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Today, I found out this girl I had sex with lied to me. They weren't razor burn bumps. And I now have them. FML
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seriously, how stupid can you be?

Happiness is only real when shared. Or is that Herpes?


Damn, that sucks OP!

You silly goose. It's just a gift so you will always remember the awesome time you both had. Gift and sex, aren't you special :)

Llama_Face89 33

No see if that was all he wouldn't be having this issue..

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See I had almost the same thing happen to me. When she said it was just razor burn I said, "It's ok, I got.. to go!" And I was out of that room faster than she could say "Batman where'd you go?" See it was Halloween and everything so I was batman.. But yeah.. Batman don't fuck around with no STDs!

I wish there was a button for that.

I wish there was a button for really annoying people that can't just scroll past comments like these, without taking time to put an annoying and snarky comment like "I wish there was a button for that".

Wtf 206: You just did exactly the same thing 112 did that you are complaining about! Lead by example! Smh

kyu_Q 19

I don't know why #61 got thumbed down. people who get sarcasm and with common sense is a very hard to find these days.

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Always wrap it before you tap it.

tjv3 10

If she knowingly infected you with something that is actually a form of assault.

seriously, how stupid can you be?

depends how experienced OP is and how convincing they look like razor rash :/

Standard sex rule: don't be silly, wrap your willy.

This was a skin to skin infection, not because of a transfer of body fluids. A condom would bot have been much help in this case. It's not like the red bumps were located deep inside her vginal canal, they would have been on the outside, hence the "razor bump" explanation.

48 - condoms break and they are not 100 perfect effective. However, OP should stop fucking strangers. Just think of it this way: if she is willing to go home with you then she must have done it with others. You are not special nor an exception.

52 is so correct especially, when it comes to herpes. It can easily get transmitted from skin on skin contact that hasn't been covered by a condom. On the different topic. I've read (somewhere) that to prevent razor bumps down there-- one can just smooth on deodorant (solid not roll on) after shaving. I tried it and it did indeed work on me. :P

Secondary standard sex rule: don't bang strangers.

The first thing I noticed that "a girl I had sex with" Which makes me think OP wasn't serious about this chick and has a one night stand. Second, OP is a naive dumbass! You will thumb down me for this, but in a way OP deserves it! People who are desperate to have sex are so stupid! Why all the rush to sleep with someone?? If OP was going to, he would at least found a girlfriend.

Little4Bear 10

You know what they say! When a man is turned on, his second head takes over. Or atleast thats what my mother says to me.

#134 you have a smart mother

#73 Man, I'm gunna try that! Does it work for pesky ingrown hairs too?

While I completely agree with the fact that he was stupid, to be fair he probably didn't have much blood in his big head at the time.

153- That's a cop out and you know it. It's time to start taking responsibility for your actions. if it was actually scientifically true that men lose all rational thought when turned on then men would be able to get away with rape. Turned on or not, men are actually able to still make decisions for themselves. For example, actually putting a condom on before just sticking it in. Humans, males included, are capable of rational thought and also able to control their actions when they get strong sexual urges. Stop trying to excuse bad and risky behavior with that argument.

160- I don't think anyone actually believes that men lose the capability of coherent thought when turned on. It's just a funny thought. I suggest the following: 1. Pull down pants. 2. Remove stick from anus. 3. Familiarize yourself with humor.

matvx 5

U say desperate, I say horny

160 -rape isn't usually about sex, it's more about power, abuse, humiliating the victim, etc. So even if the stated sarcasm was true, the rape argument wouldn't hold up.

134, both of my parents have said the same thing. Along with "a man can't think with both heads at once".

SparklyCuntt 12

While yes OP is a bit stupid, I'm disgusted with how many of you are slut shaming twats. Stop it and grow up.

If I didn't have sex with a stranger I wouldn't have had my long term relationship with my gf. Turned out pretty damn good in the end

Same here, 205 :) My one night stand and I are still together 6 years later.

