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By  stringoffail  |  0

Meanwhile, somewhere else on FML.

"Today I felt comfortable enough with my boyfriend to stay the night with him in spite of an embarrassing problem. I did it because he kept pressuring me. I wet his bed, and he was a real jerk about it. He even posted details about it on this site, as if I wouldn't bloody see it. FML"


Hopefully you do not break up with her... she just probably didnt want to tell you... how much you want to bet she stayed up at night for a little bit and kept trying to stop it from happening.

  lmmmr  |  0

That sucks for her, not for him. What an ass. That must have been extremely embarrassing for her, and you not only disrespect her privacy by posting all over the internet, but try to make it out like YOUR life is fucked by the issue rather than hers. You're kind of a jerk, OP, and have some serious growing up to do before you deserve a relationship.

  xHaniffax  |  0

OP, you are a complete and utter dick.
This is your girlfriend and she clearly has a problem and you posted it as an FML when you should be supportive and trying to help her. It's selfish of you to think your life is fucked when she's the adult who has no control over something like this and wets herself.
There are many reasons as to why this could happen, but she deserves a better boyfriend.

  nmirles  |  0

Who's to say how he reacted with her. For all we know he could've been very kind and understanding with her and bitter on the inside. I know that I for one would'be been LIVID if my "girlfriend" wet my brand new 4 month old mattress.

To be fair to him, if she knows she has a bed-wetting problem then she should limit her liquid intake before bedtime.

This is "fuck my life", not "call me an asshole because I bitch over a valid point".

  blehargh  |  0

112, it's a MEDICAL CONDITION, not "Oh I wet the bed because I drank too many liquids." Dehydrating yourself is bad for your health and probably would not solve the problem. Get that through your thick head.

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

#147, My cousin had a bedwetting issue. A normal person's urethra weaves between some muscles that contract and clamp down on the urethra to "hold it" when you need to, or are sleeping--her urethra went outside these muscles so nothing happened when they contracted. She needed surgery to fix it.

  qazwerty  |  5

if her urethra went outside the muscles that hold in her urine, wouldn't she be always wetting herself, not just when she's sleeping? If the muscles don't work when she's sleeping, they can't work when she's awake...

  alice_hmph  |  0

not necessarily. It might just be the kind of thing where, when you are awake, and you know you have to go, you can consciously hold it. But when you are sleeping, there are specific muscles that probably constantly "hold it", so you can sleep. But either way, it's a medical condition. That poor girl must have spent hours, possibly days dreading staying over because she knew this would happen.

  Okie7123  |  0

I know how to save this her a bottle of Arginine Vasopressin nasal spray (also known as Anti-Diuretic Hormone). In a nutshell, it retains water in the body longer, making it so the sensation to urinate is suppressed. It is used all the time on children that wet the bed. However, I think you can only get it by prescription and care must be used in taking it. Next time you want her to sleep over, she uses the spray and the bed stays dry :)

  AmberE  |  0

I agree w/ you. I mean honestly she must have felt so ashamed of this and not want to tell you about it, because she would be embarrassed enough. why is it F your life? F her life.

  Aleys_fml  |  21

All you people calling OP a "dick" need to think for two seconds, he might be saying that this sucks because the girl that he loves has a medical condition that probably ruins some fun for the both of them!

  HighasaCloud  |  46

For her, not for OP. It isn't something she can control and for such a hugely embarrassing problem, especially at 23, OP has no right to be collecting pity form this website when it is so much worse for her.

  Rachaell87  |  2

Some many people bashed OP. I would be pissed as shit too if someone pissed in my bad. She is an adult she should have taken proper steps to have a conversation with him and or wear protection.

By  depechemode  |  0

Hahaha, amazing! FYL!
This leaves room for new possibilities though - imagine: SHE CAN BE CUPID!
Just buy her a bow and arrows, I am sure she has the diapers.
How kinky that would be!

And there's the golden shower...

  gracie27  |  0

I feel like thats someting you should be comfortable enough to discuss before hopping into bed with someone. Better to give warning but maybe she thought it wasn't going to happen. But i think sometimes people forget this is anonomous, none of her friends will find out

  Dilwann  |  27

The same thing happened to me a few times as well (not regularly at all), and it's actually fairly common in adults for various reasons.
I didn't tell my bf either and just hoped it would never happen.
It did in fact happen once, but I was awake right away, went to the bathroom and tried cleaning stuff up a bit. He woke up for a little while, but fell back asleep fast and he never mentioned it. To this day, I don't know if he noticed. And until it 'obviously' happens, I'm not really planning on telling him. Unless we're both like really drunk. It's a good excuse for telling embarrassing secrets.

  lxclark  |  17

Although she didn't tell him - which she should have, you have to understand how embarrassing that would be for her. There would've been a better way than sleeping on his mattress without a warning, but she was probably too self-conscious.
OP should be understanding considering she can't help it :D