By sickness and health my sphincter - 22/03/2013 21:53 - Singapore - Singapore

Today, my 2-year-old daughter and my 27-year-old husband both woke me up in the early hours of the morning. Their complaints were the same: they'd both wet the bed. FML
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Steve95401 49

Did you tie him to the bed the night before?


Well at least they didn't poop the bed, that is harder to clean up.

trav_o 8

Dude, ive pooped myself about 4 times as an adult. It happens Dont judge me..

ElementaryEdGuy 18

33 - I pooed myself in high school. It was awful. I was walking home from a basketball game (I was in pep band) and all the sudden chronic diarrhea hit.

Steve95401 49

Did you tie him to the bed the night before?

Old unused 13

Hopefully nobody put their junk on his head while he was sleeping. What if that had anything to do with it?

wlddog 14

Normally people have to pay for that kind of treatment 2. Maybe it was his birthday and she forgot to let him loose after happy fun tie up time.

NickaPLZ 26

Eh, bad idea if you ask me... Then the piss will seep horizontally into OP's clothes instead of down into the bed... I don't know what's worse, it seeping down into the bed to disappear and stink forever, or waking up in piss every morning...

blcksocks 19

"Diapers on aisle 3... Adult diapers in the same aisle, ma'am"

iOceanus 18

At least they didn't have the runs! ...

Bubbelz 25

Had they ran, this wouldn't be an FML.

NickaPLZ 26

I, unfortunately, see what you did there...

That's somewhat funny and disturbing.

From the same liquid, or was it a wet dream?

Not even my dog does that. FYL. They both need more potty training, it seems.

xeka 10

Seems you need an attitude adjustment. As your punishment, you are to STFU

The reason being, 44, is because the girl above it being slightly judgmental about something that can happen to ANYONE. It doesn't mean they need potty training again! There are an absolute tonne of children who still wet the bed with some carrying on until late teens! My brother used to do it until he was about 10 and he just stopped. My mum used to go into his room at around 1am to wake him up for the toilet to prevent it! It can even stay with you until you're an adult. There will be at least one night in your adult life that you will accidentally wet the bed and you should probably hope your other wouldn't be mad because it can be embarrassing! The poster about wasn't a douche for pointing that out!

Don't worry too much about it, OP. his brain just didn't wake him up in time. And I'm sure he feels more embarrassed than you are.