By Anonymous - 27/06/2014 21:15 - Canada - London

Today, my son got a beating. Apparently, he went to a club, waited until he saw a couple of girls pulling a duckface for a photo, then rushed over and threw pieces of bread at them. Their boyfriends, not too surprisingly, didn't appreciate this. I had to drive the idiot home from the hospital. FML
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You should be proud, at least he's emotionally intelligent.

DarkSmoke591 21

Duck faces aren't even cute


You should be proud, at least he's emotionally intelligent.

Your son's my new hero. Looking out for the wildlife and shit.

Next time, he should say, "duck, duck, goose." This will give him at least a head start while they realize the joke.

zebrainthenight 13

I don't get the joke! I know I will be down voted for this but it's worth it if someone would explain the joke. Sorry for the unnecessary comment.

People throw bread to ducks in ponds. Simple as that.

That guy is my new hero. Only would've been better if he had a nerf gun. Duck season.

zebrainthenight 13

Oh my god. That's not what I meant. You guys must think in extremely stupid. I wanted to know about #46's joke.

DancinL 14

duck duck goose is a game commonly played by little kids, where when the person who's it says "goose" they run away as fast as possible so the goose doesn't catch them

yep like ur profile says;you're socially a female! -.-

its ok #109 people are extremely judgemental here

kittykat1501 31

He was making fun of them. People throw bread to *****.

DarkSmoke591 21

Duck faces aren't even cute

Sierra7211 17

I agree. I've done a lot of things I regret, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I've never taken a duck face mirror selfie.

Duck faces are lame, but so is the massive amount of hate and ridiculing people give towards these people. Now because every one is making so much fun of them, when one of my friends, who never makes duck faces, had a picture taken of her blowing a kiss at her boyfriend, she was hounded on for making a "duck face."

Agree. In my opinion, they just make girls look as if they're constipated.

Kissy faces are where its at

I don't take pictures of myself doing it, but I will admit that I do something like a duck face if I'm concentrating on something.

Sounds like he was waiting to get clubed.

This is why i love people

I see what you did there

\ 28

#49 - Relevant username detected.

He should have ducked the blows. But alas now all he can do is pray the club gets hit by an earthquack.

The girls didn't deserve to get bread thrown at them but i still think your son is awesome

You're right. They can buy their own damn bread.

You're right bread was too good for them.

They have boyfriends?!

Guys are attracted to the duck face...for some reason.

Duck faces are ugly as hell.

so wrong you dont even understand, 47..

Contrary to popular belief, most relationships are not formed on how they decide to shape their mouths at random moments usually for pictures. And if that's a deal breaker to someone, they need to get their shit together and stop being judgemental assholes for something so simple.

that's actually an amazing thing to do hahaha I wouldn't of even been mad if he did it to me

mysadlyfe 9

So you are saying you'd make a duck face?

jazzy_123 20

just to get bread thrown at you?

Well, you know, budget is tight these days, gotta bring home the bread somehow...

Honestly one of the funniest ideas I've heard in a while.

Yeah I'm totally doing this.

I will probably go to hell laughing at this...I wonder how long and how often he carried that bread with him...looks like check his bag (if he has one) before he leaves

Your son is my hero, I only wish he was better at running away. Tell him next time he better practice cardio if he's going to be a comedian.

Oh definitely worth casing a joint and working out to make sure you're fast before pulling shit like this are the rules for success.

Your son sounds awesome.