By I fathered a pussy. - 14/06/2013 22:12 - United States - Lakeland

Today, my son visited for the first time in three years, asking to stay a while. It turns out he insulted someone online and gave his address in case they wanted to fight him. They accepted the offer, and so my son's imaginary Muay Thai skills went AWOL, along with his testicles. FML
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At least your son is not an idiot. Oh wait...

It would seem not that the thug life chose him, but rather that the thug life caught him and ****** him straight across the face. Wish him well.

Look what WorldstarHiphop does to these Kids these days

Its Obvious he wont be ******* for a While haha more like people F him over hahaha #Castro

Wow, at least you have this time to teach him not to be such a dumbass and a douchebag.

same. some people just make this generation look stupid, but not all of us are

Which generation is that? The son could be from any generation... Internet baddies have no age limit.

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I hate people who say "I hate my generation". It's ridiculous, every generation has their fair share of dumbass people. Be proud you aren't one of those types.

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I once came across a racist bigot old man on youtube that wouldn't stop making fun of me and calling me a ******. It can be any generation.

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#32 true there are idiots in every generation, but people can judge you based on your peers, and its annoying when you are looking for work and your generation has their ass hanging out of their pants and their dialogue consists of cussing and facebook catchphrases.

Ditto. I was once called a **** when I was sixteen just for...being sixteen. The assumption being I was doing poorly in school because I was too busy flirting and having sex (I was doing poorly in school, but that was due to problems and extreme stress at home). It sucks.

It's every generation. Ours is known for being stupid since only because we use the internet the most, and thus are overly broadcast. Stupid people are everywhere.

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Anyone's a bodybuilding fighter with a 12 inch dick online, but in reality they're just a pussy.

1. you're son is stupid 2. your name sums it all up

dang i realized my mistake so before grammar nazi's come to correct me: your*

you're getting there. PS Nazis not Nazi's.

Kick him out and say don't come back until this fight is over

He's not a pussy, he's a moron whose mouth writes checks his ass can't cash.

Really now, there's nothing wrong with that man. And no, I'm not gay.