By Anonymous - 05/07/2009 12:11 - United States

Today, while working as a cashier, I was ringing up an elderly woman's massaging shower head, when she said, "If I had a man like you, I wouldn't need this." She then gave me her number. FML
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ahah, wow. so did you call her?

hey ... it could be the best you ever have


ahah, wow. so did you call her?

haha, nice said, that just made this fml better XD

ahhh...I was gonna ask the same lmao

Too many clearly fake old lady FMLs.

Wow, that's disturbing. :D

yeah its so hot. Im getting hard just thinking about it

LOL haha omg i cant stop itz funny yeah so what did u with here number after alll and btw old people are soo disturbing sometimes

lmao xD Well good for her, I suppose. Still going at it that old.

how is this an fml? ydi for being a prude

yeahh i agree it's not even bad.

take the compliment and move on if you arent into it. YDI

LMAO. old people + shower heads + young cashiers. Never a good mix.

What makes you think the OP is young? Maybe he's just as elderly as the customer, and it's FHL because he hasn't come to grips with the fact that he can't get the young 'uns anymore, and will have to settle for for the ladies his own age.

Who cares, #45? He's hawt. :)

Ya, but how many elderly people do you see on FML?

hey ... it could be the best you ever have

Do you plan on calling her?

Haha. I so hope I am like that when I get old - still getting off and still hitting on hot guys... Go Granny! What, were you jealous because she is getting more than you?

Maybe you looked like a handyman? bahaha ;P