Snitches get snitches

By komp6390 - 28/02/2010 13:16 - United States

Today, my roommate and I got charged $100 for having a cat in our apartment. I was only babysitting the cat so my neighbors wouldn't get caught and fined. We got caught because my roommate reported the people downstairs for having a noisy dog, so they reported that someone else in the building had a cat. FML
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YDI, but I'd hold a grudge against your roommate and the people downstairs.

make the people who own the cat pay.


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totally agree.

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The people who make these rules are just worried about people bringing tigers in.

YDI for snitching on the apartment with the dog. what goes around comes around.

it was the roomate that reported the dog lol this sounds like second grade

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hahahahaha 8 FTW

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Grammer FAIL Today, My Roomate and I... not me btw karma ydi

holy shit 22's not fuckin around, theres a tiger in there

GJ on finding that error; however, contigously it says "fine", but it should read "fined". G-Nazi FTW.

That's your cat now. Fuck your neighbours if they want Mr. Sprinkles back they're paying for the fuzzy bastard.

@75: spelling and punctuation FAIL. Nice try.

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she didn't, the neighbors did

Agreed. In Soviet Russia, cat reports you!

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Hey #76, Where the fuck is Doug?

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@75 Grammar, not grammer.

For some reason, I don't think you understood the whole situation of this FML at all. Don't post stupid, pointless comments

YDI, but I'd hold a grudge against your roommate and the people downstairs.

you sure have lots of hair

May I ask where?

On his head, the only hair-growing place visible in his picture, but if I were like the majority of people on this site, I would've replied, "THREESOME!".

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does surpressed kind of look like snickerdoodles or is that just me? not a diss or anything

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It was nice that you were trying to help, yet you shouldn't complain. You broke a rule. Even though some say rules are meant to be broken. YDI

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Babysitting a cat isn't against the rules and you contradicted yourself when you said even though some rules are meant to be broken.

If the rule is "no cats in the apartment" they violated it. Whether the cat lives there or not is immaterial. Ask your neighbors to pay the fine.

WTF kind of rule bands the cutest household companion

the kind of person that doesn't want cat pee everywhere

who end up in ditches, get the riches

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this whole situation sounds like a bad Mel Brooks movie.

make the people who own the cat pay.

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sounds like you got some spiteful neighbors AND a roommate that sucks...but YDI

Karma is a bitch, don't be a narc.

If the same rules apply to you and your neighbor, why were you babysitting the cat to stop them from getting fined? Shouldn't they have asked a friend in a different apartment complex?