By iwantmoney - 22/07/2011 00:20 - United States

Today, after babysitting, the parents actually tried to pay me in Trident Layers Gum. FML
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nobody pays me in gum :(

And you didn't take it?!?!?


supernerd352 7

that blows.... bubbles

No one ever pays me in gum :(

should've punched them on the face and said "could've had a V8"

Why would you NOT take that offer! Gum for babysitting? That's like the highest over payment I've ever heard of. EVER.

Thats the highest form of payment these days.

Next time ask for your payment upfront before they leave you to babysit. Even though gum seems pretty legit lol!

MagicGiraffe 12

That's one slick mother.....

and you didnt accept it?! Learn some economics...

Cierra657 0

can you give me the number so they can tell me when they need babysittting?

haha that sound awesome in my opinion.

94 - In your name and profile...what does rchp stand for? You sure you don't mean RHCP?

67. that pic has copyright thank you. and I hope OP accepted. I would have

Idonebeenhad 17

I wish I could be paid in trident layers

I did the math once, in the commercial where the dad comes home and says he got a raise of twenty thousand packs of gum. Retail value of the gum was like $32,000. Not a bad raise if you ask me.

kped 0

except then you'd have to sell it!

MrFlintstone 5

now that's just bad taste

you live near me :3


why is it an FML trident layers Is great.

And you didn't take that payment why!? Are you mentally insane? I bet you're the guy that bought fireworks, alcohol, and a very large sombrero with your sons money!

nobody pays me in gum :(

lovepinkandzombi 0

"new trident layers!? of course you can pay me in gum!" no? oh, ok.

iLoveBoobies21 0

dude you just stole my comment. lol.

ImaWiseGuy 5

and you didn't except it?

damnit, you beat me to it!

KingOfOreos 0

haha I made 123 thumbs up I win :)!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

stole my comment u douche

enonymous 8

I got excited till I noticed the g was not actually a c :(

Madiluvsyuh98 2

129-lmao exactly what i was thinking

damn that gum is good

How much did they offer you?

ilovecupcakes98 0

4- I agree.(:(:

Hey kids I got a raise! * wife is happy I'm getting paid in GUM!! Wife: .....

Zeek63 0

I would have slapped a bitch!

xmayne 0

I don't see a problem with that

And you didn't take it?!?!?

Lmfaoo-xD Nobody ever pays me in gum:)

morganrules123 10

I'd accept it as long as it was strawberry citrus. No deal on anything else.

Natadance4eva 0

or the apple pineapple one!! I looove both! those r the only ones I chew...I'd sooo accept the offer =]

I don't like pineapple

caity1419 0

Lucky. No one ever pays me in gum.

talktomandybaby 8

your like the 4th person who said that, get wit it broo.

KingOfOreos 0

they see it posted and they see the thumbs up and they are like I want that :( I'll just repost and add something different YEA!!

talktomandybaby 8

113- oh

PoserPunx 0

pro - gum is pretty awesome. con - is the parent trying to say you have horrible breath? just a simple thought.

MAN... I want paid in gum!

Missing a few words there, eh?

Metal_Chick 15

32- Canadian?

iLoveBoobies21 0

13- man, I want you shut **** up!

51- man, I want you to calm the **** down! (picture pun intended)

KingOfOreos 0

hah 51 I knew someone was gonna do that but let him rage Its better that way so people that can't properly type in English start translating they're original language with one found from fail google search

^ No punctuation, and you chose the wrong version of a word. Do YOU use the fail google search?

XxbrokeNCYDExX 6

hahaha thats the first thing i thought!