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Fail. Everyone makes mistakes though.


Fail. Everyone makes mistakes though.

I feel bad for him. I guess he had enough, and all it took was a fly to send him over the edge. I have those days sometimes too.

How do you think your son felt, OP? It's not really about you. FHL.

Precisely, I think there must of been more than a fly upsetting him. When I get like that little things send me over the edge

exactly. i think the parent is taking it a lil far.

Does everybody know what you're talking about?! Does everybody get that way?!?!

What got you all pissed off, 63?

#63 you're quoting my theme song♥

#58, he is a 15 y/o boy. hormones are crazy! I'd count on that

With his only thought is how humiliated he is, I can't imagine he generally cares much for his son's wellbeing. With a father like that, maybe the poor lad has some things going on he can't tell his father.

Boys will be boys ?

Not every boy falls out of their chair trying to kill a fly...

So your son embarrassed you? Your son that just fell out of a chair.. smh

It's not so much that the son embarrassed me as the fly made me proud.

The son mainly embarrassed himself.

I see nothing wrong at being mad at a fly

I typed that while half asleep. -_ -

Is that everyone's excuse? "ohhh, my bad, I was half asleep...." lol I have seen that said so many times. :-P

haha I have bad typing when I am half asleep too. I wanted to text this girl I like "good night and good luck with the interview tomorrow" but instead I typed "your pjs are cute go to bed yummy princess and if they don't hire you tomorrow I'll stab them in their corneas" lol stupid autocorrect and sleepiness; now she has a restraining order against me lol.

Flies can be annoying...

And masters at trolling

Flies can easily outwit anyone! It's weird.

Just when you're ready to swat them they don't fly out of their hiding place >:|

"Everybody makes mistakes everybody has those days"

Everybody knows what I'm talking about, yeah everybody feels that way.....

Nobody's perfect! I gotta work it!

Again and again till I get it right!

Hey, I get mad at flies too

Instead of feeling humiliated, you should get a gun an shoot down that fly.

Laugh, point, and walk away like you don't know him. You must not allow yourself to be associated with that disgrace of a boy.

12- I hope you're being sarcastic.

Danielson, you must concentrate! You swat fly, fly no swat you!