By Rebecca - 13/06/2012 23:50 - Australia - Dural

Today, I was chatting to a co-worker, upon whom I have a serious crush. It was going really well, until he said "irregardless", as if it's actually a proper word. This grammatical abomination really ticks me off, and I actually had to fight back the urge to beat some damn sense into him. FML
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I think we have a real life grammar nazi on our hands.

F his life for having such a bitch of a co worker


it's not that bug a deal. get over yourself geeze.

Yeah, I don't think it's that cockroach a deal either

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It isn't that wasp a deal either

OP should really invest in some bug spray.

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Guys please quit bugging out about it

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120....actually made me laugh. Kudos!

Yea, ant don't come back with more stupid puns!

I think we have a real life grammar nazi on our hands.

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17- Not an idiot but OCD or as 1 said a grammar nazi.

Isn't this an episode of American Dad?

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46 that exactly what I said!! it's the episode when Steve and roger move to new York!!

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There are many real-life grammar Nazis on FML, including the boss who always used literally wrong. Irregardless, I dnt thnk ne1 shld b sevrly punishd. (That was for you, grammar Nazis. Have fun.)

You are single yes? I say big who cares if you like him let the little things go.

You're not exactly an English major either, op. "upon whom I have a serious crush"- Although "whom" is used correctly here, we rarely say we have a crush "upon" someone.

You're not exactly an English major either, op. "upon whom I have a serious crush"- Although "whom" is used correctly, we rarely say we have a crush "upon" someone.

ir- prefix meaning without, -less, suffix meaning without. Regardless of your opinion, OP is right for choking back the urge to correct someone for using a nonsense word.

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Also, who chatts "to" a co-worker?

Thanks for your comment. Without it I probably wouldn't have understood op's issue

F his life for having such a bitch of a co worker

Everyone loves a grammar nazi! Maybe if you correct him, he'll think you're amazing or something, idk, boys are dumb

WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! this is not my batman mug. Sorry switched topics- why are you claiming that ALL boys are dumb? A rotten apple shouldn't spoil the whole bunch.

She probably still thinks boys have cuti's too.

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But she is right, everyone loves a grammar nazi!

If she really likes him, she should still be attracted to him. Irregardless of his grammar...

30, I'm not a boy or anything, but I would be taken aback my shock if someone was seriously angry at me for saying a word incorrectly. I would actually be a little upset that they would point it out. It shows you weren't listening to me, you were looking for mistakes in my words. To each their own, I suppose.

I hate grammar Nazi's. It's like has taken a stand against the once awesome internet slang. Gone are the days where 'i culd type lyk this', in which everyone could still understand, and it wouldn't lead to a 30 comment long discussion about whether I used 'I' in the correct context. **** me. And to read that there are people who feel the compulsion for grammatical correction in day to day conversation is just scary and somewhat disappointing. I apologise for any grammatical errors I made throughout this message and I'm certain Grammar_Nazi is already working on his corrections. Have a good day.

Ummm no! Yes I think the co worker felt like way overreacting but it's not an FML for him because she didn't actually do anything and as far as I can tell didn't say anything to him either.

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If I miss use a word correct me but don't flip out, unless I'm like some of FML's commenters who say "Oh my gosh your sucg an stupid idiot" if I say/type a comment or word that horrible and abominable then by all means tear me a new one. Till that occurs alert me then continue you on.

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Since when was txt type 'cool'? It makes you look dumb/lazy. The worst excuse in my opinion is when people say 'dis isnt english clas!' We have that to prevent these sort of things. And when someone corrects someone's grammar while they are speaking, that does not mean they are not listening. They just so happened to point out you made a mistake and make sure you don't say it again less you want to look foolish.

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Liked for funny profile pic.

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Ashton kutchers face:BURN!!

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Yes calm down! Irregardless of his grammar, you should continue with your crush if you like him enough.

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OP needs to take in a deep breath and CALM THE HELL DOWN. Keep calm and carry on! :)

If it really ticked you off that bad, you should have said something about it.

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Sorry for sending comment twice

ArielTheMermaid 17

It is a real word........... it's in the dictionary

Oh snap the grammar nazi just got dictionary nazi'd!!

What does it mean then? 'regardless' means without regard. Putting 'ir-' in front of

Accidentally hit send and the app crashed... Anyways, by putting 'ir-' in front if it, that has it mean 'not regardless' so thus worth regard. It's like a double negative. Either way, OP's crush probably used it in place of regardless, and thus used it wrong.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Actually, despite the prefix 'ir', they mean the same thing, "without regard"

Yeah because so many people said it, even though technically it's incorrect, they added it.

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Kind of like "ain't" it's not really even a proper contraction but i and many others still use it.

well heck, shakespeare created 1800+ words, why not OP's crush?

OP your so dumb. kick yourself in the ass for me

Your comment reminded me of something my coworker used to say. I had to thaw chicken one night and she told me to "dethaw" it. It was more than once, too. I didn't have the heart to correct her.

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I wish I could thumb you down more than just once you douche

I keep imagining someone saying "lolololololol"

I knew for sure you were an idiot when you put "lololololol"

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Laughing out loud, out loud, out loud, out loud.

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Best comment ever. I'm thumbing you down just do you get a bigger number

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This grammatical injustice can not be ignored! :P