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  Alex Gruber  |  5

where did he say that she did it on purpose?
And why would she let HIM clean up her mess - 4 days in a row?
If he was out of town, would she sleep in her own xxx then? Or aks a neighbor - since she 's so "embarrassed"??

  It_gets_better  |  14

She's pregnant, she's dealing with enough. If you aren't physically growing a baby, you really can't be deciding how much physical labor she is capable of doing.
OP- yeah man, that sucks. Living with a pregnant person might suck almost as much as being pregnant.. maybe.

By  weeping_willow  |  25

Honestly I had to start wearing adult diapers at nighttime due to this. Especially in the last two months of pregnancy.

Try depends or puppy pads. Don’t make her feel bad about this, her hormones are insane right now, she’s growing a human inside of her, and peeing the bed while pregnant is incredibly common.

Try looking at the entire situation from her perspective.

  Alex Gruber  |  5

Well, if it happens once, one might call that an accident.
But 4 days in a row - so far - and not bothering to get herself diapers, but let HIM change the bed - because "embarrassment"...? Seriously?

  s_ve  |  7

Are you serious? Do you have a vagina? Do you know what it’s like to be pregnant? No? Then your opinion is null and void. 4 nights vs 9-10 months. Get over it.

By  oGxFoopFoop  |  13

This needs more context, how far along is she? I’m assuming it’s a considerable length which would make it much more acceptable and in that case OP should stop bitching about it. However if it’s the first few months I really don’t see much of an excuse here for her. Also, easy solution. Get adult diapers.