By Anonymous - 31/10/2013 20:42 - United Kingdom - Leicester

Today, I heard my surgeon mutter to a nurse how easy it would be to kill me on the operating table and make it look like an accident. FML
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Everyday_Galaxy 14

In medical school he worried about passing as a surgeon, but he made the cut. That was bad.

To answer your question: NO. IT WASN'T ME. (but I've totally said almost this exact thing)


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Get a new doctor idea, maybe. Sue? Look at the country, its the UK, we don't sue people left right and centre here for pathetic reasons, such as this.

you can't exactly sue because 1) there's no evidence 2) the surgeon could have been joking. just in case, i'd tell someone and if something goes wrong.. they'd know why..

You can't sue. I mean...was the surgeon wrong? It *would* be easy.

Didn't see it was in UK. And it was somewhat sarcastic. But yeah. Wouldn't win. Doesn't mean you can't sue.

As ubernova says, here in the UK we don't sue..we just moan, complain, and when really irate...we write a strongly worded letter of complaint. Bloody f*ck sh!t pi$$ ! ! !

even in amerixa it would not matter, this would be a grievance at best

I'm guessing that OP needs evidence first... I suggest don't do it and really find a new doctor because you don't wanna die...

#31.... if you obviously know they won't win...why suggest to OP to waste their time and money on lawyers and court sessions? You can't sue someone for joking and I highly doubt any doctor wants their license revoked for malpractice. Which mind you it takes years to achieve that medical standard. They aren't going to try and blow off their careers for stupidity. (At least I would hope that most wouldn't want to). So just for future reference suing isn't always the answer.

I'm guessing the T in Tthug stands for tort.

michaelaranda 28

ops clearly fine. this isn't even a real fml.

Saying things like this as your patient was going under anaesthesia seems like it'd be the best part of being a surgeon.

#1 is right I mean better safe than sorry right OP

Everyday_Galaxy 14

In medical school he worried about passing as a surgeon, but he made the cut. That was bad.

*Starts to clap but realized no one else clapping so walks out due to extreme embarrassment of said clap*

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#15 it's 52 who should be walking out embarrassed.

TheDoctor10 28

I think recognizing that it was bad saved you from a thumbs-down

Whaddya call the medical student who graduates at the bottom of his class? "Dr." :-(

flashback.miss 28

(was his name Doc Bastard? XD) but seriously, (hopefully) he was messing with you...

Isn't this the internet? Who says that person is a real doctor? We all have access to google.

Does "that person" refer to me? Are you actually implying that I just use google to trick everyone into thinking I'm a doctor? That's one of the most offensive thing I've seen in a long time. You disgust me.

Now now everyone....cumbaya....altogether now....CUMBAYAAA..

Doc, she's probably new here. When I was new I didn't think you were really a doctor. Plus, although she was rude, I can see her point. I mean, no one's EVER lied on the internet before, right?

92 - The fact that you're clearly on the internet all the time you could easily google anything health related. I hope no one actually takes medical advice from some dude on FML, though. That would be pretty sad.

SmallyBigs 9

This has DocBastard written all over it.

AnOriginalName 19

No, I've a feeling Doc would just go ahead and do it, without mentioning anything to anyone. Wouldn't want any loose ends, now.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

if you can prove it,, sue him,, your life is no joking matter

You're an idiot. Why would sue him simply for saying something? Just get a new doctor. Problem solved.

Exactly. Sue him for...wait, for what exactly? I should sue you for using an excessive number of commas. Why the **** makes just as much sense.

I should sue you for not leaving proper spaces along with your ellipses. Oh, wait, are we not playing the "sue-happy" game? It seemed like fun.

Then I'll sue you for misspelling "ellipsis" (or using the plural form). :) Then I'll sue myself for not using the ellipsis correctly for my entire life. I just looked it up, and there are supposed to be spaces on either side of the ellipsis or between the dots. I just learned something!

Schizomaniac 24

Then I'll sew you because I don't know how to spell. Hahaha. :(

Always a learning experience when you read the bastard's posts.

Then I'll sue you for misspelling "sue"

Dodge4x4Ram 46

haha,,,, why so serious,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, love it,,,dance PUPPETS

CharlizeWasHere 2

One who can actually knock you out properly before an operation. For the love of God, OP must have been terrified!

At least you wouldn't feel everything like in the movie Awake

Um in that movie he definitely felt it...he juss couldnt say anything cuz his body was it again

olpally 32

That's just ******* scary! Yikes! Get a new doctor.

I hate to be "that guy", but lighten up. I'm sure he was just joking around to lighten up the mood in the area. Maybe the nurse was new, and he was trying to release some tension?

Zimmington 21

That's what I thought. He was just making an observation. it's like driving with people in the car and you think "I could us all if I wanted." but you don't act on it because It's just a thought.

It's still highly inappropriate and highly unprofessional. I wouldn't trust a doctor who made such a crack.

I was thinking, maybe not within OPs knowledge, OP was being a bit of a heinous patient who frustrated the doctor?