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  tdawg91  |  17

Yeah I remember when I was 14 and my parents were fighting all the time, it was no surprise to hear that my dad was moving out and it was a relief to come home from school instead of coming up with any excuse to stay at a friends house to avoid the arguments.

  JazNim17  |  18

Depending on how recently she received the information, it may not have hit home yet. Big life-changing invents such as divorce don't always seem real at first.

  jk_waks23  |  19

That's true,sometimes things don't get expressed immediately and when everything starts to fall apart ( OP's daughter being a big fan of the show) she reacted to both the things that way! Sad! But happens.

  Ramanella  |  26

It is one thing to get upset about one of your favourite characters leaving, it is another to let an imaginary show affect your life in such a way. Honestly, I believe it is okay to cry about those things, but it is downright idiotic to let it get to that extent.

By  TrueBlueTardis  |  11

Maybe she's just taking the divorce really well? Some people are like that. For example, I had a friend whose parents got a divorce, but she said she recognized that it was actually GOOD for that to happen because they were arguing and fighting all the time.