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Today, I had sex with my girlfriend in her room. That means: Jonas Brothers posters on the wall, Jonas Brothers pillows, sheets, comforter and stuffed dog. After we did it, she apologized to her posters for having to see that, since they're pure. FML
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Jonas bros. how old is she. You sure she is legal age??

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you ******* a 7 year old?! dump her ass man!


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It could've been Twilight. Still, start datin some college girls or something before you lose your sanity.

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ahahah wooah old is this chick? You deserve it for dating someone who loves the jonas brothers hah

She's either really old, or really young.

#7 is so right. You didn't know she was Jo Bro ho before then? At least you got some.

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Stop molesting little girls. Problem solved.

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Jo bro ho!!!! lmfao!!!! never heard that. heh Jo bro ho, yeah the Jo bros suck you should stop torturing that little girl and get a better life. still fyl anyway.

Jrook 0

yeah 13 year old gf or younger... much much younger. 8th grade girls that like Jonas brothers DONT have sex.

Blackberry1993, you have no idea what you're talking about. I've never met anyone over the age of 12 that likes those idiots.

BTW, YDI for having sex with a little girl.

Samir30Days 0

You're taking my statement too literally. OBVIOUSLY there are going to be people of all ages that like those clowns, but you said MOST of their fans are 16-25 and that is false.

This might as well be my girlfriend. Haha.

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sure they might have some older fans but most people (at least normal people) over the tween stage don't go so far as to decorate their entire room and apologize to their virgin eyes!

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at least u got some now can I hab her number? P;

lol that's f'ed up and you should yell her that the Jo bros are gay with each other

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ew, ydi for dating a 13 year old.

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Do you guys watch Greys Anatomy together with other couples and wear purity rings? Just don't anger Mr. Mouse.

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ydu for being apparently a child molester and dating a 11 year old. no offense but if she is over the age of 15 dump her that's redicuilous. and to the guy that said 8th graders don't have sex.... you be suprised at how quickly our seociety has degraded itself to such low levels of morality. you are lucky you didn't go to my school.

@7 you'll be surprised at how many "college" girls are into twilight. pretty disturbing if you ask me! the OP's situation is ridiculous though. Fyl hopefully she was just messing around. either way she sounds young too young

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126- ftw! lol by the looks of your default I think you'd be interested in the anti team. you should check us out...

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So what? I'm a JoBro Ho. Big ******* deal! I'm 18 and I LOVE them AND I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! At least you got some, some crazy obsessed Jonas fans might take obsession too far and be pure like them...but then again, there's nothing wrong with be pure; saving yourself for someone you love. And no, I can't relate to anything about being pure. Cause I lost my virginity at age 15. Yeah, yeah, call me a *****. As if I care.

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Nick, from the Jonas Bros, only dates certain girls to make them think he loves them, and then he persuades them to sign a contract for a music tour. After they sign the contract he then dumps them, and the girl can't do anything about the contract she signed. Has anyone else caught onto this? Or am I the only one?

nooo....he hasnt been on tour with selena or courtney.....just miley, but it was her tour, soooo.....

pepper3434 0

Nick, from the Jonas Bros, only dates certain girls (that are usually singers), so he can get a music tour contract written up that the girls sign. After it is signed, he then dumps them. Because of the contract they cannot get out of the music tour. Has anyone else caught onto this? Or am I the only one? But in other words the OP deserves it for molesting children.

pfft, who cares dude, you got some ass. next time, make her blow you and have her turn around and swallow your nut in front of the posters.

All FML's like this either don't matter or the OP deserves it. Why? If you truly love her, you would look beyond the Jonas Brothers stuff and see her as you first loved her. If you don't love her, you deserve it for playing her. I personally think you deserve it.

And if he decides to look beyond the posters and continue to love her, Chris Hansen will walk into the room, take the fuzzy pink handcuffs that were on the ground, and send him off to a place where he will be the one who is molested (prison).

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fml for knowing you still got turned on while pictures of the jonas brothers stared you down. I don't know whose creepier.. you or your girl..

Either that's an incomplete sentence, or you meant to use te word "they're." PLZLRN2ENGLISH,KTHXBYE!!!!!!!!¡!!!1!!!!one!!!!!!!

YDI for having pre-marital sex. Wait until your married!! :). Now go do your homework!

YDI for not doing her in the kitchen. I doubt she has any posters there.

my sister is 11 and she says that almost everyone over 9 in her school hates jonas brothers

:-D @177 Finally a girl who isn't obsessed/ mind controlled by them... you win a cookie :-)

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I don't even think 13 year olds like them anymore

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those guys ruin everything!!! >=O rofl

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um wow!! well if that's what was on her wall then you guys are way too young to be having sex anyways!!! haha

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ydi for molesting a 13 year old

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is she oneof those slutty 7 year olds?

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My girlfriend has to deal with Marilyn Manson posters in my room XD

honey, you know it was in your room. tell the turth you know you have the fetish with the Jonas brothers.

What are you dating a twelve year old? Jonas Brothers suck.

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@244 haha sorry but u said 'tell the turth' that just made me giggle so I thought I'd point it out. have any of u guys thought that this FML could be fake?? that's a pretty easy thing to make up don't ya think

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Just be happy your are getting laid. Who cares about the latent homosexual jonas brothers

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at least she doesn't like Justin bieber;)

I guess you don't meet many girls...

well maybe u shud fringle ur pringle n mingle to tringle and even bingle fo shizzle ma nizzlle ima be bak in two grizzle

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OHMYGOD...that sound just like me and my gf....except we're still virgins :(

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I resent that!! I have NEVER liked the Jo Bros and when some of my friends did, it was 5th grade

No way man, he deserved it for sleeping with a 12 year old.

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#9 13 isn't a bad age... I'm 13 and Im not obsessed wit the Jonas bros... then again I absolutly LOVE Justin Bieber !!!!!!!

@68 you're not helping yourself in the situation at all

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um how old is she, OP? I'm 15 and I hate them...

Jesus, f her life. at least you got some sex?

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If she's too young for the clock, she's too young for the ****.

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you ******* a 7 year old?! dump her ass man!

are you telling me she didn't fantasize about the pure-virgin-tools?

Haha, Im a fan of the Jonas Brothers and all but that's weird. If she thought it would 'bother' her posters, why not his house?

I was like FYL BEFORE I read the part about her apologizing to her posters. oh my gosh. ur gf has a serious problem... get het some help for her addiction. like NOW.

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little young isn't she? dumbass ydi

You both are way to young to be having sex