160 you have obviously never been in the heat of the moment.... sometimes passion takes over and well you forget! which is why I have 2 kids (with someone I love of course) that's why we created things like penicillin, and anti retro virals and shit like that

219- oh yes, I have never been in the hear of the moment. I just completely forget that I'm not ready for kids and have my bf just stick it in sans condom. There's this thing called self control. Everyone has it, and people who claim they don't are just shirking their personal responsibility. And to those who so eloquently suggested I remove the stick up my ass? I'm sorry but I don't find that funny when men use lame excuses that don't make sense. (besides, what business is it of yours what my sexual proclivities are?) Seriously though, grow up. Take responsibility for your actions. If you're gonna be ruled by your dick, you better have insurance for the STDs you're gonna pick up in your life. Also, about the rape thing. Yes it's mostly about power and control, but victims get blamed often if they were wearing "provocative" clothing. Its seen as an excuse for the rapist because they "couldn't help themselves" because the victim was showing so much skin. I've even heard of a case or two going in favor of the rapist because the victim was showing "lots" of skin. Such bullshit. That's what I was referring to. It has been used as an excuse before.

I don't think this is the right site for you 222. Maybe try something a bit more serious. We are just trying to have some fun here. Half of the shit people say on here is not meant to be taken literally. Why don't you do us and you a favor and head on over to a site that doesn't involve "fuck my life" at the end of it, huh? I don't know of any off the top of my head to suggest to you because my panties are not so tightly wadded up my ass that I can't laugh at a joke once in a while!

for real, razor bumps don't look anything like herpes.

Trix_Disorder 20

#73 That sounds itchy and uncomfortable (like when you put on deodorant right after you shave your armpits). Also, antiperspirant deodorant had aluminum in it and has been proven to sometimes cause breast cancer, so I shudder to imagine what it possible does down stairs. D:

Even with the herpes medications, it's NOT a cure, it just heals the sores faster. But either way ur still at risk for getting them, with or without an outbreak. 3% chance but it's still a risk.

mommykrissy_05 7

Deodorant and baby powder both work.... heard about it when i was a teen no razor bumps ever since.

48: Standard sex rule #2: no glove, no love!

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Well Fuck. No don't listen to that. Well don't Fuck now.

cover your stump before you hump

Condoms don't always protect from STDs sadly

40- true, OP was screwed either way unless he had put a trash bag between them. HEFTY! HEFTY! HEFTY!

wimpy wimpy wimp¡

mansen 15

Herpes have a viral shed zone...that is called the boxer shorts area. a condom doesn't cover that big of space when someone is in an active stage.

Happiness is only real when shared. Or is that Herpes?

Little4Bear 10

You know what they say! When a man is turned on, his other head takes over.

You know what they really say? Grow the hell up and take responsibility for your actions. Especially if you're old enough to be having sex. Well, maybe I'm the only one that says that, but is still holds true. Rational thought is possible even when sexually aroused. Stop making excuses for your hasty and reckless actions.

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you don't laugh much do you Xalandra?

You know what I say? Shut up Xalandra! Nobody wants to hear you bitch anymore! This is supposed to be a funny site and you obviously don't understand sarcasm! We all understand thst people all have self control even if they are in that state of mind; so you can stop repeating yourself now! Lighten up a bit!

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You ain't lived until you've had a STD. Good job OP, you're now living the American dream.

STD's are apart of being an American?..

Well shit. I guess I'm "unAmerican" then..

thank fuck im not american! lol

You do realize that people ANYWHERE can contract STDs, right? Morons.

I sense a disturbance in the force... as if a million voiced suddenly didn't get it…

It truly amazes the comments that people take seriously on here.

ladypunk 8

Guys. This is Every1luvsboners. Calm down.

Stupid fucks

My god boners is back

tbabyfosho 7

people do not knoweth of such behavior called.."sarcasm"

baconboy_42 8

I do believe this post has the highest number of thumbs down I've ever seen.

It's called sarcasm, moron. Look it up.

Don't worry, at least I am smart enough to figure out that this is sarcasm :)

Holy shit sue that bitch!!

For what? It was consensual. OP wasn't forced to sleep with her, and it was his decision to do so even after he noticed the bumps.

Actually, if someone lies and knowingly passes on herpes, they're legally liable for medical costs.

