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Today, my 15-year-old son got so enraged at a fly that kept harassing him, that he ended up slapping himself in the face as it flew by him. This caused him to fall out of his chair, at which point he broke down into a mess of tears, humiliating me in front of everyone. FML
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  littlem91  |  29

With his only thought is how humiliated he is, I can't imagine he generally cares much for his son's wellbeing.
With a father like that, maybe the poor lad has some things going on he can't tell his father.

  91hayek  |  31

haha I have bad typing when I am half asleep too. I wanted to text this girl I like "good night and good luck with the interview tomorrow" but instead I typed "your pjs are cute go to bed yummy princess and if they don't hire you tomorrow I'll stab them in their corneas" lol stupid autocorrect and sleepiness; now she has a restraining order against me lol.