was a kid we would still be in separate schools, black people would be riding on the back of the bus, and gay people would still be stuck in the closet, and not getting a chance to fight for their rights. I feel like I am much more tolerant, open, and accepting of people than she was at my age.

107 evolution has nothing to do with improvement. It just means gradual change.

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82: Actually our generation came up with words like "radical" "boadacious" "tubular" "grody" "narly" "dweeb" "hoser" and we took it a step farther with adding "orama" at the end of words, example "dweeb-orama" And "yuppie" horrible words, all used in our generation. And face it, it was this generations parents who wore their pants sagging. If you we're in high school in the 90's there was a rash of expulsions in schools because this was the new "gang" look. Don't hate on this generation, they're doing great.

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That's why I'm a Power Puffer at heart.

Even Spongebob and Patrick are shocked by this brutality.

My god I looked it up and "bronies" are actually a thing ! Ouh that's scary..

Hum.. First of all i dont watch my little pony so i never imagined it could be that huge and I live in France so I guess this phenomenon isn't that big here.. Although it exists says my research..

@ #123 and #138, welcome to the internet. Of you don't like it here, then join the crowd or GTFO

But in this instance, fighting is magic! :D

I miss the original developement of that game.

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Yea, apparently they don't actually understand the point of the show, despite being twice the age of the target audience.

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that's what I was thinking.. I'd rather have a kid who is a bit odd rather than one who is a complete jerk. it was one little incident. shake it off. if anything he should rather wish hou you never bred since you're making remarks like that.

Let's hope the kid doesn't go on FML and see this. The details in the story would make it really easy to attribute...

Maybe it would be different if he would have won the fight.. still absolutely ridiculous, maybe her terrible mothering causes him to do inappropriate things like dress up as a my little pony and get into fist fights.. and lose none the less haha

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I'm hoping it's more of a spur of the moment thing. Like "I hate you mom" as a teenager. You never really mean it. I'm sure she loves her son or else she wouldn't have taken him to the hospital.

Even if it was just spur of the moment, that's pretty harsh. I'd be really hurt if my mum said something like that...

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OP I think its time to get your son checked for Aspergers Syndrome. nom sayin'?

I sure hope your kid doesn't turn out like you as an adult.

30, how is dressing up as a my little pony character inappropriate?

AntiPrude 26

Its not, if you're a 6 year old little girl. If you are guy, and teenage or above, its creepy and indication of autism or being a complete loser.

147, how does loving the show My Little Pony and indication of Autism? And it doesn't make them a complete loser either. Have you ever watched the show?

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Trying to read between the lines here, I'm thinking she's most offended that her kid wanted to be a My Little Pony character. In other words, I'm guessing that she can't handle the fact that her kid's gay. Which makes her an even bitter toad.

152, people who watch the show have lives too. My brother for example, watches and loves the show and he's an RA as well as on the leadership team for one of the clubs he's part of, as well as keeping very good grades and being part of a coed fraternity.

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I seriously don't understand why people have so many hateful things to say about bronies. It's really not that weird that they watch the show, even if it is geared towards a younger audience. Why is it so bad to like things that are meant for kids? I'm 21 and I love Pokemon! Does that make me autistic or a lesbian? No, it doesn't. That and their little community is awesome! They have amazing fan art and gore horror fan fictions that read like saw movies. I'll admit that what happened in the FML was ridiculous but that's no reason to be such a jerk towards an entire fan base.

the show is meant for children... That's retarded! I barely have time watching tv because I'm trying so hard to get into the US Naval Academy! screw tv!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

@180- I think it's funny that your username is "tvwrestler" considering your comment is about you not watching tv. Lol.

@#163 Pokemon is a show and franchise that is made for all ages, and is played be all ages. You'll see little kids- to teenagers- to adults playing the games. MLP is a show made for 7-year-old girls. These two can't really be compared. A 15-year-old boys who likes MLP, and DRESSES UP as one of the characters isn't exactly going to get our support. Im not saying that the Mom should have said something that harsh, but if we are being honest here, if I had a Son like that, I can't truthfully say that I would ever be able to take him seriously after this. He dressed up like a pony and got ****** up by someone else dressed up like a pony. Look at me and tell that you would look at him the same after.

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#223, Pokemon is actually made for little kids. Yes all ages watch & play, but the game instructions are written to parents saying things like 'make sure your kid can read first or they won't be able to play'. In the show, all the dilemmas are mind-numbingly simple (like never recognizing Team Rocket) and they make some jokes that go over kids' heads but make parents laugh, classic signs of an elementary grade target audience. Point is, the current generation of MLP is the same way. It's obviously for younger kids but it can still be popular with adults who grew up with older gens of the show (it's also targeted at older kids than early MLP gens). Especially now since being into cartoons and video games is generally considered cool.

There's still hope. Sounds like he might live in your basement for the next 15 or 30 years.

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Well I'm a football-playing king in space and I'm not a brony, so HA!

I have a friend who's going through training to become a marine who's a brony.

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don't give up on him,, man him up,, it's your job

He was probably fluttershy. There's no way she'd win in a fight unless it was verbal

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Stupid FML. Can't believe shit like this happens over my little pony. Smh.

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*facepalm* what is wrong with some people?

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I don't think you understand what "awesome" means. If anything, the only truly awe-inspiring thing about you bronies is how self-inflated your sense of importance is. It's a kid's show, little more than Dora the Explorer. Deal with it.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I used to like the show (mildly; I didn't go through and rewatch old episodes or anything, but I thought it was cute), but there are a whole bunch of bronies at my school who completely go apeshit if anyone ever insults the show, and I think they also "clop" as well (if you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky). I really got tired of dealing with that crowd and so now I just don't pay attention to the show. It's a shame how some obsessed people can ruin it for everyone.

It's a little harsh to wish that over an incident like this, don't you think?


If my kid was a brony id never speak to him again