By svunimportant - 28/05/2015 15:40 - United States - Morehead

Today, my daughter cried for ages after finding out that Nick Amaro was written out of Law and Order: SVU. She barely reacted when I told her that her mom and I are getting a divorce. FML
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theoldman 22

She's losing Nick Amaro. She's not losing either of you.


Nick does play a pretty solid character though...

yeah, it's not going to be the same.

Yea hers are broken

dude, spoilers . . .

zanoty 17

She's probably holding it you should talk to her

Or she maybe doesn't care. Depending on how old OP's daughter is she could have seen it coming, and not everyone is affected negatively by a divorce.

Yeah I remember when I was 14 and my parents were fighting all the time, it was no surprise to hear that my dad was moving out and it was a relief to come home from school instead of coming up with any excuse to stay at a friends house to avoid the arguments.

Depending on how recently she received the information, it may not have hit home yet. Big life-changing invents such as divorce don't always seem real at first.

She's probably expressing the pain from your divorce more inwardly and personally.

aw :( ya stuff like divorce an affect someone later in life when u realize that your home is missing someone...

That's true,sometimes things don't get expressed immediately and when everything starts to fall apart ( OP's daughter being a big fan of the show) she reacted to both the things that way! Sad! But happens.

theoldman 22

She's losing Nick Amaro. She's not losing either of you.

TV characters/tv shows run longer than marriages these days. Don't get me wrong OP, if be offended too, but statistically can we really blame her?

I was devastated when Nick left. I even cried and failed one of my college finals. Yeah, I don't have a life.....

It is one thing to get upset about one of your favourite characters leaving, it is another to let an imaginary show affect your life in such a way. Honestly, I believe it is okay to cry about those things, but it is downright idiotic to let it get to that extent.

how old is she ?

Wait what!!???? I think I need some Kleenex

Maybe she's just taking the divorce really well? Some people are like that. For example, I had a friend whose parents got a divorce, but she said she recognized that it was actually GOOD for that to happen because they were arguing and fighting all the time.

Haha, OP's username though.

Oh haha, I didn't even realize how clever OP's username was until you pointed it out!