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Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that the reason I don't want to stay overnight at his house is because I still occasionally wet the bed. FML
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its not OP's fault, some people really cant control it...


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Ewww that's nasty.... get help.

Some people don't have a going problem ... they have a growing problem. ;D Oh wait that commercial is for old ***** who feel like they have to go all the time .. .

Hey, there's a funny website where visitors can tell their DARKEST SECRETS, like this one!! it's

... I want you to go to hell. OH it's not a secret anymore.

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33 is funny! but ummmm yea u shouldnt have been ok with sharing this on this website... **** your life reeeeaaaallll gud =)

Really? How can you NOT be potty trained. Or... You don't HAVE to sleep while over at his house. *Wink wink*

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it could be a disorder or a actual problem

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hahahahahahahahahaha. that's embarrasing, wear a diaper nxt time

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yea.... I would have made up a story or something

"it's okay honey.... we won't be sleeping." whoot whoot!!!!! :P

no it doesn't. if he cares anything about her he will be completely understanding. this isn't an fml or a ydi.

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you shouldnt make fun of her. this is a serious condition that affects many people. about the best thing she could do is take some meds.

haha time for big girl diapers you dirty ******* tramp eww you disgusting pig

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You know, there is a nasal spray of Argenine Vasopressin (Anti-diuretic hormone) that keeps you from having to pee as badly. Docs use it in kids that have that problem when going to a sleepover. Give it a try. Should work

thatss whag I gotta doo. ****** sucks! buts it's the better of option

Agreed, any sensible boyfriend would be ok with this and help you get through it. I would, if I found out my gf had a similar problem.


Some people can't help this stuff due to psychological disorders. She's not some stupid immature tramp, she just needs to go out and see a doctor or psychologist.

u r so mean dude..... it isn't her fault

dance_till_dawn 0 are a no good ******* prick. Get a life ****.

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maybe youmight just be old as **** so you mostly wet

don't worry I used to wet the bed all the time. I know how it feels.

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if ur over 13 than u might have a problem with where som nerves that carry the urine or are connected to the kidney might be to small n u may need surgery. so I wud say u need to go c a doctrr

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Nerves that carry urine... Not getting enough oxygen to the brain, eh? That really sucks, OP, but, hopefully, he was understanding and won't use it against you.

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Yeah my friend had that prob. I think she is just growing out of it. She had to wear diapers.

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Tht RLLY sucks..mabye go see a doctor or sometin..OP fyl indeed

before you start shunning your boyfriend maybe you see if he's into golden showers. I guess in your case it would be a golden bath.

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its not OP's fault, some people really cant control it...