By Anonymous - / Friday 27 June 2014 21:15 / Canada - London
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  DancinL  |  14

duck duck goose is a game commonly played by little kids, where when the person who's it says "goose" they run away as fast as possible so the goose doesn't catch them


Duck faces are lame, but so is the massive amount of hate and ridiculing people give towards these people. Now because every one is making so much fun of them, when one of my friends, who never makes duck faces, had a picture taken of her blowing a kiss at her boyfriend, she was hounded on for making a "duck face."

  Booda_Shun  |  28

#49 - Relevant username detected.

  hystericsky  |  11

Contrary to popular belief, most relationships are not formed on how they decide to shape their mouths at random moments usually for pictures. And if that's a deal breaker to someone, they need to get their shit together and stop being judgemental assholes for something so simple.

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