Life's a beach

By squishylog - 12/08/2011 07:44 - United States

Today, my friend and I went for a late night walk along the beach. We decided to sit down on a log. It was a dead seal. FML
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Atleast it wasn't alive. That would be awkward.

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#3 PETA says it's funny. Greetings from co workers.

Literally would have cried. Poor mr seal:(

Vasin_fml 15

I hope it was dead before you sat on it.

zakkyzebra 11

Mr seal? Who said it was a guy? Where do you see the seal's gender icon? It could of been a mrs. or a miss. Who knows. She could of have lovely seal babies. Or not! Who knows!

^obviously you haven't heard of the great seal rebellion going on right now in wherever the heck op is from :O the lady seals are fed up with the misogynistic manly seals and are killing them off, one by one D: so if you see a dead seal, odds are it's a male seal :D duhhhh!

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Poor seal. Was it squishy? lmao

Pixxio_O 11

It could be both genders... You never know

I still don't understand how you could get them confused. Like, why would a log look squishy ?

Damn_Hippster 11

Is that time of the year again?

Miss 51, when it is dark, it is hard to make the difference between a black/dark gray seal and a log. They obviously didn't have night goggles.

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Thank GOD that dude is dead! He's ugly and his music SUCKS!!!

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Next, OP will be entering dead whales thinking it's their house.

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Actually it's red gwarkitty.

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I know if I were OP I would have been scarred for life :/

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Ha OP's name is squishylog. Well atleast you got to see a seal in it's natural habitat... Sort of.

@ #6, good point. Today, I was being at the beach when some fat ass chick sat on me. FML #1742833 (134) I agree, your life sucks (36531) - you deserved it (3) On 08/12/2011 at 3:44am - misc - by SadSealHottie - United States (California)

woah now #109 , that was uncalled for . im canadian too so stfu .

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ok I'm so so sorry that's horrible

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I know, this FML makes me sad :(

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Really? This FML makes my peepee tickle...

Damn. I figured it'd at least be slightly squishy or oddly misshapen for a log. :( but I agree, that is absolutely horrible to accidentally do something like that.

If the seal's death was a natural one, I don't see how that would be so horrible or tragic. I just can't bring myself to feel sad about it. The main part is the fact that the OP was startled after sitting on a dead animal by mistake.

hellbilly205 17

Its just funny you figured op would smell it or relize it wasnt a log

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I'd make a cruel joke, but I don't know any.


Today, at midnight, some chicks sat on me while I was sleeping. FML


ok im so sorry you didnt realize i was being sarcastic.

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Yeah, this one isn't even funny, it's just sad.

zakkyzebra 11

Did you go right through it like on reno911?

hellbilly205 17

This is hilarious. I love OPs name haha. I cant even try to feel bad here.

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denbeste 3

Nothing wrong in sitting on a dead seal.

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They're called sea lions, right? Is that what you mean?

31- someone has never been to San Francisco...

43: Sea lions and seals are two different breeds.

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43 is right what we see are sea lions on the coast.

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As long as you didn't have sex on it...

or with it..:P rip seal, but better dead then alive, he wouldn't be to happy, i guess:)

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Doesn't it seem a little strange for two friends to go for a late-night walk on the beach? I'd question the exact nature of their relationship.

Ahh... Yeah okay that sucks. At least you didn't fall face first onto it?!

Lauren10102 3

At least it wasn't still alive, those b*tches would be dead!

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I know it was late at night but honestly you couldn't tell the difference?

Have you ever seen a dead seal on the beach? They actually look a lot like half-buried logs, especially at night

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Thankfully, I have not seen that sad sight. Sorry OP, that couldn't have been fun :/

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No I have not had the pleasure of seeing a dead seal on the beach. Lol your the 69th comment (:

Well I guess I'm the only one then haha

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