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Today, my eye started hurting with unbelievable pain. I couldn't see out of it and I asked my father if he would take me to the hospital, since it was hurting so bad. He said he had to wait for the pizza he ordered for delivery. I had to call a cab to go to the emergency room because of pizza. FML
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Hah, what a great dad! Always looking out for his ki.... wait, did you say pizza?


You see guys? You kept complaining about the OBAMA RULES and OBAMA SUCKS guys and kept wishing they'd go away. Well, you got your wishes. And now I ask you all, "was it worth it?". WELL? WAS IT?!!!! [cries in corner]

Hah, what a great dad! Always looking out for his ki.... wait, did you say pizza?

oh I'm so sorry. are yo... oooohhhh Pizza!!! OM NOM NOM NOM :3

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that's messed up you dad put pizza before his own son FYL

wow that is pretty bad ... but I mean hey you can't leave the pizza boy waiting outside ... but yeah FYL for that one

Now you know what to get him for next Father's Day.

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You couldn't have waited 20 minutes to go to the hospital? It's not like it was some life-threatening injury after all.

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It might have been, you don't know. Not being able to see out of your eye isn't a good sign.

Idiot. Suddenly going blind is an extremely bad sign. 20 minutes could have made the difference between fixing the problem and permanently losing sight in that eye.

Eye issues can be serious. They can be indicative of other issues in the body, and you definitely don't want to risk going blind. I woke up one day, and one eye was suddenly a little blurry. I figured it would go away, but I called my opthamologist to ask him about it, and he said I needed to go to the ER and get it checked ASAP. And so I did. Luckily it wasn't anything serious, but it could have been. IDK, man, I would not **** around and be lazy about taking care of my eyes. Once you're blind, that's it. Your vision isn't ever coming back until scientists can develop the technology for it.

I'm kind of late, but that was very obvious sarcasm.

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Hahaha, when I looked, 911 people had agreed with this, what a coincidence.