...This is probably one of the dumbest reasons to sue someone I've ever seen.

You could only get them put in jail or possibly sue if they didn't tell you they had HIV/AIDS because that's attempted murder.

She didn't inform him that she had an STI which she is legally obligated to do.

I'm not sure about suing but you can have charges pressed. If she knowingly did this without telling you then she can go to jail.

You sue happy folks crack me up. OP was dumb enough to get down with a loose person. OPs own damn fault, if you're gonna fuck random bar hook ups you gotta be ready for drippy dick. Personal responsibility, I know it's not a popular concept but learn it.

Am I the only one thinking that maybe this woman actually just believed that it was razor burn? I know it's a long shot and I shouldn't really be defending her but maybe she honestly didn't know that she was caring an STD.

From what I heard about herpes, it is extremely painful and the first flare up is usually the worst. I find it difficult that she wouldn't know. However, maybe she didn't lie; she might have truly had razor burn to--hide her herpes symptoms. :P

28- yea, my girlfriend wasn't excited when I told her I had an STI. She doesn't like Subarus.

sexually transmitted infection is the same as a sexually transmitted disease. therefor STI is the same as STD

No, it's not. An STI can be very minor, such as the common yeast infection

i guess i didnt mean to say same thing, i just couldnt think of what to say. i meant that STI is a real thing, not just a car.

#11 If you have an STD/ STI you are by law legally obligated to tell that person. So yes you can sue someone for not telling you they had something. Some people in the heat of the moment don't notice. It ex ones the infected persons duty to tell you. If you have herpes and you do it tell someone and they bought it from you , you can definitely be sued. I took a legal studies course.

# 109 No it's not. Most sexually transmitted infections fall under syphilis exc a sexually transmitted disease would be herpes/Aids

You can sue someone if they knowingly lie in a business transaction and at worst you just lose money. Why would suing someone for knowingly lying about having a STD, which you then catch, be the worst reason ever? He has to take responsibility for his actions but not her? Why is that?

121: A yeast infection is not an STI *facepalm* Also the difference between STI and STD, is an STD has progressed to the point you are experiencing symptoms. STI just means you carry the bacteria/virus, you may not necessarily have any symtoms.

PerditaDessa 38

I'm thinking since it was a one night stand he's probably missing important information to sue/press charges against her. You know, like her last name, address or anything that can legally identify her.

Jackasss_fml 14

Niggers are just looking for a reason to sue people. Sometimes for the fuck ups made by their own. How obvious that the cunt commenting "sue" is another damn nigger

STI is an infection... anything you can cure STD is a disease not ever going away. some STI s are capable of becoming STD if not caught in early stages.

and you can have a STD with no symptoms

mansen 15

@97 I agree with you. No way the girl could not have known she did not have herpes. The first flare up is the worst and most painful, leading people to get diagnosed. Therefore, she should be telling any sexual partner afterwards that she had it, flare up or not and they are at risk or not. She might have thought at the time she legitimately had razor burn instead of a flare...early stage of a flare...could have been confused I guess. But she is obligated to tell a partner about her disease, if ahe has any concious at all.

Actually, you can very much have the disease and not know it. It can lay dormant in your system for up to 7 years without a single symptom. And there is a strain of Herpes where you are an asymptomatic carrier. You always carry the virus, you can always spread it, but never in your life have a single symptom. So without testing, you would have no idea you had it.

diseases can be cured .....

This is why you need to be careful when it comes to sex.

Way uncool. If you have a 'problem', deal with it, don't spread it. Common courtesy, people. This girl needs a smack upside the head.

I never understood that- instead of NOT having sex or at least seeing a doctor first, people would rather spread their nasty diseases. And shame on you, OP. Just because someone is willing to have sex with you does not mean that they will be honest about everything.

Although I agree with both of you, it is possible that the girl didn't know and really thought it was razor burn.

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Condom courtesy

Always wrap it up.

cloud720 5

Unless you are wearing a full body condom, just wrapping it up won't be a good way to prevent getting herpes.

Full body and double layer condom!

double layer is BAD. the friction between the condoms breaks them.