By I fathered a pussy. - United States - Lakeland
Today, my son visited for the first time in three years, asking to stay a while. It turns out he insulted someone online and gave his address in case they wanted to fight him. They accepted the offer, and so my son's imaginary Muay Thai skills went AWOL, along with his testicles. FML
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  thejimler  |  9

#32 true there are idiots in every generation, but people can judge you based on your peers, and its annoying when you are looking for work and your generation has their ass hanging out of their pants and their dialogue consists of cussing and facebook catchphrases.

  OverBlossomed  |  21

Ditto. I was once called a slut when I was sixteen just for...being sixteen. The assumption being I was doing poorly in school because I was too busy flirting and having sex (I was doing poorly in school, but that was due to problems and extreme stress at home). It sucks.

  Judahsh  |  8

It's every generation. Ours is known for being stupid since only because we use the internet the most, and thus are overly broadcast. Stupid people are everywhere.