By mmvv - 08/02/2010 05:41 - United States

Today, I found out the hard way that my boyfriend occasionally wets the bed. He's 25 and we're moving in together next month. FML
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FYL but even more FHL. Be supportive and go see a doctor together. I bet there's something that can help him.


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i used to have that wet dream problem too

a lot of serial killers are bed wetters. js

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oh well, he probably was having a dream he was taking an awesome piss and pissed on you, it happens

"Honey did you spill water in the bed?" "no"

It would be a different story if he had been honest with her and let her know before it actually happened. Definately an FML.

you'd have the balls to tell your girlfriend "yea honey I piss the bed....yea I'm 25"

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just wait until you learn a few more things "the hard way"--Oz style.

oh god. disgusting. tell him to go to a doctor, as I know, it's sth that can be cured.

FYL but even more FHL. Be supportive and go see a doctor together. I bet there's something that can help him.

I imagine this is only a problem for you if you were planning on sleeping in the same bed as him. I recommend separate single beds, which you can push together for sex. Oh, and no-brainer: make him do his own laundry.

'Only a problem for you IF...' !!! They're moving in together! A) Aboubt 90% plus of couples living together plan to be sharing a bed... B) I'd hate to be your gf if that's your attitude towards someone elses problems.

Oh god, as a girl who needs her space in bed and is dating a flailer/snorer combo, I'd love to have separate beds pushed together. Just because someone needs their space in bed doesn't mean they love you any less. It means they need sleep.

12 all i read at a glance what"oh god", "as a girl","in bed", "i'd love", "pushed together". That was sexy for a second. just saying.

my boyfriend is a flailer and snorer too ..among other things lol.... not only would I love a seperate bed ..right now I'd love a seperate ROOM! it absolutely has nothing to do with my love for him... but it would definitely allow me to get some sleep.

What is this? 1952? Separate single beds that can be pushed together...honestly!

Fair enough. Just saying most people do plan to, and he was suggesting as more a thing people might pick. I have my share of flaily snorey bed woes myself.

ha ha ha ha ha that is weird! maybe he has wet dreams! extremely wet dreams ha ha ha

Buy a diaper and some baby wipes, problem solved. On a serious note, be supportive and offer him as much help as possible, I'm sure you could get through this together, if not then you shouldn't be planning on living under the same roof.

it's not his fault he's asleep when it happens

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ooooo that is messed up but it isnt like he can help it