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  Person1233  |  12

Some people don't have a going problem ... they have a growing problem. ;D

Oh wait that commercial is for old shits who feel like they have to go all the time .. .

  Okie7123  |  0

You know, there is a nasal spray of Argenine Vasopressin (Anti-diuretic hormone) that keeps you from having to pee as badly. Docs use it in kids that have that problem when going to a sleepover. Give it a try. Should work

  LOLYLIF  |  0

Some people can't help this stuff due to psychological disorders. She's not some stupid immature tramp, she just needs to go out and see a doctor or psychologist.

  bhangu023  |  0

if ur over 13 than u might have a problem with where som nerves that carry the urine or are connected to the kidney might be to small n u may need surgery. so I wud say u need to go c a doctrr