By Anonymous - 02/02/2011 21:47 - United States

Today, I woke up from my honeymoon to discover the love of my life is a bed wetter. FML
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You should have test driven the car before you put it in your garage. You always need to test out the gear shifter by checking how freely it moves, feel how supple the seats are, how much space there is in the trunk for your junk, how quickly and smoothly it accelerates, kick the tires a bit... Wait, what the hell was I talking about?

This is something that should be shared before fyl op.


This is something that should be shared before fyl op.

Diaper timeeee!!

well sometimes it just happens. its not like he can control it. and some things need to be kept between just you two. not the whole world

KiwiDingo 0

#22- she kept her name etc anon. douche

at least he isn't a bed setter, can you imagine trying to live on his salary? 

I love how this has happened once and he's officially labelled a bed wetter. If you ate a stick of carrot instead of chocolate for a snack today, does that mean you must be on a diet? Or diabetic? I want a second opinion, where's that bastard doctor?

Ginger, you never paid your bill from your last consultation, you damned deadbeat.

well maybe it was a 1 time thing...ppl get drunk at a wedding then pee themselves

#104- I find your response to this a by dramatic. He may have perhaps done this as a one time thing by accident. We don't know his situation entirely, so who are we to simply assume as you said that he had a problem but hadn't felt the need to inform his newly made wife? I must agree with you in telling the OP to deal with their problem rather than complaining about it on a website. Very much so immature.

wats ur profile pic of?

deliciouscake 3

I know, right.

boohoo. I'm so sad for the OP who found "the love of their life" and he's not completely perfect?!?!? Oh no, what are you gonna do?!?!? Some people have no one, so suck it up, smile, tell him you love him, and keep living. DAMN...

kiwi or #48 your the fuckin Douche. she was defending the guys privacy and didn't realize a minor mistake. shut your mouth fatass!

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adult diapers anyone?? :D

pattheaninal 9

people get sick and nervous on trips. so this isn't the worst that can happen..

It was probably just a wet dream. You're supposed to be taking care of that on your honeymoon.

#98- Really? Three letters? You crazy son of a bitch. I ought to kick your ass. I would have prefered "lmfpo"(laughing my friggin pancakes off) to that. Go to hell mothafucka. go to hell! Have a wonderful evening/day though.

boatkicker 4

Laughing my friggin pancakes off? I sorta love that. The rest of your comment was obnoxious though.

Op, look closer. It isn't pee..... ;)

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124, that comment just put you in the complete fag zone.

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some one needs to chill .... or stfu ...

TheDrifter 23

Rubber sheets and no liquids after seven? It worked on my kids when they were two, might work for him.

whatup360 1

wtf you neglect your kids of water? your fucked up , just cause your too lazy to clean the sheets for your babies.. fail parent

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ummm she said after 7 the kids will be fine if they dont drink for an hour or two

I agree with 31 that's mean. You know you could tell them to pee before they go to bed.

stacster 0

hey sweet candy...why don't you go make my dinner because your too stupid to share what your thinking.

How about all you silly kids without children of your own shut it and let the grown-ups chat. Not giving your kids eater after 7 is not depriving them of anything. No one will dehydrate if they don't drink overnight, and any pediatrician you ask will give you this advice. Don't try to discuss a subject you know nothing about. It makes you look foolish. Oh and stacster, when you're done eating dinner, why don't you come over here and lick my sack, you chauvinistic fucking scumbag.

MrBond007_fml 6

I really really hope you ment seven, guys. I dont like grammer nazis, but for a second there I realy thought you were making a rape joke, and rape jokes arent funny!

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if it was a joke don't mean it'd have to be rape there is a thing called group sex some women like having more than 1, 2 or even 6 guys at once

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I agrees with DocBastard... you apparently aren't a parent, so you shouldn't talk. it's not depriving them of anything. since they are kids they go to bed early, like nine or ten. two or three hours without drinking isn't bad. People say to not drink caffiene after 6pm so you won't be wired when it comes to bedtime. Is that depriving people of caffeine?no it's just a smart idea.

TheDrifter 23

Both me and my wife are early risers, so when the kids were that little they went to bed at 8:30, and yes, I did have them go to the bathroom before bed, but that's not going to do you a lot of good if their stomach us still full of water. Trust DocBastard, he's very rarely wrong.

why do all the best comments have to be moderated before I can read them? dammit!

If a child were themselves at night and doesn't tell you or is asleep and don't sale up right away the

wolfshadow 4

lol my parents sent me to bed at 8-9 usually. I only wet the bed when I dreamed about peeing or toilets. weird I know.

saraheve1188 5

one thing I can say: BAHAHAHAHAHA

That's six things.

No it's one word, so it's therefore one thing.

Except they also said "one thing I can say" so add that to the "BAHAHAHAHAHA" and apparently there were six things they could say.

saraheve1188 5

thank you. one word. :D

don't be mean ): he can't control it neither can I

Even if it's six words, it's still only one thing

Buahahahahah owned!

get nappies for them x'D

If you're on your honeymoon, then you must have slept together at least once, right? Maybe he just had one too many drinks last night and he had a dream and he peed.

It's called abstinence. And if you mean just sleeping, then I agree :-/

If they're abstinent, they could have had sex on the night of their marriage, too. In my opinion, though, it's a really bad idea to not have sex until marriage, though.

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I hear ya!

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Says the 13 year old ._.

Don't judge her.

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dude look how old she is. she's 13

You should have test driven the car before you put it in your garage. You always need to test out the gear shifter by checking how freely it moves, feel how supple the seats are, how much space there is in the trunk for your junk, how quickly and smoothly it accelerates, kick the tires a bit... Wait, what the hell was I talking about?

FYLDeep 25

We were talking about your bed wetting problem Doc. You'd be surprised how many people have wanted to say something earlier but didn't have the courage to start up the conversation. But it ends now.

AH! Right. It turns out that morphine, Valium, and crack all mixed together and injected directly into the penis does wonders for enuresis. Uh, or so my, uh, friend told me.

Doc, I agree completely 100%. This is why another reason waiting until marriage is a REALLY bad idea.

BugsBunny1 4

Ehh, what's up, Doc?

Please don't tell me that you created this profile simply to utter that one line. That's either really flattering or really freaky. Or maybe freakishly flattering? Flatteringly freakish? Frackerigly fleaty?

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I actually thought it was pretty epic.

BugsBunny1 4

Actually Doc, that's where the idea stemmed from... I also liked the idea of the name either way...... And don't worry, Elmer won't find me. O.o hehehe

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Wow 185, I didn't know Justin Bieber read FML!

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How romantic.

to me it seems like he was just drunk

Yeah probably I've got a friend that once shat the bed when he was pissed, oh and he was sharing the bed with his girlfriend at the time! Could have been a lot worse OP, could have married my friend Rob!

if you love the guy, what does it matter?

hell yeah! it's a deal breaker! lol

For better or worse...