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By  null_fml  |  11

I imagine this is only a problem for you if you were planning on sleeping in the same bed as him. I recommend separate single beds, which you can push together for sex. Oh, and no-brainer: make him do his own laundry.

  letmeinplease  |  0

'Only a problem for you IF...' !!! They're moving in together! A) Aboubt 90% plus of couples living together plan to be sharing a bed... B) I'd hate to be your gf if that's your attitude towards someone elses problems.

  alexFYL  |  11

Oh god, as a girl who needs her space in bed and is dating a flailer/snorer combo, I'd love to have separate beds pushed together. Just because someone needs their space in bed doesn't mean they love you any less. It means they need sleep.

  div01  |  2

12 all i read at a glance what"oh god", "as a girl","in bed", "i'd love", "pushed together". That was sexy for a second. just saying.

  babybubz  |  0

my boyfriend is a flailer and snorer too
..among other things lol....
not only would I love a seperate bed
..right now I'd love a seperate ROOM!
it absolutely has nothing to do with my love for him...
but it would definitely allow me to get some sleep.

By  Ashle1gh  |  14

Buy a diaper and some baby wipes, problem solved.
On a serious note, be supportive and offer him as much help as possible, I'm sure you could get through this together, if not then you shouldn't be planning on living under the same roof.